10 Gifts for New Moms That Have Nothing To Do With the Baby

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Let’s face it: the erasure of new moms is a thing. Once our little ones are born, we fade into the background; going from vibrant, maybe even stylish people, to messy bun-donning zombies who calculate time in nursing or bottle-feeding sessions.

So believe me when I say that, while well-meaning, the very last gift a new mom needs is another baby blanket or board book. What new moms need is rest, healing, and a little something to help them automate all that’s on their plates. To help remind her that her needs matter too, take a peek at these 10 gift ideas for new moms—all of which promise to make her life easier, or help her feel like a human being again.

Blue Apron

1. Meal Kit Subscription

The arrival of a new baby often means something has to give and, more often than not, it's parents' basic needs that fall off the list. Ensure new moms can nourish themselves with delicious, home-cooked meals without much effort at all. A gift subscription to Blue Apron means new parents have perfectly portioned ingredients, specialty sauces, and quick and easy recipes for making satisfying dinners that will power them through those exhausting newborn days. Each kit provides only the ingredients you need for the recipe at-hand, so there's never any food waste—just quick, no-brainer dinners on the table in about 30 minutes Plus, if mom is the typical meal-maker in the household, Blue Apron's step by step guides allow for their partner or support person to step in to take dinner off their hands completely.

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2. Smart Mug

A hot cup of coffee is possible during parenthood with this smart mug from Ember that keeps liquids at a perfect temp.



3. Home Cleaning Service

While there's no rule that says new parents must keep a clean house, clearing out the dust bunnies does something magical to our minds. We love the idea of gifting a cleaning service so that new parents never have to lift a finger.

gifts for new moms
Etsy | Aerangis

4. Luxury Candle

For a moment of grown-up luxury outside of the nursery, you can't beat this ethereal handmade candle inspired by the gardens of Taiwan.

gifts for new moms
Etsy | Danique Trends

5. Mama Necklace

Give her a gift she'll cherish forever in the form of a dainty, gold-plated, and on-trend 'mama' necklace.

gifts for new moms
One Story

6. Short Story Subscription

A One Story subscription delivers just what the name suggests: one perfectly packaged short story for that tiny dose of creative thought she's missing in between all those diaper changes.

gifts for new moms
Etsy | Cozy Homewear

7. Chic Pajamas

Nursing-friendly sleepwear that's as comfy as it is chic and affordable? Yes, please!

gifts for new moms
On the Go Jo

8. Coffee Subscription

New parenthood and sleep deprivation go hand-in-hand, so why not give her a meaningful gift that helps carry her through those first tired weeks?

Freshly Picked

9. Stylish Diaper Bag

OK, technically this one is baby-related, but with a small-sized diaper bag this good looking, who wouldn't use this well beyond the baby years?

Stitch Fix

10. Mom-Friendly Wardrobe

Give the gift of a comfortable, practical, and stylish wardrobe for her new role as mom with a gift card toward a purchase at the clothing delivery site, Stitch Fix.


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This post was in partnership with Blue Apron but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.