5 Gifts for Postpartum Moms That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

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Fair or not, as soon as a new baby arrives, the baby’s mom tends to come second. And we get it, newborns need a lot of care—from the hour-on-the-hour cluster feeds to countless diaper changes. But who’s caring for the person healing from childbirth or major surgery? Even if she has a supportive partner, with limited paid parental leave in the U.S., extra help isn’t always easy to come by.

This is why it’s so meaningful when friends and family make a real effort to support a postpartum mom. Of course a lot of “gifts” she’ll appreciate don’t cost a thing; like taking some candid snaps of her and the baby, cleaning the bottles or pumping parts, or offering to walk her dog around the block. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to show up empty-handed or lives too far away to offer hands-on help, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’re sharing five surprising gifts for postpartum moms you probably haven’t thought of yet.


Gifts for Postpartum Moms


1. Treats Just for Her

The days and nights of a postpartum mom can really blend together. Many moms are so focused on the baby, they forget to take care of themselves, much less treat themselves. Help her remember she deserves a moment just for her with a gift from Nothing Bundt Cakes®. These Bundt Cakes are something special with their signature cream cheese frosting and thoughtfully gift wrapped look, plus they’re delicious. Their Bundtlet Towers or Bundtinis® by the dozen are the perfect snacking size to celebrate her new arrival.

And if you’ve tasted Nothing Bundt Cakes®, you get it. If you haven’t, trust us these are craveable, delectable treats she’ll love (and won’t have to return like yet another baby blanket).

It’s Easy to Order Nothing Bundt Cakes®

With over 500 bakeries in 40+ states, it’s easy to treat a postpartum mom by bringing them a delicious dessert or having it delivered from their local bakery. Choose her favorite flavors—like Confetti, Red Velvet, or Snickerdoodle, to name a few. Customize the ribbon colors on a Bundtlet Tower and leave a personalized gift message card for an adorable and memorable treat, just for her.

Nothing Bundt Cakes®
Nothing Bundt Cakes®


2. A Fun Water Bottle

So we’ve covered the snacks, but remember new moms need to drink a LOT of water. And the viral Stanley Cup all over our Instagrams is another perfect gift idea for a postpartum mom, especially if she’s pumping or breastfeeding. New moms have their hands full, so a giant handled water bottle with a straw means she can reach for it and easily sip without disturbing a sleeping or feeding infant in her arms. Plus, with new color releases happening all the time, you’re sure to get her one she doesn’t have already.

available in multiple colors
budget-friendly option


3. Something Practical Off Her Baby Registry

Most people only refer to the baby registry before they head to a baby shower. Scan her list and see if there’s anything still available—especially if it’s something people don’t tend to want to gift like nipple cream or nursing pads. She’ll be so appreciative and you’ll know you’re giving her something she actually wants and needs.


4. Nursing/Pumping-Friendly PJs

Athleisure and PJs are life in the first weeks and months postpartum. Healing bodies need to be comfortable. Another gift she probably won’t buy herself when all the focus is on baby, is something soft and comfy she can use now—and in the future. A set of cute nursing-friendly pajamas are something she can use now and down the road. Lake Pajamas are a favorite gift for the new moms on our team. 

Lake Pajamas
multiple colors/prints available
Lake Pajamas
multiple colors available


5. A “Busy Basket” for Her Other Kid(s)

If this postpartum mom has other kids at home, her hands are going to be full. Show understanding by building a “busy basket” for her other kids with (quiet!) toys, books, coloring supplies, Water Wow pads, or stickers. Plus, the new big siblings will love some attention on them since the baby’s probably been monopolizing their parents’ time.

A busy basket can be for pets too! They’ve also had their cozy little world turned upside down, so grabbing a little gift for the family pet would be surprisingly thoughtful. 

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