For Our Furry Friends: 30 of the Most Adorable Gifts for Pet Parents


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gifts for pet parents"
gifts for pet parents
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Each of us either knows someone or is someone who views their pet as an additional child. While we may not have actually given birth to them, they often become such an integral part of our households that they are considered part of the family. When it comes to giving gifts for pet parents—whether that’s for a birthday, holiday, or a random compulsion thanks to the gift-giving love language—there are few things that a pet-obsessed parent will appreciate more than something relating to their animal.

That’s because the unconditional love and loyalty that pets give truly can’t be found anywhere else. No one gets quite as excited to see us after a long day, appreciates us as much when we’ve prepared dinner for them, or cuddles quite as well as a dog. Some cat owners may have a more transactional relationship with their animals. But even the most nonchalant cat shows appreciation for their human in their own way. 

The good news is that there are specifically made gifts for pet lovers. Some gifts scream sentimentality by being customizable, while others are more practical. Whatever the case, we set out to find the best of the best gifts for pet parents for us to refer to when we’re shopping for that friend or loved one who goes feral for their fur baby. 

For the person in your life who can talk for hours about their dog or cat, look no further: We’ve found the best gifts for pet parents right here.

The Best Gifts for Pet Parents

pet bundle gift
Wild One
Dog Harness Walk Kit

Whoever said dog leashes have to bulky and ugly was seriously disturbed. This set from Wild One is incredibly chic.

8 colors available

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personalized pet carrier
Mark and Graham
Personalized Pet Carrier

A monogrammed gift will never go under-appreciated. If they love to take their pet wherever they go, this carrier is a great choice.

2 colors available

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watercolor pet portrait
Etsy | Riverry Studio
Watercolor Pet Portrait

These custom watercolor pet portraits are simply lovely and, with the right frame, would look beautiful with any style of home decor.

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gifts for pet parents
Etsy | Salya Store Co
Dog & Human Matching Hoodie Set

Enthusiastic pet owners love to match with their babies. With this sweatshirt set, they can do just that—and look stylish while they’re at it.

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customized phone case
Etsy | North Legends
Custom Phone Case

Now, they truly can take their pet with them wherever they go with these beautiful and well-made customized watercolor phone cases.

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cat bracelet
Etsy | Ronny Pop
Personalized Bracelet

This dainty personalized bracelet is a beautiful option for any cat lover. The simple design means it can go with anything, and the initial charm makes it all the more personal.

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embroidered sweatshirt pet parent gift
Etsy | By Tracey
Custom Embroidered Sweatshirt

Pet owners love anything that has their pet’s face on it. This embroidered sweatshirt that has raving reviews will be their new go-to.

available in sizes S-3XL

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personalized keychain
Etsy | Caitlyn Minimalist
Engraved Pet Keychain

Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy happens to be one of our favorite designers, and we can’t get enough of her engraved keychains that are completely customizable.

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furbo dog camera
Amazon | Furbo
360 Dog Camera

Give the gift of peace of mind with the highest-rated pet camera out there. Pet owners can not only keep an eye on their fur baby but can also dispense treats remotely straight from the camera.

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pet carrier gift
The Pet Carrier

Frequent flyers rejoice! We know and love Away for their unparalleled luggage. Now, with their airline-approved pet carry-on, pet parents can take their furry friend wherever they go.

2 colors available

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pet water bottle
Springer Travel Dog Bottle

This is the most convenient water bottle for pups. The lid flips to become a bowl and when you squeeze the bottle, the bowl fills up with water.

3 sizes and 3 colors available

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hounds and grounds coffee bundle
Grounds & Hounds
‘Must Love Dogs’ Coffee Bundle

Pets can be a lot of work. Help your loved one keep their energy up by gifting them this coffee bundle from Grounds & Hounds. The best part is that 20 percent of the company’s profits help fund animal rescue initiatives.

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pet bundle
Build Your Own Dog Walking Bag

Most dogs and their owners love to take long walks. This walking bag set is entirely customizable to fit the needs and personality of the person and pup you’re gifting it to.

10+ patterns and colors available

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pet parent gifts custom t shirt
Etsy | Mod Paws US
Vintage Style Custom Pet Shirt

Anyone with an appreciation for vintage style will love this customizable T-shirt that’s made to look like an old school band tee.

sizes S – 4X

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customized blanket
Etsy | Mod Paws US
Custom Pet Blanket

Nothing beats cuddling up on the couch with our fur babies—except cuddling up with them under a soft blanket that has their face on it.

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engraved necklace
Etsy | Caitlyn Minimalist
Personalized Photo Necklace

Just like the keychain, these necklaces are a perfect representation of the pet and are simply adorable. This is one they’ll treasure forever.

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pet ornament gift
Etsy | Unicorn Pug
Custom Pet Ornament

Anything hand painted gets a thumbs up in our book. These ornaments will become a cherished piece of their holiday traditions year after year.

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irobot roomba
Target | iRobot

Let’s face it—pets can be messy. Help your loved one keep their house clean without having to lift a finger with the iRobot Roomba. No more pesky pet hair all over the floor!

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fable dog set pet parent gift
Ultimate Dog Set

When shopping for dog accessories like beds, toys, and bowls, it’s hard to find things that ‘go’ together. That’s why we’re crazy about Fable’s home set, where each piece matches perfectly with the rest, making the owner’s home incredibly chic.

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belt dog leash
Amazon | iYoShop
Hands Free Dog Leash

Running is hard enough as it is, and bringing your dog along only adds to that. This hands-free dog leash and fanny pack combo gives runners extra freedom and a convenient place for things like keys, phone, and money.

2 sizes and several colors available

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gifts for pet parents custom hat
Etsy | Jeri Shop Gifts
Custom Embroidered Pet Hat

For pet parents, merch of their pet is always a good idea. You can’t go wrong with this adorable and well-made embroidered hat they’ll wear again and again.

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dog playing with ball launcher
Amazon | iFetch
Automatic Ball Launcher

As much as we would love to play with our pups all day long, sometimes we do have to do other things. This ball launcher keeps dogs entertained for hours without needing the attention of their human.

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dog toy crate pet owner gifts
Etsy | Llama Loon
Personalized Toy Crate

While dogs tend to not leave their toys in the basket very long, it’s still nice to have a place to put them when we’re cleaning up. We know the pet owner in your life will appreciate it, too!

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bike trailer for pet
Amazon | Schwinn
Bike Pet Trailer

Bikers who hate to leave their pups (or kitties) home when it’s beautiful outside no longer have to feel bad for adding an extra mile. Instead, they can bring their pet with them in this safe trailer that hooks onto their bike.

3 colors available

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nom nom subscription
Nom Nom
Pet Food Delivery Service

Here at The Everymom, we sing Nom Nom’s praises. Give the gift of quality pet food delivery with this out-of-this-world subscription service.

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bark box subscription
Bark Box
Monthly Subscription Box

For all the joy that dogs bring to our lives, it’s only right to treat them every now and then. Help a loved one spoil their dog with a monthly subscription service for toys and treats.

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pet hair remover
Amazon | ChomChom
Roller Hair Remover

We wouldn’t trade pet cuddles for anything… but we could do without all of the cat and dog hair. This highly-rated hair remover is a must-have for owners with pets who shed.

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pet carrier
Pet Carrier

For the friend that always has to travel, consider gifting them this budget-friendly, soft-sided, airline-approved carrier so they can bring their pet along on their adventures.

6 colors available

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pet bag
Amazon | Baglher
Pet Travel Bag

For the people who take their pet along with them wherever they go, they know that animals don’t always travel light. This travel bag is perfect for all of a dog’s needs like food, water, toys, and more.
10+ patterns and colors available

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embark pet dna test kit
Dog DNA Test Kit

If they’re always stuck and end up saying ‘a mutt’ each time they’re asked what kind of dog they have, this is the perfect gift. This DNA kit will tell them exactly what breed their dog is. There’s also an option to add a health test.

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