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Is Your LO Struggling with Poop? This Could Be The Answer You’re Looking For

how to get your child to poop | Seed Pediatric Daily Synbiotic products"
how to get your child to poop | Seed Pediatric Daily Synbiotic products
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

I’ve spent most of my adult life searching for the right probiotic to maintain my gut health. After a run-in with Meningitis at six months old, a month of IV antibiotics, and IV insertion scars to prove it, I am no stranger when it comes to gut irregularities. So when my little one began to struggle with gut issues, as many kids do, I knew who to turn to.

I first learned about Seed a little over a year ago through someone I follow on Instagram, as one does in 2023. I couldn’t try their DS-01® Daily Synbiotic fast enough. And as someone who has always struggled with gut health (thanks, early antibiotic exposure), I was willing to try just about anything. After a year of taking it regularly, I can tell you this: My body feels great.

In the first months of adding Seed’s DS-01® to my daily routine, my gut health made a complete 180, making GI discomfort a thing of the past. I also used to get every single cold my first grader brought home. No more. After years of trying everything, Seed was the one. Fast forward, and Seed has just launched PDS-08™ Pediatric Daily Synbiotic, their first probiotic strain developed specifically for kids. Which, just so happens to coincide with the fact that my son has been refusing to poop as of late.



Now, if you’re reading this, you’re probably also wondering “How do I get my child to poop?” My little guy is 6 years old and has been irregular since he was an infant. He will go days without pooping, and after he’s been sick (which lately is way too often) it’s even worse. At this point, his mind and body are working together to hold poop in. Making him quite cranky, and quite uncomfortable. Not to mention that he’s always, I mean always sick. Between mild asthma and the respiratory health issues that come with it, his childhood immune system, and his gut issues, it’s a constant juggle in our household. Once I heard that Seed’s new PDS-08™ supported digestive, gut, immune, dermatological, and respiratory health (checking almost all of our problem areas), I knew that trying it for my little one was a no-brainer. 


How Exactly Do You Take Seed

Formulated for kids 3 to 17-years-old, PDS-08™ is a 2-in-1 powdered probiotic and prebiotic, with nine probiotic strains and a fiber-based prebiotic (5 grams!). The children’s formula comes in little sachets you cab easily pour into liquid or food. The powder is tasteless and can be mixed into any room-temperature food or drink. So we opt to pour it in my kiddo’s favorite—orange juice, obviously—which flawlessly disguises the fact that it is a “supplement.” Plus, with it being easy enough for a little one to pour directly into their own cup, my son takes it upon himself to tear the packet, pour it into his own cup, and stir it up when it comes time for his daily dose.

Their PDS-08™ Welcome Kit includes a complimentary (and might I add, aesthetically pleasing) refillable BacTrac™ container that helps us simultaneously track doses and reduce waste. My son loves that he gets to twist the cap whenever he takes his does which is another fun way to get him involved in the process (and a great way to avoid the “wait, what day did he last take this?” debacle). Plus, I like that taking Seed is something we do together as part of our morning routine—we each have our own beautiful BacTrac™ and he gets a kick out of sharing that. 



When Can You See a Difference

It took about three days to start noticing a difference in his gut health. We went from a daily fight to get him to remember to listen to his body, to sitting on the toilet becoming a much more natural part of the day-to-day routine. When I tell you that before it was truly a constant challenge with lots of screaming of the phrase “I don’t need to poop!” around here, I mean it. Being regular was a struggle and he would go several days without getting to the bathroom. And since he started using Seed, I’m seeing a vast improvement. 

It brings me peace of mind to know that Seed not only supports digestive health, but is also safe for my little one to take since it’s free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and allergens. As a mom who knows what it’s like to struggle with gut health, knowing that I found a product that helps both him and I helps me sleep at night… and keep regular.


PDS-08™ Pediatric Daily Synbiotic
PDS-08™ Pediatric Daily Synbiotic

Are you ready to help your little one feel more regular? Use the code EVERYMOM for 40% off the first month’s supply of Seed’s PDS-08™.

This offer also applies to DS-01® for adults!

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Seed, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.