5 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Music

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kids interested in music
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Music is synonymous with my childhood. My parents always had music either softly playing in the background or blasting over their record player. On Saturday mornings, we would wake up to lively Mexican music to start our weekly chores. During the week in the evenings, my family would have instrumental music to inspire us to do our homework. I grew up loving music because it was ingrained in my upbringing. Now, as a mother, I am making it a mission of mine to get my own kids interested in music from an early age. 

Although it’s fun—for the kids—to listen to Thomas the Train’s anthem on repeat, I am more interested in exposing my boys to the vast diversity of the music of all genres including a variety of eclectic musical instruments. Music has been proven to have many benefits for a child’s development including language growth, fine motor skills practice, and cognitive stimulation.

We know music also brings joy, but the question is how do parents get their little ones to enjoy it? We want them to equate music with something entertaining and not forced upon them like eating broccoli just because it’s good for them. It’s not about raising the next Billie Eilish or John Legend (although how amazing would that be?), but instead, it’s hopefully getting them to appreciate the gift of music.

Below, we’re sharing five fun and creative ways to get your kids interested in all types of music. 


1. Read Books About Famous Musicians

Musicians were also children once and learning about their musical journeys is a great way to encourage music appreciation with your little ones. After all, the stories of these musical artists were filled with struggles, dreams, perseverance, and hope. These are all valuable lessons to give our little darlings. At The Everymom, we adore the hugely-popular book series Little People, BIG DREAMS by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara.

What makes these books extra special is that they contain inspiring stories that kids can relate to because all these pioneers, scientists, world leaders, artists, and activists started out as little people with very big dreams. For example, kids can read about how the extraordinary Ella Fitzgerald started off singing on the streets of Harlem only to become one of the most influential jazz singers of our time. These charming biographies vividly demonstrate that anything can be possible if you discover your passion, believe in yourself, and follow your heart. Below, shop some of our favorite Little People, BIG DREAMS books that spotlight groundbreaking musicians who have redefined the music world. 

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Little People, BIG DREAMS: Prince

The artist who truly needs no introduction, this book features the icon Prince as he explored his passion for music despite not knowing how to read it. However, this didn’t stop him as he transformed music by combining funk, disco, and soul to create his own musical genre. Read this book to your little musician and then play Purple Rain. Their little ears will be mesmerized by the remarkable voice and talent of Prince.

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Little People, BIG DREAMS: Elvis Presley

The king of rock 'n’ roll became music royalty, but Elvis’ path was not easy as a child. Nevertheless, he had a dream and pursued it ardently. He broke musical barriers and popularized rock 'n’ roll for generations to come. Your little rock-enthusiasts can read this book and gain a deep appreciation for what Elvis contributed to music. Perhaps by reading Elvis’ story, they too can dream big. Once you finish reading this with your LO, play some popular Elvis tunes while you teach them how to do his famous “rubber legs” dance moves.

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Little People, BIG DREAMS: Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, had a voice that moved people. But she started off by singing in a church choir and later became one of the greatest rhythm and blues singers of our time. She broke barriers to become the first woman to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Your little singers can learn from Aretha’s journey to success and hopefully realize their dreams, too, can be realized. Once you finish reading her biography, have a little musical fun plus a spelling lesson by singing Aretha Franklin’s Respect with your child.

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Little People, BIG DREAMS: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a force of nature as a country music star, actor, business woman, and philanthropist. Coming from poor beginnings, Dolly was motivated at an early age to dream outside of her circumstances. Her story highlights the value in believing in yourself and drowning out the negativity that can only limit you. Your little ones can gain an appreciation for Dolly’s talent and learn that being successful is about more than just making music and money—it’s about giving back to the community and those in need. The story of Dolly Parton can exemplify for your child the beauty of humanity.


2. Enroll in a Local Music Class

What better way to insert music into the lives of your little ones than enrolling them in a local music class? There are many options depending on the developmental age of your child, but what matters is them seeing the instruments, having hands-on fun playing them, and tuning in to the harmonious melodies and beats within a class. Make it a truly mommy-and-me experience by attending with your babies and when they’re older they can participate more independently in music learning. Once their foundation for the music is established, the possibilities are endless!



3. Introduce Musical Toys

Creating musical curiosity among your children can inspire music appreciation. Consider buying musical toys, so they can explore the sounds at their own pace. It really is the cutest thing to see little hands banging on those drums or simply tinkering with their fingers. Plus, it’s an excellent fine motor skills practice for your budding musicians! Below, shop some of our favorite musical toys for kids. 

kids interested in music piano
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Learn-to-Play Piano

Prepare your LO for their first at-home recital by having them practice on this colorful piano. It features 25 keys and two full octaves for a guaranteed musical concert all ears will enjoy!

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kids interested in music band set
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Band-in-a-Box Toy

This high-quality set of wooden instruments contains all your little artist will need to march to the beat of their own drum. The set comes with a tambourine, cymbals, maracas, clacker, tone blocks, and a triangle within a portable wooden storage crate. Join in the fun and start your child’s first band as a family!

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4. Go See Live Musical Performances as a Family

Do you remember the first time you ever saw a live performance? I recently took my boys to see a live Mariachi band. They had never seen music performed right in front of their little eyes and were mesmerized. Take your child to a musical performance (appropriate for children), so they can witness first-hand the magic of live music. They will bask in all the rhythms and vocals and perhaps might even get up and start dancing. Live music has a way of moving our hearts and souls, so the next time you see a family-friendly live musical performance, invite your LO to be your guest!


kids interested in music

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5. Listen to Music Around the House

Cooking dinner with your kids? Listen to music while you prepare the family meal. Teaching your littles how to clean up? Play some tunes to make the chores fun. Insert music around the house whenever you can, and make it a part of your family’s soundtrack. One fun idea from blogger Elsie Larson is to create a music jar where your family picks a genre/artist of the week and you dedicate that time to listening and learning all about that music. Or you can create your own family-friendly playlists to integrate music seamlessly into your everyday life.

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