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How to Adorably Style Kids’ Bookshelves for Spring

Need another activity while home with the kids? Refresh the bookshelves in your child’s bedroom or play space with some spring picks. Have your kids help sort out the spring-themed books from your home library and choose the books they want to feature.

Add garland, stuffed animals, rainbow stackers, or other toys and accessories to spring up your space. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite #shelfies and beautiful spring-themed books for inspiration.

We acknowledge most of the shopping picks are from Amazon and Target as they offer easy home delivery, but we understand you may want to consider also seeking out local bookstores who may be shipping the same items to help support small businesses in your community.

Either way, we hope you enjoy some of our favorite picks to style kids’ bookshelves for spring.


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Spring Bookshelf Inspiration


Source: @czdasha