Is the Dyson Vacuum Worth It? One Editor’s Honest Review

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dyson vacuum review
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When we first moved, I knew we would be in the market for a new vacuum, but I never expected to spend a pretty penny on it. I am normally a thrifty shopper and look for the best deals. But as I factored in the many staircases in our new home and the mix of carpet and hardwood flooring, I knew we would need to upgrade from our old robot vacuum from our previous smaller home.

After searching pros and cons of nearly every vacuum on the market, I reached out to the fellow moms at The Everymom and nearly every single person recommended the Dyson Vacuum. Particularly the Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum, which is advertised to deep clean carpets with two different power modes, with whole machine filtration. It also comes with one cleaner head and six tools and accessories


V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

The V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum is the Dyson I've been using around my new house (with two kids and multiple pets!)


Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Cyclone V10 Animal has a slightly longer battery life than the V8 and with the Black Friday deal ($100 off), you can buy for the same price as a V8.

When I first looked at the hefty price tag, I tried finding dupes for this particular machine and came up empty-handed (unless you go for a refurbished, earlier model Dyson). There were other stick vacuums out there, but none that seemed to get such rave reviews. When I finally took the plunge and purchased it, I was able to see why everyone loved it so much. Here are a few reasons I believe the Dyson V8 Animal Vacuum was worth the cost.


1. It’s easy to use

As a person with chronic pain, I cannot afford to lug around a heavy vacuum up and down three flights of stairs while plugging and unplugging a cord. Oftentimes, my 4-year-old is right underfoot, and finding a vacuum that is one handed just generally makes things much easier. I do not have to worry about tangling up myself, my kids, or my pets as we clean from one room to the next.

The Dyson can be easily adjusted with the press of a button to shorten or lengthen depending on what you need to clean. I like to use the shorter size to clean stairs as I walk up and down, without the added bulk, and the longer length is great for cleaning up high as well.



2. It is allergy and asthma friendly

Most of my family suffers from seasonal allergies, and having three dogs and a cat only adds to that. This particular Dyson model traps allergens inside the machine and is very, very good at removing dirt, hair, and dust from our floors, couches, and even our car in just a few minutes of use.

As a bonus, it has no-touch bin emptying that allows me to empty the dirt directly into garbage pails without the need to switch bags, or get your hands dirty. The filter is a lifetime filter that should be washed once a month, and the entire vacuum weighs less than six pounds.


3. It’s versatile 

This vacuum comes with attachments that can be used for stairs, ceilings, couches, and hard-to-reach crevices. My house is well-lived-in with two young children, multiple pets, a husband, and guests who like to go in and out throughout the day. So far, it has been able to keep up with our active household. As we begin to settle into our new house, I have had to clean ceilings, vents, crawl spaces, and it has stood up to each and every challenge.


So, is the Dyson vacuum worth the hype?

The charge of the battery has to be my one and only issue so far with this vacuum. While I love the idea of a cordless vacuum, this is one area that can be frustrating when cleaning a bigger home. I’ve learned to work around it and vacuum different floors on different days, or just to charge it while I work on a different chore, and then go back to vacuuming if needed. I believe this vacuum is 100% worth all the hype it gets from ads and personal recommendations, so if it’s in your budget this year, you won’t regret the purchase.

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