10 Organization Hacks on TikTok That Are So Satisfying to Watch


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tiktok organization hacks"
tiktok organization hacks
Source: Tatiana Syrikova | Pexels
Source: Tatiana Syrikova | Pexels

If there was one thing my mom taught me, it was how to clean. It’s also one of my least favorite things to do. I was the type of kid that had a pile of laundry in a chair that would grow each week until my mother came in, screaming for me to clean it up. It wasn’t until I had my own home and two kids that I realized how important organization was to keeping a clean house (and why my mom yelled at me about that laundry).

For help, I would search through Pinterest and read blogs to get organization ideas, but I found that while many of the “hacks” were appealing to the eye, the functionality was just not practical as I had hoped.

Enter TikTok’s “organization hacks.” Not only were the videos oddly calming and satisfying, but they were also incredibly useful. It was an endless fountain of ideas where I could easily swipe through just for fun or narrow down ideas and actually see what the “hacks” looked like in action.

With #OrganizingTikTok having over 1.1 billion views and #organizing and the various combinations rounding in on millions of views, it is easy to say that people love to organize. From fridge containers to dream closets to shoe collections, TikTok has it all.

Here are 10 of my favorite hacks on TikTok that are oh-so-satisfying.


1. Say Goodbye to Board Game Boxes | @mrs.happygilmore

Tired of board game boxes taking up so much space? This is the organizational trick that you need to keep everything together.


@mrs.happygilmoreWe threw out all of our gameboard boxes #parentsoftiktok #SavingsShuffle #organizedhome #organizingtiktok #momsoftiktok♬ Sunday Best – Surfaces


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2. Pyrex Cabinet Magic | @therealcindyology

When I saw this organizational hack, I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I immediately went online and purchased it!


@therealcindyologyPyrex cabinet organization #fyp #tidytok #lifehacks #organizing #organizar #cleantok #ClearGenius #hacks #kitchen♬ No Me Diga – Daphne Rubin-Vega & Stephanie Beatriz & Dascha Polanco & Leslie Grace & Melissa Barrera


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3. Utensil Havoc | @patriciapradooliv

Hate how your utensil drawer always looks so messy? I know it drives me nuts trying to fit everything in neatly, and this simple solution is great.


@patriciapradooliv♬ som original – Patricia Prado Oliveira


4. The ADHD Fridge Hack | @domesticblisters

Living in a household where three-fourths of people in our family are neurodivergent, I found that this organizational trick has literally changed how we eat.

@domesticblistersWelcome to my ADHD fridge. #strugglecare #organizingtiktok #mentalhealth #executivefunctionhacks #TakisTransformation♬ Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes


5. Under Sink Storage | @brittanayviolet

This sink storage area is my dream come true. Everything is perfectly displayed and you don’t need to shuffle around endlessly to find a hair product that you want (note: soundtrack on this one may be NSFW). 


@brittanayvioletROUND 2 Next….HUBBY’S SINK #organizationhacks #organizingtiktok #organizewithme #undersinkorganization #storage #fypシ #foryou #viral #hack #fy♬ POPPIN’ – Fakebitcheshero


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6. Bathroom Towel Storage | @michellep348

My mother taught me to fold towels like the ones on the left, but I always hated how they took up so much room. Rolling makes sure there’s extra room for whatever you need to add.


@michellep348#organizinghacks #bathroom #bathroomhacks #bathroomstorage #organizingtiktok #organizingtips #organizingtips♬ My House (Challenge Version) – Flo Rida


7. Under the Kitchen Sink | @neatlyembellished

When we moved a few weeks ago, I promised myself my home would be organized, and yet my cabinets are still left in chaos. And while I don’t like spending money on things I do not absolutely need, I consider it an investment to make our day-to-day lives easier.


@neatlyembellished#organizewithme #underthesink #organizingtiktok #organizedkitchen #kitchenhacks #fyp #foryoupage #organizinghacks #organizingideas #organizingtips♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul


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8. Let’s Talk About Kids Clothes | @smallstuffemily

With endless pairs of socks, shirts, and pants, putting away laundry can be exhausting when it all ends up on top of one another the next day. This budget-friendly hack helps my kids stay organized and keeps mama happy.


@smallstuffemilyHow do you keep kids’ clothes organized? #organizingtiktok #organizewithme #organizingtok #organizinghacks #kidsorganization #nurseryorganization♬ original sound – Emily – Organizing for moms


9. Perfectly Packed Travel Bag | @aspireorganizing

Everything is labeled and has a place in this bag!

@aspireorganizingPerfectly packed follow us on Instagram & TikTok for more #organizingtips #getorganized #organizing #momhack #travelingwithbabies #organized♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah


10. Keepsake Box | @aspireorganizing 

With my eldest starting kindergarten, I am already overwhelmed with the papers, crafts, and odds and ends I am too sentimental to get rid of. This system is great for those wanting to preserve memoirs without hoarding.

@aspireorganizingFollow on Instagram for more!Products linked in bio/comments #homeorganization #organizing #organizingtips #organizing #makingmemories #momsbelike♬ Please Don’t Go(Snap Your Life) – Joel Adams

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