18 Kids’ Gear Essentials to Keep at Grandma’s House (So You Don’t Have to Pack Them!)

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Traveling with kids is hard, but when it comes to what you need to pack, I think traveling with babies is harder. Now that my kids are older, packed travel necessities like cribs, high chairs, and diapers have been replaced by scooters and favorite stuffed animals, so our car seems to have a lot more room to spare. It wasn’t always this way, of course, and packing for even the shortest weekend getaway would mean a precarious, barely-there-view out the back window of our car.

My husband and I learned the beauty of having baby gear at grandma’s house on our first cross-country flight to visit my parents. We brought our car seat and bottles for our 5-month-old daughter, but everything else my mom had set up for us. We’d sent my mom our formula brand and daughter’s diaper size ahead of time, which she bought at her local grocery store (Amazon Prime delivery could have worked as well). Plus, my mom borrowed a portable crib, bouncy seat, and some baby toys from her friend, a fellow grandma, so we didn’t have to schlep everything through the airport. I was so grateful to have everything we needed right there.

With upcoming travel plans likely being in the form of road trips versus flights, we thought it would help to put together a list of essentials to have at grandma’s house (to save some room in your car). We kept nearly every price point on this list under $60, with most under $30, so your parents or your in-laws won’t have to spend too much to outfit their abode for the grandkids. And we chose travel-sized options or basic-models to make it easy to store items away in-between visits. This list can also be helpful for in-town grandparents who wonder “why you don’t visit more often.” You might consider forwarding them this list as a gentle hint.


For Baby Sleep


For Feeding


For Safety


For Entertainment


This article was originally published on November 1, 2019. 

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