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This post is sponsored by Little Spoon, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.

My Kids Have a 4 Year Age Gap—Here’s How I’m Tackling Mealtime

Graphics: Aryana Johnson
Graphics: Aryana Johnson

If we all take the time to remember the top things our parents complained about when we were kids, I’d be willing to bet that our dirty rooms and their high grocery bills were high on that list. It was one of those grievances that I swiftly rolled my eyes about as a young teen. How expensive could groceries really be? Well, 15 years, two kids, and a couple of recessions later, and I’m here to retract my previous statements. Making meals for two adults, a little kid, and a new baby is crazy expensive, and on top of that, the bane of my mental load most days.

When we discovered we were expecting our second LO four years after our first, we were absolutely elated—and naturally a little nervous. It kind of felt like we were starting over again. Our oldest was already in school, potty trained, and fairly independent (as much as 4-year-olds can be). A new baby meant going back to square one with pretty much everything. It’s a journey we were grateful to begin again, but it hasn’t been without its challenges.

Since our baby girl’s arrival a few months ago, mealtimes have been a particular pain point for us. We recently discovered that she has a milk protein allergy, so she requires a specific formula. My son is already a picky eater and is sensitive to certain food dyes, so meeting both their dietary needs and preferences is a daily stressor. Let’s not even mention the grocery bill. I was already starting to pull my hair out at the mere thought of my daughter starting solids soon until a fellow editor suggested an obvious solution: a meal delivery service like Little Spoon. Outsourcing my kid’s meals has been the answer to pretty much all of my problems, and here’s why:

siblings with 4 year age gap
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Meals for every age and stage

Thanks to their wide selection of products categorized by age and stage, Little Spoon has both my kiddos covered. My youngest will be starting with Babyblends soon, which are their freshly made purees broken up into six stages for babies 6 months and up. Once she grows out of the infant stage and is ready for finger foods, she’ll be able to move onto Biteables. For my son, he’s old enough to enjoy Little Spoon’s Plates and Lunchers, which are ready-to-eat healthy meals for toddlers and little kids that are picky eater-approved.

Their website made it so easy to choose what meals to get delivered based on their ages and food preferences and removed the mental gymnastics of planning their specialty meals plus ours every week. Plus, we add Little Spoon’s Smoothies and Snacks to our meal selection, so we always have delicious and healthy quick bites. It’s amazing to have a one-stop shop for all of my kid’s feeding needs with options that will grow with them for years to come.

Nutrition is top of mind

It’s normal to feel anxiety about outsourcing something so important, like your kid’s nutrition intake. But seeing as Little Spoon was created by moms for moms, I know that quality food is a guarantee. Their meals are made fresh weekly with organic, non-GMO ingredients and have hidden veggies and superfoods in every bite. I have zero mom guilt because I know these meals nourish my kids as thoughtfully and wholly as I would.

On top of that, parents can filter out meals that don’t match their child’s specific dietary preferences. Whether you need a meal with no nuts, soy, dairy, or gluten, they have a range of options to choose from. Yet none of these meals sacrifice flavor for nutrition, so even the pickiest of kids (mine included) will go wild for them.

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Convenient and easy to order

As I mentioned earlier, Little Spoon’s website is extremely easy to navigate and order from. Once you decide to checkout, you can either choose your preferred products or go with their pre-selected menu. Add on any snacks when building your order so you can finish your kid’s food shopping all in one place. You can also decide how many meals you’d like delivered every two weeks based on your family’s needs. No more weekly grocery list building and meal planning based on every single family member’s needs. It’s all taken care of for me.

And since we all suffer from a bit of mom brain, they’ll also send out a reminder email before every order so you can tweak your selections if needed. Little Spoon also lets you cancel, skip, or pause whenever you need to because we all know life can be unpredictable with kiddos. This is truly what I love the most about our meal delivery service with Little Spoon. They get how crazy it gets, and I can count on them to take mealtime stress off my plate.

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This post is sponsored by Little Spoon, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend brands we genuinely love.