9 Mom Mantras to Help You Through the Challenging Days


When I was preparing for childbirth, my midwife gave me a list of mantras to recite when things got tough. Mantras are a word or phrase that you can repeat (out loud or in your head) to keep your mind focused and to keep yourself calm.

Some of these pregnancy mantras certainly felt silly, but others really resonated with me and kept me calm in the weeks leading up to labor and delivery. As someone who didn’t go into labor until a week past her due date, I particularly enjoyed, “My baby will be born at exactly the right time.”

Years ago, I was also advised to use mantras during marathon training, finding a few phrases that kept me going when pain and exhaustion hit. And actually, it really did work.

Mantras can also be helpful during motherhood. Yes, a bit cheesy, but mothering isn’t easy, and some days can really challenge you. Just like 26.2 miles of monotonous running can be a struggle, so can dealing with an inconsolable newborn or a feisty and stubborn toddler. That’s why you should have a few mom mantras handy.

Mom mantras are great to have in mind or even posted around your house, perhaps with sticky notes on your bathroom mirror or written in a notebook. A few simple words may provide the pick-me-up and confidence boost you need to get through another day.

Here are a handful of mom mantras to help keep you calm and connected through the wild journey of motherhood.


Source: @loree.1


1. The days are long, but the years are short

Some days as a mother seem incredibly long and each hour like an eternity. Even during the toughest of moments, remember that these precious moments with your little ones truly do fly by. Take in the hard moments with the happy moments.


2. I can do anything, but I can’t do everything

As moms, we often try to do it all and have it all. Maybe you can do it all, but it doesn’t mean you need to. Priorities will shift day-to-day. And don’t be afraid to ask for help; all moms deserve help.


3. Today is a new day

Was yesterday a nightmare? Try to wake up with a fresh perspective on a brand new day and a new start.


4. Tomorrow is a new day

Day didn’t go as planned? Let it go; tomorrow is another opportunity.



5. I am exactly who my baby needs

It’s normal to question whether you’re giving your baby or child the best you have to offer. We can occasionally feel like we’re falling short. But remember, you are exactly who your child needs.


6. I’m the perfect mom for my child

Along those same lines, you are doing the best you can for your child. To them, you are the perfect mother.


7. Let them be little

Children can be, let’s say, challenging and frustrating. Instead of getting annoyed by their childish antics, remember they are children! Laugh at them jumping in puddles of mud and covering themselves in yogurt; one day, they’ll grow out of it and you’ll miss those little adventures.


8. It’s OK to slow down

Motherhood can feel like it’s moving at a million miles a minute. Trying to get everything done can seem like the ultimate mountain to climb. Not everything needs to get done, and sometimes, it’s best to allow yourself and your children to slow down and take a breath.



9. I am enough

We’ll close out with the most basic mantra that can mean the most, “I am enough.” You’re the best mother for your child, and you are enough. You’re everything they need, and you’re doing great.


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