6 Mom Uniform Outfits We’re Loving for Spring

While it’s true that we are self-isolating and social distancing as spring is arriving, it’s also true that it doesn’t hurt to dream about the outfits we might wear when all of this is over—or that we might wear on our next big walk around the block. Or even that we’ll put on just to dress up and look good for ourselves at home in order to get a sense of normal life (no shame!).

This extra time at home also gives us the perfect opportunity to clean out our closets and make sure that we really love and will wear everything that we’re holding on to. Once we do that, there’s plenty of extra room to add in a few trendier pieces for the warmer months.

After all, spring is all about balancing the trends—like puff sleeves, colorful blazers, and rattan—with the classics, such as trench coats, light-wash denim, and white sneakers. This way, when you add in those few key pieces to your wardrobe for the change of seasons, you’re still getting great use out of your go-to classics.

Here are six looks to serve as your everyday mom uniforms this spring:


coat (under $100!) / sweatshirt / jeans / sunglasses / bag / sneakers


hoodie / workout tank / leggings / sunglasses / backpack / sneakers


sweater / jeans / earrings / bag / shoes (25% off!)


sweater / jacket / jeans / headband / tote / sneakers


t-shirt / blazer / jeans / mules / tote


skirt (30% off!) / knotted t-shirt / jacket / sunglasses / clutch / sandals


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