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10 Montessori Products That Encourage Toddler Independence at Home

written by KATHY SISSON

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toddler independence"
toddler independence
Source: Piccalio
Source: Piccalio

I think my toddler’s first full sentence was, “My do it myself.” Fiercely independent, she was determined to figure out any task in front of her—from walking down the stairs without holding my hand to putting her shoes on by herself (usually on the wrong feet). Having an independent toddler can test any parent’s patience and nerves.

But building their skills can set kids up for success long-term. My then-independent toddler is now six years old and can make her own lunch, grab her own snacks, and tie her own shoes. I like to think that letting her try to do things on her own—even when it was hard for me to watch—built her confidence so that she can now do most things herself.

Encouraging independence in children is also a core principle of the Montessori educational philosophy. It fosters confidence, teaches kids responsibility for themselves (and their space), and builds important life skills. To bring the benefits of the Montessori method home, here are 10 of our favorite products for toddlers.

helper tower
1. Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower

Teach your child the basics of cooking and meal prep with this convertible helper tower that allows little ones to safely reach kitchen counters. The tower also transforms into a table where your toddler can sit and eat—and every purchase comes with a free mini wooden cutter for kids to practice basic cutting skills.

4 colors available

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foldable tower
2. Mini Chef Foldable Helper Tower

If you'd rather have a helper tower you can fold up and store, the mini chef foldable tower is perfect. It can help littles reach the countertop to help with meal prep or reach the bathroom sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

2 colors available

Pre-order now for November shipments.

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toddler water cups
3. Hanging Cups

Let little ones help themselves to water by putting these hangable cups within reach. Top rack dishwasher safe!

Also available in neutral or bright colors

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piccalio knife
4. Wooden Knife

Help them learn to cut food or snacks by themselves with this wooden Montessori tool.

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crumb brush
Montessori Services
5. Crumb Cleaning Brush

Kids can't seem to help but leave crumbs behind, but they can also help clean them up with this small crumb-sweeping brush and pan.

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montessori cleaning
Teamson Kids
6. Kids Cleaning Set

In Montessori classrooms, kids are expected to clean up after themselves and take care of their space. Having kid-sized cleaning supplies can help build this skill at home. This set comes with a mop, broom, dustpan, and duster.

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window kit
For Small Hands
7. Window Washing Kit

Kids love a spray bottle. With a kid-safe cleaner, let them help wash windows, glass doors, or any spot that might have some fingerprints.

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preschool shoe stickers
Mabel's Labels
8. Preschool Shoe Labels

These editor-favorite name labels serve two purposes. First, they (hopefully) keep your kid's stuff out of the lost-and-found. Second, the split stickers help teach kids which shoe goes on which foot.

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kids closet
Etsy | Bundle and Pine
9. Kids Clothing Rack

Add clothing choices or organize coats and shoes with this kid-accessible rack to encourage them to get dressed independently. If you're worried about their seasonal choices (i.e., tank tops in winter), only put clothes on the rack you'd want them to wear.

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routine Chart
10. Magnetic Dry-Erase Routine Chart

Customize your little one's daily routine with visuals to help them know what's expected of them and what's coming next each day.

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This post was in partnership with Piccalio, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.