Mother's Day

20+ Mother’s Day Books We Love for Kids


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M-A-M-A. Is there a better name to be called than “mama?” These four letters embody the magic, strength, hope, and unconditional love mothers possess. Although moms and mother figures should be honored every day of the year, there is something special about choosing one day, Mother’s Day, to celebrate the most rewarding and challenging role out there.

There are a variety of ways to show our adoration for mothers on Mother’s Day. If gift-giving is a mama’s love language, then we have plenty of Mother’s Day gift recommendations. Perhaps the mommy in your life (or yourself!) is a words-of-affirmation person and would also prefer hearing some special messages on Mothers’ Day

No matter how our loved ones choose to honor us as mothers or how you choose to honor the mamas in your life, simple gifts sometimes say it best, like a children’s book that encapsulates the many facets of a mother’s love. It can be difficult to find the right words to describe how a mother feels about her little ones. So we have curated a list of adorable Mother’s Day books that showcase the profound love mothers have for their children. Each would make a wonderful gift to enjoy this Mother’s Day and beyond. Below, check out 20+ of our favorite Mother’s Day books. 

everything is mama mother's day books
Jimmy Fallon
Everything Is Mama

Anything Jimmy Fallon does puts a smile on our faces, and this sweet book does just that with every page. Although a baby’s first word may be “dada,” every word thereafter will be “mama.” We are the VIPs of our child’s world as illustrated in this cute take on the power of a “mama.”

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smooch mother's day books
Karen Kilpatrick

No matter near or far, this book celebrates the enduring power of love. With bright and colorful illustrations, this picture book will warm the hearts of all ages with a love-filled smooch!

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on the night you were born mother's day books
Nancy Tillman
On the Night You Were Born

Immerse yourself in this beloved debut picture book by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Tillman. Written in a poetic fashion using whimsical imagery throughout, this sweet story captures the enduring love a parent—and especially a mother—feels for their child.

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mama loves you so mother's day books
Terry Pierce
Mama Loves You So

Part of the New Books for Newborns series, this book is the perfect story to introduce reading to your child, as it introduces the endless love between a mama and child. When a mother first becomes a mama, finding the right words to describe this unconditional love can prove challenging. This sweet book not only gives you those words, but it also shows you in lovely illustrations for all to enjoy.

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if I could keep you little mother's day books
Marianne Richmond
If I Could Keep You Little…

Motherhood involves this push-and-pull feeling of wanting to keep your babies small, but at the same time wanting them to grow up into who they want to be. This book captures these feelings rooted in a mother’s devotion for her children.

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you made me a mother
Laurenne Sala
You Made Me a Mother

From the moment you find out you are going to be a mommy to the first time you hold your baby, this sweet book honors the journey of motherhood and the universal bond that unites a mama with her baby for eternity.

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someday Mother's Day books
Alison McGhee

From the moment a child is born, a mother’s dreams become intertwined with her baby’s. From then on, all a mama wants is for her child to be loved and happy, and this adorable book shares why.

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mama and mommy and me
Nina Lacour
Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle

Some families have two moms to celebrate, and this sweet story shows how much our littles miss us when we leave but love when we come back.

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I love mom
Eric Carle
I Love Mom With the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Follow along with the very hungry caterpillar as it takes you through a joyful adventure to describe its immense love for mamas all over the world.

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me and my mom
Alison Ritchie
Me and My Mom!

This mama bear does all sorts of fun tricks to make her little cub feel loved. There is nothing a mama won’t do for her little one.

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I love my mommy because
Laurel Porter Gaylord
I Love My Mommy Because…

Human babies love their mamas and animal babies do too! This heartfelt story shows the many ways baby animals adore their mamas, because of too many reasons to count.

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one day children's book
Joanna Ho
One Day

We can all relate to wanting the best future possible for our little ones. In this book, a mother dreams about the future her son will have, and reflects on her hopes for him and all that he will one day accomplish.

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mama best Mother's Day books
Helene Delforge
Mama: A World of Mothers and Motherhood

A mother’s love transcends language, borders, and words. This picture book features stunning portrait illustrations from mamas across the globe depicting the many layers of a mommy’s heart, with love at its core.

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me and mama
Cozbi A. Cabrera
Me & Mama

This lyrical and tender Caldecott and Coretta Scott King book is dedicated to the beauty inherent in the bond between a mother and her daughter even in the coldest and rainiest of times. A mommy’s love knows no bounds.

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I love you mommy
Edie Evans
I Love You, Mommy!

Moms deserve tons of thanks for all that they do. This lovely story walks us through the countless things mamas do out of devotion and love for their family. All mommies are amazing!

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are you my mother
P.D. Eastman
Are You My Mother?

When a baby bird loses his mama, he goes on a journey to find her, but he has no idea what she looks like! This timeless story captures the strong connection between a mama and her child no matter if they are near or far.

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why a son needs a mom
Gregory E. Lang
Why a Son Needs a Mom

The bond a mama shares with her son is magical. This lyrical story uses the cutest animal illustrations to demonstrate this special relationship that will warm your heart and soul.

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why a daughter needs a mom
Gregory E. Lang
Why a Daughter Needs a Mom

For the special mother-daughter bond, there's a book, too! Mamas and little girls can read all about how moms help their daughters grow and remind them of their special relationship.

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llama llama loves his mama
Anna Dewdney
Llama Llama Loves His Mama

We can't get enough of Llama Llama, and especially how much he loves spending time with his mama in this adorable board book.

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my mom is magical
Sabrina Moyle
My Mom is Magical!

Because mom's truly are magical, grab this book that celebrates all that moms do for their families. Plus, little ones will love the looking at the bright colors and fun imagery!

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the night before Mother's Day
Natasha Wing
The Night Before Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother's Day with this sweet story about a dad and his two kiddos determined to make Mother's Day special for their mom and wife. They pull out all the stops to make sure she feels appreciated.

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personalized book
Artifact Uprising
Make a Personalized Photo Board Book

Get mom into the story with an extra-special book mom can read with her littles. Fill it with photos so they can see themselves with their mommy.

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