An Honest Review of the Nugget Play Couch (Plus, Shop 11 of the Best Alternatives!)

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nugget play couch review

If you’re a parent, you’re likely familiar with the Nugget play couch that so many parents swear by for keeping kids entertained at home. After rising in popularity over the last few years, the Nugget has sold out multiple times, even with its $229 price tag. If you’re not familiar with it, the Nugget is an “infinitely configurable play couch” that’s made up of four foam pieces: a foldable base, foldable cushion, and two triangle pillows. It’s covered in microsuede fabric that comes in a range of beautiful colors from pastels to neutrals to vibrant hues.

Maybe you have one, or maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Is the Nugget couch worth it?” For many parents, the answer is yes. But knowing it can be hard to get your hands on one, we’ve also tracked down similar options. Read on for an honest review of the Nugget Couch, plus shop 11 of the best Nugget couch alternatives.


The Nugget Play Couch: An Honest Review

With two kids who love to climb and jump on any and all furniture and surfaces, I was willing to look past the Nugget’s price tag for the sake of my kids’ safety and also my couch cushions’ longevity. I’m a big fan of fewer, bigger gifts that will last (instead of getting tossed aside within a few days for holidays and birthdays). So the Nugget was the perfect Christmas gift in our household last year.

The Nugget held up to my expectations for quality in a $200+ item. Its microsuede fabric cover is easy to remove and to clean, and it is thick and durable—so kids can jump and play without fear of ripping it. The foam insert is substantial (actually much heavier than I expected), yet soft. My kids use it for everything from building forts and tents to cuddling up for movie night. We’ve also used it for sleeping when a little one makes their way into our room overnight.


The Nugget

The original Nugget play couch comes in 15 gorgeous colors, plus a few special edition styles. Perfect for kids who love climbing and building forts or cuddling up with a book or for family movie night.


Shop the Best Nugget Play Couch Alternatives


Best Nugget Play Couch Dupes

Pottery Barn Kids

Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch

This is the closest alternative to the Nugget we could find, though it still rings up at $259.

available in 6 pretty colors


The Figgy

Tried and true by another one of our editors, we can stand by The Figgy as a solid alternative to the Nugget (just don't expect to save money on this option at $375).

available in 9 colors

Cushy Couch

The Cushy Couch

Made up of four pieces, the Cushy Couch is similar to the Nugget, but is still an investment at $399.

available in 14 colors

Brentwood Home

Play Couch

For a greener option, this play couch is made by using BioFoam and fabrics made from recycled plastics.

Its price ($349) is comparable to the Nugget, but it includes six pieces compared to four.

available in 6 colors


Best Mini Play Couches


Foamnasium Blocksy Mini Kids Couch

Sometimes you don't have room to add a giant play couch to your home, and the Foamnasium Blocksy Mini is a great solution to that at $159.

available in 9 colors


Jaxx Zipline Convertible Kids Loveseat

Another smaller option at $149.99 is the Jaxx loveseat and ottomans.

available in 10 colors


Critter Sitters Modular Sofa

For parents who want a true couch that can also convert for play, this is a great option for around $175.

available in 2 colors


Design Skins Transformable Play Furniture Cake Sofa

This convertible chair is great for the smallest of spaces and rings up at $162.99.


Best Budget-Friendly Play Couches


Deslit Toddler Couch

At $88.99, this fold-out foam couch is a budget-friendly answer to the Nugget.

available in 7 colors


Serta Perfect Sleeper Extra Wide Convertible Sofa

We love this wallet-friendly option at jut $55.

available in 2 colors


Delta Children's Cozee Flip-Out Chair

At $52.99, the Delta Cozee 2-in-1 Flip-Out Chair wins for most budget-friendly.

available in 9 colors


This article was originally published in 2021 and has been updated for timeliness. 

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