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Moms Share: An Honest Review of the Nugget Play Couch


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Source: @nuggetcomfort
Source: @nuggetcomfort

If you’re a parent, you’re likely familiar with the Nugget play couch that so many parents swear by for keeping kids entertained at home. After rising in popularity over the last few years and with glowing review after glowing review, the Nugget has sold out numerous times—even with its $249 price tag.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Nugget is an “infinitely configurable play couch” that’s made up of four foam pieces: a foldable base, foldable cushion, and two triangle pillows. It’s covered in microsuede fabric that comes in a range of beautiful colors from pastels to neutrals to vibrant hues.

Maybe you have one, or maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Is the Nugget couch worth it?” For many parents, the answer is yes. Read on for everything you need to know about the Nugget play couch, including an honest review from two moms.

nugget play couch review
Source: @tinygirlgang

About The Nugget

The Nugget play couch is available in 18 gorgeous colors, from a serene sage green to a Barbie-esque candy pink. It’s made with a foam core and durable microsuede covers, which can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine on cold. Its zippers match the color of each Nugget and have zipper covers to keep them from scratching walls or from kids unzipping the covers. Alternate cover sets and protective liner sets are also available to purchase.

Each Nugget comes with four pieces: one soft cushion, one sturdy base, and two triangular shaped supportive pillows. Each of the larger pieces also has a soft, woven handle for ease of moving and building without sacrificing style or comfort. With endless possible configurations, the Nugget is perfect for kids who love climbing and building forts or cuddling up with a book or for family movie night.

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Two Moms Share: A Nugget Play Couch Review

nugget couch three ways
Source: Steph Alleva Cornell

It’s been two years and two kids since purchasing our Nugget Couch, and it’s still one of the most used items in our home. At first I was doubtful of how often it’d get played with, but it’s proven to be the perfect investment for our rambunctious toddlers. It has a permanent home in their playroom and gets used for fort building, pretend play, or comfy seating during movie night.

When the kids are being rowdy but outside play isn’t an option, the Nugget comes to the rescue every time. I also love how easy the cover is to remove and wash—plus you can buy different colored covers to change it up. It’s an item that’ll keep getting loved on for years to come, and I would 100% purchase again.

—Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor

With two kids who love to climb and jump on any and all furniture and surfaces, I was willing to look past the Nugget’s price tag for the sake of my kids’ safety and also my couch cushions’ longevity. I’m a big fan of fewer, bigger gifts that will last (instead of getting tossed aside within a few days for holidays and birthdays). So the Nugget was the perfect Christmas gift in our household last year.

The Nugget held up to my expectations for quality in a $200+ item. Its microsuede fabric cover is easy to remove and to clean, and it is thick and durable—so kids can jump and play without fear of ripping it. The foam insert is substantial (actually much heavier than I expected), yet soft. My kids use it for everything from building forts and tents to cuddling up for movie night. We’ve also used it for sleeping when a little one makes their way into our room overnight.

—Jaclyn Voran, Contributing Writer

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