Our Favorite Sleep Sacks for Every Season

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best sleep sacks
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When we were ready to transition my daughter from her swaddle to a sleep sack, I figured any sleep sack would do. It’s basically a piece of fabric with a zipper, seems simple enough. I did a quick search on Amazon, landing on a budget-friendly two-pack. The reviews were good enough, and I pressed “buy.”

A day later, the sleep sacks arrived, and their budget-friendly nature was obvious. The fabric felt stiff and wasn’t something I’d personally want to sleep in, but we gave them a try. I dressed my daughter in one for a nap and she woke up with a head full of sweat. The non-breathable fabric was not going to do. I quickly returned to my Amazon search, purchasing a variety of more expensive sleep sacks, tossing these original ones in the back of the pajama drawer for emergency use only.

And once the new sleep sacks arrived, it was obvious why they were more expensive. These luxe fabrics were ones I’d like to sleep in as well!

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sleep sacks on the market, we’re here to help. And don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a fortune. The list below features some sleep sacks starting under $20.

Keep in mind that the material and warmth of sleep sacks can vary greatly. When shopping, look for the TOG value, which is a unit of measure of thermal insulation used in textiles. Consider the room temperature where your baby is sleeping. Recommended room temperature for babies is between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, but of course, that optimal temperature isn’t always possible.

Brands typically feature products rated .5 to 2.5 TOG. The higher the TOG, the warmer it will keep your baby (so in colder temperatures, you want a higher TOG). According to Kyte Baby, TOG ratings and the associated temperatures are 0.5 TOG for 74-78 degrees, 1.0 TOG for 69-73 degrees, and 2.5 TOG for 61-68 degrees. Many of the featured brands below offer similar sleep sacks with varying TOG ratings. If you fall in love with one brand or style, you can get it in different materials for different seasons.

These are our 12 favorite sleep sacks, perfect for all seasons, saving you from scrolling through pages and pages of Amazon options.


For Warmer Temperatures

best sleep sacks

Aden + Anais Baby Sleeping Bag

If you use the Aden + Anais muslin swaddles, these are as soft and light as those, just in the form of a sleep sack.


Burt's Bees Baby Wearable Blanket

This 100% organic cotton sleeper feels warm, but has a 0.5 TOG rating, making it perfect for warmer nights. The cotton is breathable and ideal for sensitive skin.

Love to Dream

Swaddle Up Transition Bag

If you're looking for a transitional item, this one is great. It works as an arms-in sleep sack for non-rolling babies and can then be transitioned to arms-out once your baby can roll. This one is ideal for moderate temperatures.


Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

These breathable sleep sacks are made with a baby's sensitive skin in mind, including babies with eczema.


Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic

The Nested Bean sleep sack has a light weight on the chest to mimic the feel of a reassuring palm. Shoulder straps are adjustable, allowing this one to grow with your child.

best sleep sacks

Babysoy Sleeveless Sleep Sack

The Babysoy sleep sack is made with 50% azlon from soy and 50% organic cotton and has a gentle feel for delicate skin.

For Cooler Temperatures


Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Sack

The Woolino sleep sack is made from Australian merino wool lining which is 100% natural, soft, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. Woolino sleep sacks are made to work for all seasons and don't have a fixed TOG, though they are recommended for room temperatures ranging from 63 to 77 degrees F.


Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleep Sack

A great option for winter, the Sleep Nest features a breathable fabric and cocoon shape for extra comfort.

best sleep sacks

Baby Sheep Fleece Sleep Bag

This budget-friendly option from Carter's is actually quite cozy and is great for winter nights.

best sleep sacks
Love to Dream

Sleep Bag

This cotton sleep sack features long sleeves for extra warmth, plus has a twin zipper making it easy for diaper changes.


Clever Sleep Sack

This sleep sack is ideal for chillier seasons and is made with organic cotton and bamboo fabric, which helps to keep your baby at the right temperature through the night.

For the Coldest Temperatures

Baby Deedee

Sleep Nest Travel

And for those super cold nights, the Sleep Nest Travel is a legitimate sleeping bag for baby. It has a TOG of 3.5 and is an ultralight warm duvet fabric. If you have a particularly cold house, this might be a good option, but it's also great for camping trips. This sleep sack features removable sleeves to keep baby comfortable no matter the environment.

This article was originally published in 2020 and has been updated for timeliness. 

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