10 Out-of-the-Box Baby Shower Gifts We Love

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Baby shower gifts can feel a little repetitive when you’ve already sent RSVPs to five different showers this year and your mom group chat just got hit with another “OMG! Is this a positive?!” text. I mean really, how many times can you buy the same nose sucker and swaddle blanket? Plus, so many of those gifts end up just filling up space in the nursery and rarely being used. No matter how much you want to get the mama-to-be a thoughtful gift, it’s difficult to come up with something unique that’s also useful.

There are thousands of baby products out there and researching one item can yield an overwhelming amount of results (seriously–how many types of baby bottles can there possibly be?). And if the mom you’re celebrating is having her second or third child, she already has plenty of hand-me-downs to give her new babe. You want to find a gift that will make her life easier those first few months postpartum and that will be something she’ll truly appreciate. So in an effort to cut down your hours of research, here are 10 out-of-the-box baby shower gifts that an expecting mom will actually use.

Bobbie formula

Organic Infant Formula

Every mother's feeding journey is unique and special in their own way. Even if a mom is planning to breastfeed, having a backup feeding plan is always important. Bobbie's European-style infant formula is organic, non-GMO and made with ingredients every mother can trust. Their recipe is backed by science and made to support the growth and development of healthy babies—plus, it's easy on baby's tummy. Bobbie is mom-founded and is committed to using only clean ingredients in their formula— they are the first infant formula to receive both the Clean Label Project Purity Award and the Pesticide-Free Certification.

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Baby's Brew

Portable Bottle Warmer

A portable bottle warmer is not only an ingenious hack for when you're out and about; it's also helpful for late night feedings so neither you nor your partner have to leave the room to warm up baby's bottle while you're half asleep.

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Amazon | AstroAI

Mini Fridge

After having our second little one, we decided to get a mini fridge in our room to store pumped milk or nighttime bottles. It was extremely convenient and something we wish we'd done the first time around.

Target | The Honey Pot

Organic Postpartum Pads

Postpartum gifts are completely underrated. We shower babies with so much stuff, but in most cases it's the mom who needs extra care. These pads have a blend of plant-derived ingredients that help soothe post-delivery soreness.

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Target | Frida Mom

Perineal Ice Packs

I cannot speak highly enough of these perineal ice packs. They are perfect for cooling (and numbing) during recovery and provide much-needed relief. They also work well for c-section recovery!

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Amazon | Soothic Store

Sitz Bath

Sitz baths are great for cleansing and soothing all the inflammation caused from birth. They make for an unexpected gift that will be highly appreciated by mom after the baby arrives.

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Built to Birth

Birth Course

Birthing courses are wonderful to prepare moms for what to expect during birth and teaching them how to turn labor into a positive experience.

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Peaceful Littles

Newborn Sleep Course

The hardest part of newborn life for me was the complete lack of sleep. Taking a newborn sleep course educated me on positive sleep habits that ultimately helped my babies sleep better as they got older. Learning about wake windows and sleepy cues saved my sanity!

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Meal Delivery Service

This one needs no explanation. New parents barely have time to blink, let alone prepare a nice home-cooked meal.

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Merry Maids

Cleaning Service

Give a fellow mama the gift of a clean home and one less thing to worry about. Merry Maids have locations all across the U.S. and will customize their service according to their customers' individual needs.

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