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Fourth Trimester Essentials: 5 Things That Saved Me as a First-Time Mom


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postpartum essentials"
postpartum essentials
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

Pregnancy is typically filled with support from every direction for mothers. You have nine months of prenatal care, baby showers, gift registries, and constant check-ins from friends and family members. Yet once the baby arrives, it is so easy for mothers to feel forgotten. I had two babies in under two years, and while the second time around felt more manageable, both postpartum experiences were an absolute whirlwind. But now, I can attest to a few tried and true postpartum essentials that helped me through.

The fourth trimester is arguably the most difficult trimester of all. Thankfully, it’s become more common for mothers to be open about the difficulties they face during this season. Cause seriously, what’s a bigger struggle than leaving the hospital while wearing matching diapers with your baby and no newborn instruction manual? Add a few weeks (or months) of sleep deprivation and an average of 1,000 Google searches a day and you’ve got yourself quite the postpartum party. It can be a rough time, but these five fourth-trimester essentials really saved my sanity as a first-time mom.


An All-in-One Kit for Newborn Play

Many new moms feel a little lost when interacting with their newborns for the first time. I was certainly one of them. How does one play with a tiny baby whose major contribution to the household is spitting up on every single top you own? I felt so guilty those first few weeks of motherhood when I would look at him and think “okay, now what?” by 10 a.m.

I was also always concerned with what I should be doing. How much should I be talking to him? What toys are the best for his age? How do I even play with newborn toys? The questions felt endless, so I started searching for guidance. After seeing so many moms rave about Lovevery online, I ordered The Looker Play Kit. It was an immediate sigh of relief when I opened the package and found their Play Guide inside. It explained how to use each of the eight items included plus all the scientific research behind their genius designs.



The Looker Play Kit took the pressure out of play time with my first-born with the visually stimulating toys since newborns aren’t able to reach and grab things just yet. The high contrast black and white designs kept my little one engaged and curious during tummy time as well. I would use the cards to start cute (albeit one-sided) conversations with him by describing what I thought the cards looked like. This allowed me to become used to talking to him regularly from very early on. It also helped all of my family members interact with him as well.

We all loved the Play Kit so much that we purchased The Play Gym too and stored all of it once he got older so we could use everything with our future little ones. Less than two years later, my daughter got to enjoy it all as well. It was such a full circle moment to see big brother show little sister his beloved Lovevery Play Kit and Play Gym.  

postpartum essentials
The Looker Play Kit

Start your Lovevery Subscription with The Looker Play Kit—best suited for ages 0-12 weeks.

It includes The Mobile, Sensory Links, Simple Black & White Card Set, Standing Card Holder, Complex Black & White Set, Black & White Mittens, Wooden Book, Silicone Rattle with Removable Ball, and the Play Guide, which outlines different ways to play with each toy along with helpful development information.

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Baby Carriers for Baby Wearing

Infant carriers are the best way to stay close to your little one while still being hands-free. I had several carriers throughout both my postpartum experiences and it was even more helpful the second time around. I used a wrap carrier at home only while I got used to the whole origami feeling of tying it to me. Buckle carriers are the best for being out and about and needing to clip it on quickly (they’re also easier for partners or family members to figure out).

I can’t even count how many times I used one to get simple things done around the house like make myself a meal, put makeup on, or even use the bathroom—you do what you gotta do, am I right? The convenience is unmatched.

Aerial Carrier postpartum essentials
Wild Bird
Aerial Carrier

The Aerial Carrier is not only simple to use but absolutely stunning to wear! It's safe for babies from 7-45 lbs and can be worn on the front facing inward or backward.

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Meal Delivery Subscription

Cooking is not something any postpartum mom should worry about. I was so anxious those first few weeks of my son’s life that I rarely left the couch, which means I also rarely cooked. However, we did register for Uber Eats and DoorDash gift cards, so I ordered meals straight to my door. It was so incredibly helpful that I ended up subscribing to DoorDash’s DashPass and I have no regrets. I worked meal delivery a few nights a week into our budget until I felt more comfortable to do things around the house with him (thank you again baby carriers). 

Gift Card postpartum essentials
Gift Card

If you're using a registry service like Babylist, DoorDash gift cards are a great add on!

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Postpartum Healing Products

Depending on your labor and delivery experience, most providers will equip you with heaps of postpartum recovery products. However, there are great additional items out there that can aid the healing process and make you feel more comfortable. Ice packs were my number one use after having vaginal deliveries with both of my children. But they can also be used to help ease the discomfort of c-section scars.

In my experience, post-delivery pain made my fourth-trimester experience all the more daunting. It’s almost impossible to focus on caring for a brand new person when you barely feel human yourself. So doing what you can to make yourself more comfortable is essential.

Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit
Frida Mom
Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Frida Mom reigns supreme with their postpartum recovery products and that's the hill I'll die on. This kit comes with instant ice maxi pads, perineal cooling pad liners, perineal healing foam, and a toilet-top storage caddy.

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Ask for Help—A Lot

This is one that most moms struggle with—including myself. Not everyone has the luxury of an entire village available to help but ask the people that you do have. For myself, I had to let go of the idea that I was supposed to do it all. I’m their mom so it’s my job, right? But mom’s aren’t a 24-hour drive-thru. We are humans who need support and the first step is asking for it. 

Coordinate with your friends and family what the best times are for them to come help with dishes, laundry, or hold the baby for a good hour while you nap (or scroll through Instagram aimlessly—we all have our me-time rituals). It doesn’t make you a bad mom, so push the guilt aside that says you are. Your kids need the best version of you so take that break. I promise, you will feel so much better afterwards.



This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Lovevery, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.