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10 Things You Need Postpartum That You Didn’t Think Of


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Source: Allyson Trammell
Source: Allyson Trammell

The first few weeks with a baby can be the most exciting and exhausting days of your life. Your entire world has changed, you don’t recognize your body, and you can’t stop staring at this tiny human who you just met but can’t imagine how you ever lived without. It’s a magical wild ride that’s made infinitely easier with a few essential items.

You’ve probably spent the last few months becoming ultra-prepared, but in case something didn’t make your list, here are a few essentials for you and baby that I’m glad I had my first days as a mom. I hope your postpartum journey is filled with sweet newborn snuggles and less frantic-late-night-Amazon-shopping than mine was.


1. Multivitamins

Most providers recommend taking a multivitamin after birth, and it makes complete sense given everything your body has been through. Rainbow Light’s Prenatal One Multivitamin provides the support your body needs from pregnancy all the way through to postpartum. With clinically proven absorption of seven key nutrients and high-potency folate, you can rest assured that you’re helping get your body the nutrients for your changing body. The best part? It’s only one pill each day, so even the most sleep-deprived new mom can make time for that.

Rainbow Light
Prenatal One Multivitamin

Help nurture your body and the baby growing in your belly with the nutrients you need in this daily multivitamin.

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2. Adult Diapers

I may be the first person on earth to use “chic” and “adult diapers” in the same sentence, but motherhood surprises me daily. After birth, your lower half is going to be busted, to say the least, and it’s going to be a minute before you’re back to wearing your old underwear. These make the whole situation just a little bit better. There’s something about the black that hides how obvious the diaper is—my hospital nurse even joked that they looked “sexy.” But most of all, they are comfortable and can fit any combination of padsicle that gives you relief.

Low-Rise Postpartum Underwear

Yes, your baby needs diapers, but have you thought about coverage for yourself? These postpartum underwear can protect you should you have any leakage.

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3. Baby Bouncer

I remember a point in my third trimester when I naively scoffed at the many baby seating options we had in our house. Then the baby got here and life quickly became a game of musical chairs. You’ve got to go to the bathroom or rush to the pantry and rapidly shove snacks in your mouth—and both of those require you to set the baby somewhere that will make them happy. The Baby Björn bouncer was the winner at our house, and five months later, I can adamantly say it is our favorite baby chair. Having a small home, I love the minimal footprint and that it is incredibly easy to carry from room to room. It doesn’t require an outlet, and if the baby starts to fuss, you can easily rock them with one foot while doing something else.

Bouncer Bliss Convertible Quilted Baby Bouncer

Give your baby this magical chair that will grant mommy time to shower, quickly eat a meal, or just have time for a break before the baby needs you again.

10+ colors available

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4. Pajamas for Mom

For the first few weeks of your baby’s life, showering can feel like a luxury. If you’re going to be wearing the same clothes for days on end then there is no better brand than Lake. LAKE pajamas are easily the most comfortable sleepwear I have ever owned. Their maternity collection makes nursing and pumping a breeze, but even if you aren’t planning to breastfeed, you’ll enjoy the generous cuts for your changing body. Mine have retained their shape and softness after many washes and spit-ups. If you stop by our home any day of the week, there’s a 90% chance I’m wearing LAKE pajamas.

Pima Maternity Shorts Set

These pajamas are so comfortable that you won’t mind wearing them for three days straight.

10+ colors available

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DreamKnit Kimono Pajama Set in Fern

It's as if your robe and pajamas had a baby. The wide leg and wrap top make this pair convenient but also incredibly chic. If you love this style, I would hurry because they sell out constantly!

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5. Diaper Caddy

I know you’ve probably arranged the most perfect nursery, but you’re about to be changing diapers anywhere and everywhere you can. The couch? The floor? The kitchen table? It’s all fair game. This diaper caddy seems simple, but it is an absolute lifesaver. In addition to diapers, we keep the caddy stocked with all the baby toiletries, so in any instance, we aren’t running to the nursery to get what we need. It is light, has organizing compartments, and you won’t regret having it in your arsenal.

Diaper Caddy

Make diaper changing as easy as possible by incorporating this diaper caddy into your home so you can quickly clean up any blow-outs that may happen in any room of your house.

2 colors available

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6. Extra Phone Storage

Go ahead: Purchase that iCloud storage subscription. Upgrade your phone if you must. You are about to take photos of that precious baby every chance you get. Every angle and every outfit is cuter than the last. You’ll want to capture every second on video without having to worry about your phone being too full.



7. Electric Nail File

An infant’s nails can go from perfectly fine to tiny daggers in an instant. Traditional baby nail clippers are TERRIFYING, and you don’t want to be traumatized by clipping their delicate skin. This blessed tool from Amazon gets the job done quickly and easily—plus, it has an automatic safety stop, so you’ll be able to avoid any manicures that end in shrieking or blood. My preferred time to give a baby manicure is during naptime, but it’s not impossible to do when they are awake. You’ll wonder how anyone ever lived without it.

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

Take the "scary" out of clipping your baby's nail with this easy-to-use nail trimmer that will not cause your baby to scream.

6 colors available

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8. Easy Clothes for Mom

I lived most of my postpartum days in a pumping bra or my pajamas. But there were moments when I’d want to enter the outside world or just answer the door for the UPS guy without showing him my boobs. I lived in this boxy button-down from Everlane through pregnancy, and at five months postpartum, it’s remained my go-to work shirt. Spoiler: I now own three color variations. The boxy fit means I can keep wearing my pre-pregnancy size and never have to worry about it not fitting. I don’t know what magical fabric Everlane created this top with, but it is never wrinkly. It makes no sense, but I’m eternally grateful. Bonus: The buttons are great for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin naps.

The Boxy Oxford

This button-up makes you feel like a human again because you don't feel uncomfortable wearing it in your new postpartum body. Plus, it's effortlessly chic for any outside errands needed to be done.

10 colors available

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9. A Massive Water Bottle

I’ve never been more famished and dehydrated than I have since entering motherhood. Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, you’re likely forgetting to meet your basic needs and will find yourself gulping down water any chance you can get. My secret is leaving one full bottle in each of the most commonly used rooms (bedroom, living room, and nursery), that way hydration is always within arm’s length.

40 oz Travel Tumbler

This convenient tumbler will remind mom to hydrate throughout the day. Plus, it keeps your beverages cold and warm so you can enjoy them any time.

4 colors available

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10. Stool Softener

I’m going to keep this one brief because it truly needs no explanation. After birth, pushing anything in the lower half of your body is the last thing you want to do. Combine that with hospital pain meds and you’re going to need a little help.

Colace Stool Softener

There's no shame in admitting you need some help going to the restroom after giving birth. With this stool softner, you can give your body the support it needs to keep you regular without pain.

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