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8 Helpful Subscription Services for Moms During Pregnancy and Postpartum


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Source: Canva
Source: Canva

I am no stranger to subscribe & save offers. They became my go-to way to survive during pregnancy and postpartum. With so much to keep track of and so little energy to get it done, being able to subscribe and then essentially forget about the item on my ever-growing to-do list was a game changer.

It seems like you can subscribe to services to cover all of your life needs, and there are some that were particularly helpful during pregnancy and postpartum, especially as I navigated two under 2-years-old. Trying to care for a newborn, a toddler, and, oh yea, myself, was incredibly challenging. I’m not ashamed to say that outsourcing my needs like having meals delivered and depending on Disney+ as a babysitter is what got us through those early months.

Thankfully, you can subscribe (and usually save!) to many services, including getting yourself some of the necessary nutrients needed during pregnancy (via monthly deliveries of your vitamins) all the way to a supply of diapers for your newborn. If you need a little help keeping your life in order during pregnancy and postpartum, here are eight tried-and-true subscription services (and some favorite products) that we recommend.


1. Prenatal and Postnatal Vitamins with Rainbow Light

There are many important things to remember during pregnancy, and taking a prenatal vitamin is at the top of the list. I loved Rainbow Light’s prenatal vitamins and also loved getting them delivered to my door when I needed them. They also offer a postpartum version as well as daily vitamins for your partner and children.

rainbow light prenatal vitamin
Rainbow Light
Prenatal One Vitamin

Nurture your body and baby's with this multivitamin that provides the support you need. Subscribe to auto delivery and receive your vitamins monthly or as-needed.

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rainbow light postnatal vitamin
Rainbow Light
Postnatal Multivitamin

And once your baby is born, switch over to a postnatal to help provide the necessary nutrients to support your body as you rest and recover. The addition of vitamin C and zinc will help support immune health as well.

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2. Entertainment with Disney+ and Noggin

For my toddler, I needed something to keep her occupied during pregnancy when my energy levels were at zero and during postpartum when I was breastfeeding and needed her to sit quietly by my side. Noggin (PAW Patrol!) and Disney+ to the rescue! We are deep into a princess phase, so Disney+ is a basic human need in my household.

disney plus subscription
Monthly Entertainment App

Get all your classic Disney movies along with newer favorites. It's absolutely worth the $7.99 monthly commitment.

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Kids Entertainment and E-Learning Subscription

Use Noggin for the shows and for 1,000+ education games, videos, and books developed by education experts.

Try Noggin free for 30 days, then pay just $7.99 per month!

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mom subscription services

Source: Canva


3. Fitness Motivation with Peloton

I can’t say that I was my most motivated self during pregnancy, but having a Peloton in my bedroom helped. I did low-impact rides just to keep my body moving. If you don’t want to invest in the bike, you can do the other offered classes at just $12.99 per month.

Monthly Fitness App

Work out from the comfort of your own home at a low price (with or without the fancy bike). There are even pre and postnatal specific classes available.

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4. Diaper Coverage with Amazon Subscribe & Save

There are several diaper subscription services, so once you decide on your favorite diaper brand, check out the options available to you. As Pampers fans in my house, we subscribe via Amazon.

Pampers Subscribe & Save

You're going to need a lot of diapers, and it's something you don't want to run out of. Subscribe and save on Amazon, and you (and your baby's tushy) will be covered.

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5. Pet Care with Jinx

My first baby, my pup Ollie, officially made the move from our baby to our dog. I still love the little guy, but ordering his food dropped on my priority list. He loves food from Jinx, so subscribing to that service makes sure my pup is happily fed and I don’t have to remember actually ordering the food.

jinx dog food
Dog Food Subscription

Grab your pup's favorite kibble and treats with Jinx.

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6. Healthy Food Delivery (for moms) with Farmer’s Fridge

Feeding yourself nutritious food during pregnancy and postpartum is incredibly important—you’re growing and nurturing new life! A nice way to treat yourself is with a meal delivery service just for you. My go-to is Farmer’s Fridge.

farmer's fridge
Farmer's Fridge
Salad Delivery

I love Farmer's Fridge salads, and they are a super easy way to ensure you're getting greens during exhausting pregnancy and postpartum timing.

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mom subscription services

Source: Canva


7. Easy Food Delivery (for my toddler) with Little Spoon

For nights when I just cannot get my act together for my older child, I can pop a Little Spoon plate into the microwave for 60 seconds, and dinner is served!

Little Spoon
Plate Delivery Service

If you don't have the physical or mental energy to prep food for your toddler (when welcoming a new baby), this is a must.

Use code EVERYMOM35 for 35% off your first order!

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8. Home Cleaning Help with Grove

During my first pregnancy, I did whatever I could to make my home a bit cleaner in terms of the products we used. I really started to pay attention to what ingredients we used in our cleaning products and made the switch to Grove so I’d always know I was making a good choice for our family. I subscribe to my most-used items, which include home cleaning products as well as kid-friendly items like hand sanitizer and baby wipes.

Grove Co.
Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrates

These concentrates are perfect to keep in your home to help clean up all family messes.

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Grove Co.
Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Just like diapers, you're going to need a lot of wipes, so you might as well subscribe for these as well.

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This post was in partnership with Rainbow Light but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.