June Editor Empties: Honest Thoughts on the Products We Finished This Month

As moms, it’s inevitable that we do what seems like an unending amount of research—whether it’s baby products or gear, childcare options, food, extracurricular activities, books, or simple home products, we are unified in our efforts to find the best feasible options for our families and ourselves.

But let’s face it, it’s exhausting. What we need most is an honest review from another mom that tells you whether or not a certain product is worth the investment and if it really works. Personal recommendations are always best, and that’s what we’re here to provide.

In this series, each month, the Everymom Editors are sharing their empties—that is, the products that they have used and finished. You’ll get their unfiltered thoughts on what the product is, whether or not it works, and if they would repurchase it.

We hope these empties help you ease some of that research load and provide you with helpful options for your own families. And if there are things you absolutely love and recommend, we’d love to hear about them! Enjoy our team’s June empties below. 



Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash

This is one of my all-time favorite body washes. Yes, everything Trader Joe’s has is basically gold, but I love this body wash because it has organic ingredients and is a cruelty-free product. Plus, the eucalyptus and tea tree oil scents really help me wake up in the mornings too! I usually grab one every time I'm at the store so I never run out.


Eucerin Baby Eczema Body Crème

Since my son Ollie was born, we’ve been dealing with mild eczema outbreaks that we have yet to find a solution for. As we work with our pediatrician on a cause, we have been using the Eucerin Baby Eczema Cream from head to toe to give him some relief and keep the outbreaks at bay. It’s thick enough to provide great moisture but not too heavy that his skin feels slick. I also love that it’s fragrance-free, as scents can cause unwanted eczema flare ups. This has become a staple in our eczema toolkit, so I'll buy again and again.


Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

If I had to bring only a few items from my makeup bag with me, this Tarte foundation would be one of them. It’s lightweight, has great coverage, and I also love how clean the products are. I am always looking for cruelty-free makeup, and Tarte continues to be one of my favorites. I also have their bronzer, blush, and concealer. If you’re looking for a new foundation, try this one, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!



Trader Joe’s Mineral Sunscreen Stick

I picked this up on a whim during one of my Trader Joe’s trips and have been using it on my kids’ faces this summer. Unlike a lot of Zinc Mineral Sunscreens, it’s not overly white and will blend in. I do feel like I need to reapply more often as their cheeks got a little pink upon the first use but that won't stop me from buying it again, especially since my girls will apply it themselves without a fuss (I just need to supervise to make sure they put on enough).


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I just did the math and realized I’ve been using this product as a spot treatment for 15 years (except when I was pregnant) after my roommate let me try it out on a terrible blemish. The combination of salicylic acid, sulfur, and calamine (i.e. the pink stuff your mom dabbed you with for bug bites and chicken pox) still works well for me to dry up the blemishes that pop up with PMS. Probably goes without saying, but this is one product I'll continue purchasing for years to come.


Trader Joe’s Enrich Face Lotion with SPF 15

I’m on my second summer using this lotion as my daily face cream, and I love it. It’s fragrance-free, doesn’t smell overly like sunscreen, doesn’t clog my pores or feel sticky on my face. I've already purchased a replacement!



Shaving Cream

I’m quite heavy-handed with shaving cream (I would take a sword to the eye before dealing with a razor cut on my leg that doesn’t stop bleeding for three days), so I expect my shaving creams to be over and done after a couple months. This lasted about eight! I’m absolutely obsessed with the Billie razors (I have never found anything that gets me as close of a shave), and the shaving cream is pretty good too. I'll buy this again in the future, but I'm using up some others I had in my bathroom for now.


Glow Maker Serum

Since late March, I’ve been extremely dedicated to clearing up my skin and following a skincare routine. Now that my acne has decided to cooperate with me, I’m focusing on brightening my skin and fading scars. Vitamin C is the ingredient that’ll do that for you! I was excited to try this because it has a cult-following, often being compared to $150+ vitamin C serums. I fell in love right away with how glowy my skin looks after I use it, but I’ve also noticed my scars fading and my skin looking smoother over time, so I'll purchase this again a million times over. I wrote a whole review for this on TEG, so feel free to read there to listen to me gush about it even more!


Mint Daily Drops

At the beginning of the year, Equilibria had a sampler box of three different flavors of their classic Daily Drops. As a lover of the Daily Drops already, I was ecstatic to try these. I fell in love with the mint immediately. It has the lightest mint flavor that both masks the earthy CBD taste but also complements it. I stopped using this for a couple of weeks to savor it, but allowed myself to finish it recently when I discovered they were bringing the mint drops back in a full size. Hallelujah, praise be. I take these before bed, and I notice a huge difference in my quality of sleep. I'll definitely buy more of these in the future.

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EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

I’ve had to get the birthmark on my nose removed and biopsied twice so far in my life, and though it’s always turned out OK, the process has made me obsessive about sunscreen use. I put it on every single day without fail, and reapply at least 3-4 times when I’m spending even a little time outside. So, not only do I go through a lot of sunscreen, but I’ve also become very, very particular about the ones I’ll use. This one is one of my favorite facial sunscreens. It’s largely zinc-based, but also has niacinamide and lactic acid, which helps to prevent breakouts and brighten hyperpigmentation on my blemish-prone skin. I will continue to buy this again and again.


Mama Mio The Tummy Rub™ Oil

My skin is dry, dry, dry, and pregnancy does not help that situation at all. I tried this oil on whim and really like it. It’s light in both weight and scent, making it a great option for summer. It’s hydrating enough to be soothing and effective, but not greasy or sticky at all. I definitely have to apply more than once per day to keep the itchiness at bay, but I don’t mind doing so since it’s a nice product to use. I'll definitely buy another.



Versed On the Rise Firming Serum

I’d never tried a firming serum before and figured it would be good to add into my skincare routine sooner rather than later due to its anti-aging benefits, so I grabbed this product during a recent Target run. I’ve heard great things about Versed from friends and was really impressed with this serum’s effectiveness on my face and neck. I especially love that the packaging clearly spells out how and where to apply and also describes where it should fit into your skincare process—so easy! I'll buy this again and want to try more Versed products too.


Megababe Thigh Rescue

For years, I’ve been applying deodorant to my inner thighs to help my legs from uncomfortably chafing during the hot and sticky summer months—but now that I’ve discovered this product, I will never go back. Megababe’s Thigh Rescue was created specifically to solve this rubbing problem, and since it’s a clean product, I know it’s safer and better for me than my prior deodorant use. I love that it also comes in travel size. I throw it in my tote and carry it around for quick and easy application all summer long—will definitely keep buying this!


Olay Sun Facial Sunscreen

I’ve tried my fair share of facial sunscreens, and this is by far my favorite. The product is perfectly lightweight for all-day wear under makeup and is easy to rub in. It also has added shine control, which is great for getting sun protection without that greasy sunscreen look. Already bought another!



Kopari Coconut Deodorant

I was apprehensive about spending so much on deodorant when you can find other options at a fraction of the price, but I wanted to switch to a natural option and had heard great things about Kopari. It is worth the money, lasts a surprisingly long time, and I love the way it smells. After using this one, I tried a less expensive natural deodorant from another brand that was about half the price. It was a major let down and didn’t work nearly as well. So while this one is more expensive than others, I’m switching back to Kopari—I'll probably buy in bulk during the next Sephora sale!


Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

This diaper cream is magical. My daughter just turned 1 and hasn’t ever had much of a diaper rash. Maybe that’s good luck, but I think it’s because of this paste. Whenever I see even the slightest bit of redness, I slab on a bunch and the redness is gone by the next day. My pediatrician recommended applying diaper cream like you would frost a cupcake (sorry for that imagery!), meaning you should apply a very thick layer. That’s what I’ve done with this paste, and it’s worked wonders. I recommend using an applicator with this product to keep your hands clean.


Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

I use this deep conditioning treatment about once a week and have noticed a huge change in my hair. I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, and my hair is noticeably softer after using. My hair is dry and coarse all the time, but particularly in the summer. This is an easy and affordable (under $15!) fix, and I love that it’s safe for color and keratin-treated hair. I'll definitely purchase this again.



Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Let me start off by saying that I love all Anastasia brow products, and the Brow Wiz one of my very favorites. It’s great to fill in any areas that need some extra love, and it looks super natural if you apply with light, thin strokes. I’ve been using this for years and plan to continue for years to come.


Enfamil D-Vi-Sol Liquid Vitamin D Supplement

Our pediatrician recommended Vitamin D supplements for our breastfed baby, and we have been using these since she was born. She easily takes them directly out of the dropper, or we mix it into one of her bottles when she’s at daycare. No complaints here—this is now on our monthly subscribe and save order.


Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It Fine Hair Air Dry Styler

My hair is semi-wavy naturally, so I was looking for something to help define the waves and give me an undone look. I love letting my hair air dry, especially in the summer, so this product felt like a no-brainer. A little bit goes a long way (I’ve had this for a year), which is nice, and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down. I'll potentially buy another but may look for something that is designed for more wave-defining and see which I prefer.



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