Have a Teething Baby? Here are 18 Products to Help Soothe Teething Pains

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Gummy, toothless baby smiles are undeniably adorable. These pre-teething babies are also extra sweet, because well, they aren’t teething, which can be a very uncomfortable and fussy time.

A baby’s gums can become swollen and tender during the teething process as their teeth break through the gum line. It’s no wonder they are extra fussy, that would make any of us pretty crabby too.

For some babies, teething can be incredibly painful, and as a parent, it’s hard to helplessly watch your little one struggle. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics’ resource HealthyChildren.org, most babies will begin to teethe between 4-7 months (though it’s perfectly normal if they don’t start until much later). Symptoms of teething may include swollen and tender gums, fussiness, crying, a slightly raised temperature, gnawing, and lots of drool. If you recognize some combination of these symptoms, there’s a good chance a tooth is working its way out.

Since babies experience teething while they are so young, it’s impossible for them to tell you what hurts and what helps the pain. Because of this, it’s good to have an array of remedies at the ready. And frustratingly like other baby products, you never know what your child will love or hate. What one baby is obsessed with, another baby has no interest in. It’s best to have options.

If your baby is experiencing painful teething, here are 18 products that may bring them (and you) some relief.


1. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Toss these keys in the freezer and pull them out when your baby needs some cooling relief.


2. Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder 2-Pack

These feeders are great for introducing new flavors to your baby, but are also excellent for teething. Fill the feeder with frozen berries or frozen banana and let your baby chomp away.

Pretty Please Teethers

3. Levi Rattle

These beautiful handmade teethers are made from natural beechwood to help relieve gum pain and can help teeth to make their way through the gum. They are treated with an organic coconut oil and beeswax blend.


4. Sophie La Girafe Teether

Most babies seems to love Sophie, perhaps because her legs are designed for easy-gripping. Made of natural rubber and food grade paints.


5. Teething Tinables Set

Another simple teether that's great to toss in your diaper bag.


6. Fun Ice Hand Chewy Teether

Another freezer option, these hands are easy to grasp and will provide quick, cooling relief.

Loulou Lollipop

7. Ebi Teether Set Gem

Clip this adorable sushi teether to your car seat, stroller, or your baby's outfit so they always have something nearby to chew on.


8. Comotomo Silicone Teether Bundle

These teethers are a nice size for grasping and are flexible, making them a good choice for gum stimulation and comfort.

Source: @loree.1

Pretty Please Teethers

9. Autumn Rainbow & Rays Teether

This adorable limited-edition teether is designed with autumn colors and a textured surface. It's also freezer-safe for extra cooling relief on little gums.


10. Nuby Silicone Teethe-Eez Teether with Bristles

One last freezer-friendly teether, this Nuby teether has a textured design to help comfort delicate gums.


11. Dr. Brown's 3-Piece Flexees Friends and Learning Loop

This multi-purpose product is a good chew toy for teething, but also can encourage tongue exploration and speech development.

Happy Mango

12. SweeTooth Baby Teether

Maybe not as delicious as a real ice cream cone, but still pretty cute! These teething cones come with a subtle vanilla aroma, which is said to soothe and calm your baby. Multiple colors are available.


13. Burt's Bees Baby Washcloths

A simple option to soothe sore gums is to take an ice cube and wrap it in a washcloth, then gently move the washcloth along your baby's gums. Make sure the cube is tightly wound into the washcloth and that you keep hold of it at all times (otherwise this can be a choking hazard).


14. Happy Baby Gentle Teething Wafers

Part snack, part teether, these dissolving crackers can help soothe developing gums.


15. Organic Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Teething often means drooling, and it can be hard to keep up. This 8-pack of basic white bibs are perfect to help keep baby's shirt dry as they drool away.

Buy Buy Baby

16. Copper Pearl Alta 4-Pack Bandana Bibs

And if you're looking for a more fashionable bib option, Copper Pearl has tons of adorable designs.


17. Infants' Tylenol Pain Reliever

While the above tricks and toys may solve your baby's teething pain, somtimes it takes actual mediciation to do the job. Over-the-counter Infant Tylenol is a good go-to, but check with your pediatrician and always follow the recommended dosage.


18. Infants' Motrin Pain Reliever

And one more medication option to explore as you navigate teething. As mentioned above, speak with your pediatrician and always follow dosage guidelines.


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