5 Timeless Push Present Ideas for the New Mom in Your Life

After nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor, there is nothing sweeter than the gift of life and the precious cuddles of a newborn baby. To commemorate a woman’s transition into motherhood, many partners have taken upon buying push presents – a polarizing yet increasingly popular trend.

Push presents are gifted to new moms as a way of saying “thank you” for growing and birthing a tiny human. And while many believe that a precious baby is gift enough – which it most certainly is – a push present can be a sweet way of acknowledging a new mom as she embarks on the momentous journey of motherhood.

From big gifts to little gestures, we’ve rounded up five memorable push present ideas for the new mom in your life.


1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most traditional push presents, as it’s a great symbol of appreciation that a new mom can hold onto her entire life and even pass down. The gift can be elaborate, like a diamond or personalized signet ring, or it can be simple, like a small charm or locket.


2. Photoshoot

Professionally capture the fleeting newborn days through a series of photos highlighting the bond between mom and child. Purchase a set of nice frames for her to display those lasting memories.


3. Spa treatment

Self-care can often be neglected after giving birth, so a gift certificate for a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, or any other spa treatment is sure to please any new mom. Having the chance to be pampered can go a long way toward making a new mom feel beautiful and special.


4. Splurge item

Perhaps she has her eye on a particular diaper bag or stroller. As a new mom, she’s not thinking of splurging as her focus is solely on her newborn. Gift her with that high-ticket item that she’s had her eye on that she’ll use every day.


5. Show gratitude

You don’t have to spend money to show your love and appreciation. Write her a heartfelt note that recognizes all of the hard work she’s been through and your gratitude for all that she does. Honestly expressing your love for another is always the best gift of all.