20 Snow Toys That Will Keep Your Kids Playing Outside All Winter Long

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There are few things I like less than being cold. That’s why you’ll find me wrapped up cozily in a blanket by the fire watching from the window while my husband takes one for the team and plays outside with our kids in the snow.

With a long winter ahead where we live, we’re all about the toys that will keep the kiddos playing and having fun outside in the snow instead of sitting in front of a screen (mom hack: sand toys also work great in the snow). Though, to be honest, we do a lot of screen time around here too. No shame in that game.

If you’re hoping to help your kids enjoy some outdoor time, we’ve rounded up toys and gear you and your kids will love to play outside all winter long. 


Snow Markers Outdoor Fun Kit

Turn winter weather into arts and crafts with these different colored snow markers. No need to build a snowman—now, you can draw one!

for ages 5+


Monsta Trax Kids Snowshoe

Get your kids into snowshoeing with these fun snow stompers, which will leave tracks in the snow like monsters or bears. They're easy to strap onto boots or shoes and will keep your little ones above deep snow.


6-Piece Snow Molds

Sometimes, shaping snowballs and snowmen can mean very cold hands. Avoid the chill with these super fun snowball molds (that come with dinosaur, duck, penguin, bear, snowmen, and soccer ball shapers) which can also be used for sand in the summer.


Snow Castle Mold

For kids who impress with their LEGO skills indoors, this snow castle mold makes the perfect gift for snow and sand. Stack these molds high on top of each other for an impressive snow tower.


Snowball Makers

For families who are always down for some friendly competition, this snow ball maker is an essential. Snowball fights just got way more fun... or way more intense.


Snow & Sand Builder Set

Have a kiddo who loves to build? With this handy set, making forts and towers out of snow bricks has never been easier (and it's perfect for sand castles in the summer, too!).


Baby Pull Sled

Even your tiniest snow lovers can get in on the sledding fun with this ultra safe, stable, and comfortable pull sled that's built with a strap and cradled seating.

Ace Hardware

Toddler Wooden Sled

Everyone remembers their first sleigh, so make your little one's just as special with this adorable baby sleigh with a pull rope. The curved back rest makes it comfortable and safe.

for ages 18 months to 4 years


Crazy Ice Bubbles

Every kid dreams of being able to catch the bubbles they blow, and now they finally can! These bubbles are made with a special liquid that makes them resistant to popping until they're completely frozen—it's pretty much magic.


Snowman Decorating Kit

Get ready to have the best looking snowman on the block with this decorating kit that gives every accessory and piece you need for a snowman straight out of a holiday movie!


Steerable Snow Sled

For kids who are already winter weather pros, this racing steerable snow sled makes the perfect gift. With built-in hand brakes for speed control, this sled is built for some steep hills.

for ages 3+

L.L. Bean

Polar Rider Sled

If you love to sled as much as your kid does (who doesn't miss careening down snowy hills at top speeds?!) then this two person sled is a great gift for your family.

for ages 4+

ice skates

Adjustable Ice Skates

Have a rink nearby to introduce little ones to ice skating? These adjustable skates will grown with your kids. Available in toddler and little kid sizes.

more colors available


Snow Scooter

Scootering is the new sledding, and this snow scooter is sure to delight the most loyal of Razor fans. The handle folds down for easy storage.

for ages 4+


Snow Skate

For kids who are interested in snowboarding but may not be quite ready to strap in, this snow skate makes an incredible gift. Plus, it has an adjustable handle for tricks.

for ages 6+

snow tube
L.L. Bean

Sonic Snow Tube

An investment for many winters of fun, this highly-rated and often sold-out snow tube is a family favorite!

multiple patterns available

sleigh sled
Target | Funboy

Kids Inflatable Snow Sleigh Sled

Soar down snowy hills in this funky sleigh that is just as fun to use as it looks.


Snowball Mega Launcher

If you're looking to take your snowball fight to the next level, look no further. This hefty gadget can launch multiple balls at a time all the way across the yard for the battle of a lifetime.


Kids Beginner Snow Skis

You don't have go all the way out to the slopes to get your ski on. These little kid's skis from Lucky Bums are perfect for backyard play or some light cross country skiing. Plus, the bindings of these ski toys can easily strap right on to snow boots!

ice hockey stick winter toys
Dick's Sporting Goods

Youth Ice Hockey Stick

Have a frozen neighborhood pond or backyard ice rink? Grab some hockey sticks and a net for hours of fun!

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