5 Summer Date Ideas (And the Wines To Go With Them!)

summer date night ideas

There’s something about summer nights that beg for romance. Maybe it’s the long sunsets or the warm nights under a star-covered sky, but come June, summer date nights become an absolute must. Whether it’s at a night at home filled with opportunities for fun and connection or taking a stroll to a local park for a nostalgia-inducing picnic, there are plenty of great summer date night ideas.


There are endless wine options to choose from, but our preferred wine for any date night comes from Cameron Hughes simply because it’s exceptional wine with extraordinary value.


And if there’s anything that pairs well with romance, it’s wine. There are endless wine options to choose from, but our preferred wine for any date night comes from Cameron Hughes simply because it’s exceptional wine with extraordinary value. Sold exclusively online and mailed directly to you, Cameron Hughes wine offers the finest of wines sourced from experts from wineries all over the world with no distributor or markup fees. We have our regulars on rotation delivered to us because they have limited releases and once they’re sold out, they’re gone!

But what should you pair with the perfect summer date night? We’ve lined up five really great summer date night ideas and the wines that go just right with them. Read on to discover the creative wine pairings from Cameron Hughes for your next romantic date!


1. Grilling in the backyard

Just because you’re home and grilling doesn’t mean you can’t make room for romance. Hang up some twinkle lights, bust out the best table wear—don’t forget fresh flowers!—and settle in for a night of summer’s finest. Bonus points if you hit up a farmer’s market for the freshest local finds and stop into your local seafood shop. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc goes perfectly with seafood (particularly shellfish!), so throw some shrimp skewers or scallops on the grill for an extra luxe feel.


2. Tapas-style double date night in

Skip the crowded restaurants and invite friends over for a double date night in. This is an especially great option if you have older kids who can play together (or watch a fun family-friendly flick) while the grown-ups catch up over a charcuterie board and some light tapas. A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is the ideal companion for light bites and is a total crowd pleaser—making your guests feel like they are in for a treat!

summer date nights with wine


3. Outdoor movie night

Grab a bottle of white wine on a hot day and head outdoors with your love for a cozy movie night in. So many movies are making their debut in theater and on-demand these days that watching the latest hits at home is easier than ever. Setting up an outdoor screen is easier than you might think, too—a white sheet doubles as a screen for a projector. Or if that feels too much, take a tablet and wireless speaker outside. A crisp bottle of California Chardonnay (think buttery and toasted almond flavors) pairs perfectly with popcorn and candy!


4. Picnic in the park

A picnic in the park is a classic summer date night for a reason. There’s something about carting that picnic basket, setting up a blanket, and cozying up on a grassy lawn under the stars that screams romance and nostalgia. Bring along a bottle of an everyday red wine like Zinfandel that goes with anything, and sit back to enjoy the fresh air, people watching, and chill vibes. Just don’t forget to pack the wine opener!


5. At-home art night

Are you and your S.O. looking for a creative outlet? Splurge on some art supplies and a great bottle of Pinot Noir and hit up one of Masterclass’s many Arts programs. Imagine learning about color and form from Jeff Koons while you sip an excellent red wine! It doesn’t get more romantic.

Start planning your next summer date night by ordering your preferred wine varietal with Cameron Hughes wine!


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