The Best Kids’ Toys and Sports Gear for Outdoor Summer Play

School is out, and summer is officially here. Whether you’ve planned an adventurous road trip, an excursion to the beach, or are just taking it easy this summer, one thing remains constant — longer and warmer days equals ample time outdoors. Summertime is made for creating memories, and although the more laid back schedule is great,  it can be tough filling the long days with engaging activities for your kids. At one point or another, you may inevitably hear the words “I’m bored” uttered from your precious offspring. Unlike colder months when you’re stuck indoors, summer is the perfect time to encourage your kids to spend the day outside entertaining themselves (wishful thinking, right?).

We’ve rounded up some amazing summer gear to help lure your kids away from their many devices (tables, tv, video games, etc.) and reengage their sense of play. From scooters to bocce ball, there’s something for every type of activity and interest level. Pour yourself some ice-cold lemonade, and let the summer fun begin!



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