The Best Montessori Books for Parents and Kids

If you are anything like me, both your home and parenting style could benefit from a dose of peace, simplicity, and order. Taking a cue from the Montessori philosophy—an educational method that is in part powered by these values—parents can unlock a veritable treasure-trove of ideas to help streamline their days and encourage their little ones.

After all, this is what the Montessori method is all about: empowering children to chase their natural curiosities and learn in their own way. Widely practiced for more than 100 years, this teaching approach offers hands-on learning materials, organized in a simple and calm environment. Children are encouraged toward independence and can make decisions about what they work on each day. A Montessori classroom is one that fosters self-reliance, respect, and confidence, laying a strong foundation for learning throughout a child’s life. 

But there’s no reason the life-changing lessons behind Montessori have to stay inside a classroom. We’ve put together a list of insightful reads to help you and your kids understand this child-centered learning approach—and bring some of its greatest practices into your own home.  

Scroll down to see our favorite Montessori books for both parents and kids. 


For Parents

For Kids