The Everymom’s Summer 2018 Family Bucket List

For a while there, we thought summer may not make it this year. But, now that the days are getting longer and warmer, summer is well on its way. With bright daylight days abounding, planning for summer fun is on everyone’s mind.

Summer is fun for everyone, but nobody takes advantage of it the way kids do. They live their best days every day and that could not be truer in the summertime. Some of the most fun you can have as a parent is enjoying summer through the eyes of your kids. It really brings new life to the simplest things.

Summer is a great time to spend time as a family and experience everything your environment has to offer. Summer days are fleeting – make the best of them with The Everymom’s 2018 summer bucket list.


1. Camp In Your Backyard

Something about sleeping outside is really appealing for kids (you might have to just suck it up for a night). Even if you don’t have yard space, a lot of towns host a camping night in a local park. Not only does camping get you back to nature, but it’s also great, screen-free time for the whole family.


2. Fly Kites

Flying kites on a breezy day will really bring you back to your childhood. It’s exhilarating getting them up in the air and the kids will have so fun much chasing them and seeing which one goes higher.


Source: @strollergang


3. Have A Picnic Lunch

Lots of families eat outdoors often, but packing up a specific picnic and heading to your favorite park or botanical garden makes it even more fun. Pack some wine (for the grown-ups) and enjoy.


4. Go Hiking

You might be surprised to find how many amazing trails and hiking paths are in your area. Pack up the kiddos (and bring a carrier or stroller for little ones) and head out for an early morning hike. There’s a good chance you might not actually cover much ground, but seeing your little ones enthralled in their surroundings will be worth it.


Source: Patryk Sobczak for Unsplash


5. Build Sand Castles

Let’s face it – kids love sand, dirt, and anything of the sort. Building sand castles seems so simple, but can bring hours of fun for the whole family, especially if you work together to get creative.


6. Make Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Making your own is even better because you can play with flavors your family loves. Try lavender or rose for something sweet and fresh, or stick with chocolate and sprinkles if your kids (and you) have a sweet tooth.



7. Plant A Garden

Gardening takes care and patience — two things of which kids don’t often have a lot of, which makes it a great learning activity. Watching their plants bloom and grow and maybe sprout vegetables through the course of the summer will fill them (and you) with pride.


8. Climb Trees

Climbing trees is a time-honored childhood tradition, and there’s no reason for you to stop after childhood. Teaching your kids to climb trees (and doing it right along with them) can be an awesome experience. And, with all the distractions in our lives day to day, enjoying some one-on-one time with your kiddo in the park is time well spent.



9. Go To An Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts and music festivals are everywhere in the summer and most venues are super family-friendly (think: lawn seats and BYO snacks). Your little ones will love dancing around while you enjoy chatting with friends.


10. Find Shapes In The Clouds

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do with my kids and one that I make it a point to do often. If you have high-energy little ones, cloud-watching is a great way to get them to slow down and take in their surroundings.


Source: @myepiphany


11. Walk Through A Cultural Street Fair

Street fairs are maybe the best part of summer — new cultures and cuisines presented in a way that is accessible for all ages. Try some new foods, take in some art and music, and get to know your neighbors in a very real way.  


12. Star Gaze

The skies are full of all sorts of wonder that kids don’t often get to experience, especially if you live in a city or area that doesn’t have great night views. Driving out to a more remote location with a telescope (if you can manage) will not only open up a whole new world for your kids but also remind you of all the magic that exists around us.


13. Host A Lemonade Stand For Charity

Lemonade stands are a great way to get kids involved in giving back. Host a lemonade stand for a local charity important to your family, or contribute to a larger cause — like Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


Source: @aenny04


14. Revisit Your Childhood At A Carnival

I’m not sure there’s anything more appealing to kids and adults alike than cotton candy and funnel cakes on a warm summer night. Kids will love the rides and arcade games and you’ll love seeing the joys on their little faces while they experience the things you loved as a kid.


15. Make A Summer Scrapbook

You’ll probably be taking photos of all of these activities, but they will do no good on your phone. Print out your photos and have your children help make a scrapbook. The whole family will love looking back on the carefree days of summer — especially as the days start getting cooler and the leaves start changing color once again.


What’s on your family’s summer bucket list? 

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