What Are Mommy and Me Classes—and Are They Worth It?

written by VANESSA LEIGH
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Source: Canva

When you have a little one, you’re constantly surrounded by toys, play gyms, and tons of crafts at home. But sometimes you need to get outside for some fresh air and stimulation. You start brainstorming ideas to get out of the house like scheduling playdates or visiting playgrounds, museums, or zoos.

But there’s something else that can fill the hours and benefit you and your little one when you’ve run out of ideas: Mommy and Me classes.


What Are Mommy and Me Classes?

Mommy and Me classes are designed with both caregivers and children in mind. Unlike an adult exercise class or a toddler dance class, Mommy and Me classes cater to both family members in a unique way, bringing them closer together in a shared experience.

Bringing moms and kids together in the same room can also build lasting relationships with other families. These classes are a great way to enrich and entertain kids while also allowing parents and caregivers to socialize. It’s a win-win for all ages!


When to Start Mommy and Me Classes

There isn’t an exact formula for the perfect time to start a Mommy and Me class. Some parents prefer to have time at home right after birth to recover and relax with their little ones. Other moms may be looking for a way to resume a fitness routine they had before giving birth, whether that’s exercising with their little one nearby or finding a gym with childcare.

Whether you begin Mommy and Me classes in the first year after birth or wait until your child is walking or toddling, these classes will benefit both you and your child.

Some things to consider before starting a Mommy and Me class are:

  • Any physical movement recommendations from your doctor
  • What your current schedule with your child looks like (i.e., naps, feedings) and how the class fits into that
  • Transportation to and from the class
  • Budgeting for adding a Mommy and Me class to your current parenting schedule


mommy and me classes

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Five Benefits of Mommy and Me Classes

Mommy and Me classes have so many benefits for children and caregivers alike. Things to look forward to when signing up for a Mommy and Me class include:

  1. Planned one-on-one time together
  2. Fine and gross motor skills development
  3. Increased social interactions
  4. Educational opportunities
  5. Emotional connection and bonding experiences

With so much to offer, there are also many types of Mommy and Me classes. Keep reading to explore your options.


How to Find the Best Mommy and Me Classes

There are many ways to search for and find Mommy and Me classes near you. Some of the best mother-child classes and experiences I’ve heard of came from word-of-mouth and chatting with other moms in the area.

If you’re searching for Mommy and Me classes online, check out local Facebook groups, event postings, Yelp, the Peanut App, or simply try googling “Mommy and Me classes near me.”


The Best Types of Mommy and Me Classes


Mommy and Me Music Classes

When you think of Mommy and Me classes, the first one that comes to mind is probably a music class. These classes typically start from birth and go up to preschool/elementary ages. 

Babies, toddlers, and younger children get to experience music and instruments in an intimate, hands-on setting. You sing songs, play instruments, shake colorful egg shakers, and go home with catchy tunes in your heads. 

Kindermusik is a great option, providing in-person and online classes across the U.S. Music Together also offers Mommy and Me music classes in many locations at an affordable price.

Cost: Ranging from $10 per class to $100+ per month

Free Options: Check out your local library. Libraries often have music programs that are free to the public.


Mommy and Me Swim Classes

Take the plunge! Swim lessons are not only fun for kids—they’re an important life safety skill. Babies starting as young as a few months old and their caregivers can sign up for swim lessons. 

Most beginner Mommy and Me swim classes include the parent in the pool as well. So be sure to pack your swimsuit and enjoy the 30-45 minutes of exercise and fun!

British Swim School and Goldfish Swim School are two widely known swim class providers. Search using your zip code to find a Mommy and Me swim class near you. In addition, YMCA members can sign up for classes for as little as $56 per month.

Cost: Ranging from $15 per class to $130+ per month

Free Options: Unfortunately, most swim classes aren’t free. You can get in some free summer practice at a local community pool (or a loved one’s backyard pool, if that’s an option). 


Mommy and Me Yoga Classes

Mommy and Me yoga classes can be a great way to introduce little ones to the mindfulness and movement of yoga at a young age. Many places now offer classes for kids as well as prenatal and Baby and Me classes. Postpartum yoga classes are also a great place to meet new moms going through the same stage of life as you. These classes are generally slower, with a focus on healing the body.

Down Under Yoga, based out of Boston, offers in-person classes in many locations as well as livestream and on-demand options.

Cost: Ranging from $10-$40 for a class; check out weekly or newbie specials, as some studios have a “pay what you can” option 

Free Options: CamiRose Yoga offers Mommy and Me classes on YouTube for free, and there are many other online videos available to practice yoga with kids at home.


Mommy and Me Gym and Dance Classes

These types of Mommy and Me classes are so much fun and a wonderful way to shake out the sillies. 

The Little Gym has locations across the U.S., Canada, and other international locations. They offer parent/child classes as well as gymnastics, dance, and special events. 

Cost: Ranging from $20 per class to $100+ per month. Gym and dance classes are normally billed monthly, with a schedule of one class per week. 

Free Options: YouTube has a plethora of free dance videos. Dance to Learn is one channel that offers step-by-step instructions.


Mommy and Me Storytime

Dedicated reading time is essential for a child’s development. Mommy and Me storytimes are a great way to introduce your baby or toddler to the magical world of books.

A big plus with storytime classes is that most of them are FREE! Local libraries are the number-one location to check out for weekly storytimes—they also often involve movement, music, or a craft.

Some Barnes & Noble locations also offer storytime. Check out their virtual storytimes and activities for learning at home.

Cost: FREE


Other Types of Mommy and Me Classes

mommy and me classes

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Outdoor activities, sensory play, and cooking classes are just a few other options to look for Mommy and Me classes. 

Tinkergarten is an amazing program set in communities across the U.S. Led by local parents, you and your child can experience the great outdoors together. The price for eight weekly sessions is $219 and is prorated if you join later in the season. They also offer trial classes for FREE.

Taste Buds Kitchen also many locations across various regions of the U.S. You and your child can learn to make pizza, cookies, pasta, and much more. 

Stroller Strides is another terrific option for a Mommy and Me fitness class. Part of the FIT4MOM franchise, this 60-minute class provides a full-body workout for moms while their little ones enjoy some stroller time. It’s a great bonding option for moms and kids, and you might even get the bonus perk of your baby napping during class!

Truth be told, you can’t really go wrong with any of these Mommy and Me classes. No matter what you choose, you’ll walk away with cherished memories of this special one-on-one time with your little one—and maybe meet a new mom friend in the process!

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