When Will My Baby First Smile?


Is that a smile!? Oh, wait, that’s just gas.

Between the night feedings that seem to go on forever and your extreme lack of Zs to the endless hours you spend gazing at your precious new babe, it’s no surprise that you may be unsure about what you’re actually seeing in front of you; it all becomes a bit blurry. 

But when it comes to figuring out if that grin is the real deal or just a reflex reaction (courtesy of a sweet dream or a good gas bubble release), it can be hard to tell. Babies display random reflex smiles from birth, but they start to dissipate around two months old, right around when the real smiles begin.



Around 6-12 weeks old, babies tend to start smiling for the right reasons, like in response to Mama’s voice, happy songs from Dada, and other feel-good moments and people. Instead of that little milk-drunk smirk, the real smile will light up their whole face—and your whole heart; believe me, you’ll know it when you see it. Once your newborn has the whole smile-thing down, cooing and giggling come next, and speaking from personal experience, there’s nothing better. So, keep singing and snuggling and get the camera ready; it’s only a matter of time before a real sweet, silly smile appears and you fall head over heels in love with this little one once again.

If your baby isn’t smiling yet, no worries. Babies take their own time and have their own personalities. Give it a bit more time, and if still concerned, speak to your pediatrician. 


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