The Best Way to Get Your Kids (and You!) Outside This Fall

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Many activities we formerly took for granted don’t look like they used to. And everyone’s social plans this year have likely been altered in some way, making it challenging to catch up with friends. It’s frustrating that plans have been changed and events have been cancelled. But there is one activity that still allows us to connect with others in a safe way (and not through a screen), and that’s a picnic.

Picnics are a social activity that actually still feels normal. Whether you’re picnicking with your immediate family or with a group of friends, it’s the perfect way to spend time together in the fresh air, while keeping enough distance between groups. The kids can run around, and you can enjoy snacks and a glass (or maybe a can) of wine.

Though fall is here for many states, outdoor meetups and picnics will likely continue until the weather makes it truly impossible. To keep your picnic game strong, there are fun and functional items you can buy to enhance the experience and keep this activity going. We recommend a trip to Trader Joe’s with some time spent in the cheese section, plus the below snacks you can order and get delivered.

Picnic Gear


Picnic Time Adventure Wagon

To simplify hauling multiple kids and lots of food, a sturdy wagon is a must.

L.L. Bean

Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

This is the perfect picnic blanket—waterproof on one side and soft on the other.

House of Noa

Classic Everly Mat

This portable mat wipes clean, perfect for tiny and messy picnickers.


Reusable Picnic Plates

These adorable (and eco-friendly) plates are shatterproof and can be used over and over again, plus they have a fun retro picnic plate look.

yeti 30 oz tumbler

Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

Keep your beverage of choice hot or cold in this crowd-favorite tumbler.


Deluxe Picnic Backpack

For an all-in-one set up, this backpack comes complete with a cooler and picnic gear for four.


Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs with Carry Bag

Bring your comfort up a level and bring chairs instead of sitting on the ground.


Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

And a perfect seat for your little one, complete with a tray for their food (this is also great for camping).


Brantley Cooler Backpack

This cooler backpack is a comfortable and easy way to transport cold food and beverages.


Picnic Time Brie Cheese Board

Every quality picnic should include a cheese spread, and this is a compact way to serve your selections.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Kids SPF 50

Don't forget sunscreen for your mid-day picnicking (even if it seems cloudy!).

Food & Drink

Dear Mom

Canned Wine

Dear Mom offers the perfect glass of wine, easily transported and enjoyed in a can. Choose from rose, red, white, or sparkling.

Black Girl Magic Wine

Mcbride Sisters Collection Black Girl Magic Bundle

And for larger picnic gatherings, go for a whole bottle from Black Girl Magic Wine (they also have cans!).

Rise Brewing Co.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk Latte

Why not try a breakfast picnic!? Grab breakfast sandwiches and a can of coffee and start your day outside in the sunshine.


Truffle Popcorn

Truffle popcorn, need we say more?


RW Garcia Sweet Potato Crackers

These gluten-free sweet potato crackers will pair perfectly with whatever cheese you pack up for your picnic.


Vegan Cracklins

A fun and crunchy treat your whole family will enjoy.

Wild Willett

Fruit Flavored Jerky Variety Pack

The combo of meat and fruit might sound strange, but this fruit flavored jerky is so delicious and is packed with protein.

Lesser Evil

Paleo Puffs

A light and tasty snack that tastes super cheesy, but is actually dairy-free.


Assorted Cookies

To end your picnics on a sweet note, indulge in Levain Cookies, which you can have delivered to your door (and are totally worth the cost of shipping).


This article was originally published on August 26, 2020. 


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