19 Amazon Buys That Saved Me During the Fourth Trimester

My name is Ally and I am addicted to Amazon. I wish that statement was a joke but sadly it’s one of the truest statements that has ever come out my mouth.

It started when I was pregnant and had serious insomnia. I would lay in bed at 2am in the dark and scroll through the app searching for new baby items, home decor, beauty products, cleaning products, or whatever we needed at the time. I quickly discovered some amazing small brands selling through Amazon, and that combined with free shipping and the convenience of one, unified platform quickly made the site my go-to.

When my sweet son surprised us with his early arrival five weeks early, my commitment to Amazon only grew stronger. With a NICU stay underway, I needed access to products quickly without leaving the hospital (and eventually our home.) As a result, I found some really amazing items that helped to carry me through the fourth trimester with my newest little love.

Hello Bunnyo

Burp Cloths

My son had pretty bad reflux and has since graduated to being a “happy spitter,” but that means that everything we own is covered in baby puke. We have tried at least 10 brands of burp cloths, wash cloths, and rags to keep him (and us) puke-free. These are the first we’ve found that are super absorbent, large enough, and soft enough to combat his reflux.

Amazon Basics

Travel Blackout Blinds

We still haven’t checked off window treatments on the ole nursery to-do list, so these are an amazing temporary solution for naps! Plus, they're so easy to remove and bring with us to friends and relatives homes. They fold up in a tiny bag, the suction is INTENSE, and they take less than two minutes to put up and one minute to put away.

Oliver & Lola

Baby Play Mat

Even though my baby is still pretty young, we needed a place where we would be comfortable, and where he would be safe for play time in our house full of hard-wood floors. We wanted something simple and relatively small that was easily moveable, and this mat is great. It's super durable against three dogs and wipes easily with no color transfer or fading. It had no bad smell, which is a complaint I have heard a lot.

Rosie Pope

Waffle Knit Pants

As mentioned above, we go through a lot of outfit changes around here every day and these pants are soft, super affordable at less than $5 per pair, and fit awesome without falling down.


Bottle Dishwasher Basket

This is the third dishwasher basket we have owned in three months and I couldn’t love it more. It is significantly more durable than the others we have had, has a much larger capacity, and all of the dedicated slots are great for getting smaller Dr. Browns parts clean. GAME CHANGER.

Parker Baby Co.

Bandana Bibs

Again, I have a spitter. Is it clear I think about baby puke a lot? My son must wear a bib AT ALL TIMES. I repeat: at all times. If a bib isn’t on you are guaranteeing yourself an outfit change within five minutes. These bibs are awesome and come in packs of eight for $22. I love the simple design and patterns and how well they wash and hold up. They are so soft and fit snuggly enough that no spit up makes it through to the outfit.


Vitamin D Drops

My son had issues digesting the Vitamin D from the hospital and his pediatrician (also a mom of two) suggested these and it’s so simple! One drop on a pacifier and you are done.


Changing Pad Liners

This is the perfect item for any moms with ninja babies who enjoy peeing on themselves mid-diaper change. They're really soft, absorbent, and roll up really small with little elastic buttons for clean and organized storage.


Softest Wash Cloths

We go through wash cloths like they are an unlimited supply of paper towels. These are simple, soft, and self-explanatory. They hold up amazing to being washed daily – they still look brand new!

Channing & Yates

Gingham Hooded Bath Towel

This adorable gingham towel has a sweet hood with gingham trim in beige, pink, and blue. The quality is amazing and it's well priced.


Nail File

I hate cutting/filing nails. It gives me anxiety and my son and I both hate it. This might look a bit gimmicky but it does make it much easier to file his nails and I don’t worry about hurting him.


Organic Zip Onesies

I never want to see anything with a snap as long as I live. Who has time for that? These onesies have really sturdy zips and thick cotton. They fit snuggly and are soft and high-quality with simple patterns.

Magnificent Baby

Magnetic Onesie

My husband lives for these onesies. The magnets are so easy and these jammies are so soft, have a looser fit, and come in cute patterns. They make diaper changes and frequent outfit changes a breeze.


Silicone Baby Brush

This soft silicone brush was great for when my son had a bit of cradle cap and the soft bristles make his hair into the cutest baby mohawk post shower.


Outlet Covers with LED Nightlight

These are so wonderful, easy to use, and handy! They don’t take up any coveted outlet space, look like regular outlet covers, and provide the light you need for those middle of the night wake ups.

Lusso Gear

Car Organizer

Made by a family-run, small business, this car organizer is great for stashing emergency essentials you might need and keeping them all out of the way. I have an extra set of diapers, wipes, a burp cloth, a bib, an outfit, and a binky all safely stored and organized.


Security Camera/Baby Monitor

I heard from so many mom friends while pregnant that their baby monitors just didn’t cut it. I picked up this security camera on amazon after reading great reviews and we love it! It's easy-to-use app syncs with multiple phones and tablets and has awesome clarity, sound, and zoom/pan technology. We are big fans!

Parade Organics

Newborn Sleep Gown

Gowns were key for us when we first brought our son home. I loved that this didn’t have to go over his head and that it was easy to get on and off for changes.


Pacifier Clips

My son loves his binky as much as he loves to spit out his binky. No explanation needed.

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