The 49 Amazon Prime Items Most Moms Buy After Arriving Home With a New Baby

The week after having a newborn is… something. Regardless of how many hospital bag lists you read or how impeccably planned your registry was, it’s almost inevitable that you forget something that you end up needing.

For me, it was newborn pacis and more baby bottles because before having my preemie, I thought I would be the breastfeeding queen of the world. Things change, and that’s why there’s Amazon Prime, right?

Apparently, I’m not the only one because when we asked you on Instagram Stories what you bought on Prime after giving birth, we were inundated with responses. Not having any of the things is definitely a thing. After going through the hundreds of responses, we noticed there was a definite pattern: mostly all of the purchases had to do with one of these four categories: postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, baby care, and baby sleep.

These are the 49 most common items real moms are buying off of Amazon right after giving birth and arriving home with a new baby. Plan ahead and thank us later.


For Postpartum Recovery


For Breastfeeding


For Baby Care


For Baby Sleep