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Planning a Baby Sprinkle? Here’s 8 Adorable Themes to Consider

baby sprinkle themes"
baby sprinkle themes
Graphics by: Anna Wissler
Graphics by: Anna Wissler

While most of us are familiar with baby showers, not everyone is aware of some other ways people celebrate bringing home a new baby. If you’re expecting and want to opt for a smaller gathering to prepare for your second baby or prefer to host celebrations after the baby has actually arrived, a baby “sprinkle” might be the right fit for you. Everyone is always excited to celebrate a new bundle of joy, so we’re breaking down everything you need to know about a baby sprinkle and how to plan or host one. Plus, we’re also sharing baby sprinkle theme ideas to make your gathering extra adorable and memorable. Keep reading for all the deets!

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

Queue Patrick Brewer’s line in Schitt’s Creek, “It’s like a shower but for your second kid. It’s not a full shower, it’s more like a sprinkle.” Baby showers are typically thrown for expecting parents as they prepare to welcome their first baby. While baby showers can range in size and formality, a baby sprinkle is notably more casual and low-key as it’s thrown for parents who are not new to the game. A baby sprinkle is usually for parents preparing to welcome their second (or third or fourth…) baby.

It’s still a fun opportunity to celebrate the parents, get them some necessities off of their second baby registry, and come together for an exciting occasion, even if it isn’t their first bundle of joy. Some baby sprinkles may include kids on the guest list, including the future big sibling that is sharing in the celebration. While baby sprinkles are usually thrown before a baby is born, some choose to attend or host a baby sprinkle party after as a way for others to meet the new arrival and accept gifts (if guests choose to give one). 

However you choose to have a baby sprinkle, they’re a cute and fun way for parents-to-be to celebrate a new addition to the family and are, basically, an updated version of the traditional baby shower. 

baby sprinkle party
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Baby Sprinkle Theme Ideas

Rainbow Baby Sprinkle Theme

The idea of a sprinkle and a shower play on the idea of rain. A rainy day can be quite lovely when paired with a rainbow, and this theme would focus on just that. Create a colorful rain sprinkles and rainbows-styled party with rainbow invitations, colorful balloons, and some spring flowers. This is also a theme to consider if the mom-to-be is welcoming a special rainbow baby.

baby sprinkle themes rainbow
Source: @ohmydarlingpartyco

Ice Cream Sundae Baby Sprinkle Theme

Get literal with sprinkles and host an ice cream party complete with several types of sprinkles. Since baby sprinkle gatherings may include some children, it’s a fun theme they will enjoy, too. Incorporate plenty of colors and set up an ice cream sundae bar for everyone to make their own treat.

Sprinkled with Love Theme

The beauty of this theme is that you can truly make it your own. Many people will use classic ice cream sprinkles as the decor inspiration, but it also works for other sweet treats like cookies and cakes. Get creative using different pastel colors and lean into your favorites.

sprinkled with love theme
Source: @thesugarkitchen_

Rain Shower Baby Sprinkle

While it’s certainly fun to incorporate lots of bright colors while planning a baby sprinkle, another route to go is interpreting the “sprinkle” as a small rain shower. This theme opens up the door to plenty of blues, making it a perfect theme if the mom-to-be is welcoming a little boy. Incorporate umbrellas, raindrop and cloud decor, and plenty of blues.

baby sprinkle cake
Source: @typs_baker

On Cloud Nine Baby Sprinkle Theme

Because you’re sure to be “on cloud nine” in anticipation of welcoming a new little one, play on that notion within the sprinkle theme. Fill the space with cloud-like features such as blue, gray, and white balloons, as well as adorable cotton centerpieces.

Donuts & Diapers Baby Sprinkle Theme

Donuts and coffee just go together and, basically, any sweet treat that involves sprinkles makes for the perfect theme. Order sugary sweet donuts topped with a variety of sprinkles, and offer coffee, lattes, and more for a fun baby sprinkle made for a mid-morning gathering.

baby sprinkle party
Source: Kelly Neil | Unsplash

Ready to Pop Baby Sprinkle Theme

What’s great about this theme is that there are so many ways to make it your own. “Pop” can mean anything from popping a champagne bottle, to popping popcorn, to enjoying popsicles. Choose the theme that speaks most to you. It’s also great to consider the time of year you’re having the sprinkle. If, for example, it’s during the summer, going the popsicle route is a fun nod to a traditional summer treat.

Welcome to the Jungle Baby Sprinkle Theme

Because baby sprinkles are typically intended to welcome a little one that’s not the first born, a fun way to welcome them is with a jungle theme. A “Welcome to the Jungle” theme will include plenty of fun animals, prints, greenery, and some gold elements.

welcome to the jungle
Source: @thesugarkitchen_
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