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28 Adorable Baby Shower Themes We’re Loving Right Now


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Source: @coppiceandcrafts via @simpleandsweetevents
Source: @coppiceandcrafts via @simpleandsweetevents

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun, but inevitably comes with a little pre-party stress—especially when you consider how many cute baby shower themes are out there. If you’re throwing a traditional shower for a friend, co-worker, relative, or yourself or are having a small sprinkle to celebrate a special someone’s second baby, we wanted to help with a little baby party inspiration.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a number of creative baby shower theme ideas your special mama-to-be is sure to love. Any of these ideas can be scaled up to Pinterest-perfect or scaled down to low-key lovely. Either, way there are plenty of ways to tie in a cute theme with invites, printable baby shower games, fun decor, and more. Keep reading to check out 28 baby shower themes we’re loving right now!

1. A Little Cutie on the Way Baby Shower Theme

Fun and bright, this theme is inspired by Cuties clementines and is perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower. Clementines, greenery, and orange balloons make easy decor accents and Etsy has loads of adorable invites and printables for A Little Cutie on the Way baby shower theme.

baby shower theme cuties
Source: Darcy Oliver Design

2. Tutu Excited for You Baby Shower Theme

Perfect for your ultra-feminine friend who can’t wait to welcome a little princess into the world. Pretty pink decor, florals, and girly-details will make it memorable and Instagram-able.

tutu baby shower
Source: Etsy | Blue Kate Party

3. Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Theme

Go travel-themed with hot air balloons and a vintage globe or go woodsy-themed with outdoor adventure details. Either way, this theme is another perfect neutral option and works well for co-ed baby showers, as the new parents-to-be are certainly feeling this sentiment.

baby shower theme adventure
Source: Pretty Providence

4. Mama to Bee Baby Shower Theme

Pinterest and Etsy are full of Insta-worthy inspiration for a Mama to Bee baby shower theme. Think honey-themed appetizers, mason jars, and hexagon-shaped decor to mimic honeycomb. This also happens to be another great gender-neutral option, as the decor can be filled with yellows and neutrals.

baby shower theme bees
Source: @simpleandsweetevents

5. Baby in Bloom Shower Theme

Flowers abound in this pretty baby shower theme, perfect for a spring baby shower or a summertime baby shower. You could lean into a garden-theme, with watering cans and potted plants, or go more wild-flower focused with a selection of your favorite flowers. Need more Baby in Bloom shower inspo? Check out this article to learn how one mom perfectly incorporated the Baby in Bloom shower theme into her spring baby shower and see beautiful photos of her special event! 

spring baby shower
Source: Steph Alleva Cornell

6. Little Lamb Baby Shower Theme

Timeless little lambs are an adorable addition to a baby shower. You could go with a Mary Had a Little Lamb nursery rhyme-theme or simply add some sweetness with little lamb touches in the invites and at the event. Lean heavily into soft whites and pastels, as well as soft textures to perfectly capture the essence.

baby shower theme lamb
Source: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

7. Botanical Baby Shower Theme

Take neutral and green decor cues from nature for a botanical baby shower. Favors could include spa-inspired lip balms or a tiny Trader Joe’s succulent (I attended a shower with this theme and still have my little plant favor!). This simple seamlessly exudes simply elegance in a way any mom-to-be can appreciate.

baby shower theme botanical baby
Source: @gingerrayuk

8. Fiesta Baby Shower Theme

A baby fiesta is bound to be super fun! Mexican cuisine is great for a party of any size—and, let’s be honest, who can turn down chips and guac? A fun gender-neutral option, this theme can incorporate all sorts of vibrant colors. Bring the liveliness of a fiesta into every aspect of the decor with brightly-colored balloons and accents and maybe even serve a signature margarita drink (don’t forget mocktails, too!).

fiesta baby shower
Source: Etsy | Balloon and Bash

9. Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme

The most versatile theme on this list, take the idea wherever you want it to go! Pop can mean popcorn favors, flavored soda, popsicles, balloons, or a mix of it all. Plus, if you’re welcoming a little one in the summer months, this can be a perfect summertime option either related to popsicles or 4th of July fireworks!

baby shower theme ready to pop
Source: Natalie Bushman

10. Precious Cargo Baby Shower Theme

This shower theme leans a little more traditional boy but could also be gender-neutral using clouds, airplanes, and other travel-themed details. Because you’ll be on Cloud 9 welcoming a newborn, lean into cloud shapes, white balloons, and—if you want to go really classic—storks!

baby shower themes precious cargo
Source: @thepaintedpastry

11. Here Comes the Son Baby Shower Theme

This baby-shower theme is a fun play on the popular song by The Beatles. Use sunshine or sun beams as consistent visuals for this boy-themed shower. Then, include some other warm-weather hues like oranges and blues to mimic a clear sky. For a gender-neutral shower, hosting a ‘Here Comes the Sun’ event is super cute, especially in the spring or summer. Plus, you’ve got a built-in playlist inspo by incorporating plenty of The Beatles’ greatest hits.

baby shower
Source: @janettloveshop

13. Lucky Little Baby Shower Theme

St. Patrick’s Day may look a little bit different after welcoming a newborn into the family. But that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like the “luckiest” mom in the world. Rainbows and shamrocks could adorn this baby shower—or, if you know baby is a girl, “Lucky Little Lady” is a cute alternative shower theme (maybe make the shamrocks pink!). Plus, this baby shower theme opens the door to Lucky Charms-inspired treats and decorations that are magically delicious and adorable!

rainbow pot of gold balloon garland
Source: Etsy | Cher Can Do It

14. Bonjour Bebé Shower Theme

Know a mom-to-be who can’t get enough of Paris (or even Moira Rose)? Be inspired by the City of Love with this French-themed baby shower. This theme exudes elegance with classic colors, white florals, and sophisticated details. Include French favorites on the menu like macaroons, crepes, and plenty of champagne (for the guests, of course!).

15. Amalfi Coast Baby Shower Theme

Or, perhaps mom would prefer to travel to another amazing European destination like Italy. In this case, look to the stunning and luxurious Amalfi Coast for inspiration; consider pasta dishes, pizza, or gelato. For decor, lean into Italian coastal vibes using lemons, greenery, and bright colors.

baby shower themes
Source: @thesugarkitchen_

16. Stay Wild Moon Child Baby Shower Theme

Free-spirited mamas will be smiling ear to ear seeing this gorgeous bohemian baby shower theme come to life. Incorporate pampas grass, macrame touches, and all of the muted tones. Don’t forget a show-stopping backdrop for the photo-op of her dreams.

moon child baby shower
Source: @balloongurusandiego

17. We Can Bearly Wait Baby Shower Theme

A cute teddy bear theme is sure to elicit several “how adorable!” comments from everyone in attendance. Blues, browns, bows, and bears will dominate this theme and make it especially precious. Don’t forget an extra-large teddy bear for all of the photo-ops.

teddy bear baby shower
Source: @novaballoons_

18. Groovy Baby Shower Theme

Take a step back in time to punch bug cars, peace on earth, and all of the groovy vibes with this adorable ’70s-inspired baby shower theme. Fill the space with fun colors, plenty of cartoon-style florals, and a classic Volkswagen Beetle car.

groovy baby shower
Source: @yourpartyparadise

19. Backyard Baby-Q Shower Theme

The ultimate co-ed baby shower can take the form of a classic backyard barbecue. Fire up the grill, set up some picnic tables, pour the lemonade, and let the good times roll. Lean into classic tablecloths, traditional barbecue-style foods (either easier options like brats and hot dogs, or try your hand at homemade ribs!), and sunflowers.

baby-q baby shower
Source: @kateaspen | The Aspen Brands

20. Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Theme

Few things bring quite as much joy as a dose of nostalgia, and this Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme perfectly captures a childhood favorite for many. Welcome a little one into your Hundred Acre Wood with pastel yellows, pinks, neutrals, honeybees, Pooh Bear and friends cutouts, and yellow and white bouquets. Then, make Pooh proud by incorporating plenty of honey into the menu, or even sending guests home with a honey party favor.

spring baby shower
Source: @sweetgiftsva

21. Woodland Baby Shower Theme

Are the parents-to-be outdoorsy types? Then this woodland baby shower theme is sure to be a perfect fit. Filled with adorable forest friends, this makes a great gender-neutral or masculine option, depending on the decor you lean into. Incorporate forest-colored balloons like brown, green, and white, as well as adorable critter cutouts.

woodland shower
Source: @createbycyndyevents

22. Happy Camper Baby Shower Theme

Speaking of the outdoorsy type, this National Park-themed baby shower couldn’t be more perfect for anyone who loves to spend their time camping or hiking. But it’s also a great option for anyone who simply thinks it’s adorable, too! Place vintage National Park signs throughout the space, offer a trail mix bar for snacks, and send everyone home with some s’mores party favors.

summer baby shower themes
Source: Etsy | It’s My Creative Outlet

23. English Garden Party Baby Shower Theme

There’s no shortage of floral-focused baby shower themes, but what is extra special about this one is that it incorporates all of the elegance of a traditional English high tea. Fit for the girly-girl mom, an English garden party will incorporate lots of elegant florals, baroque designs, and plenty of pastels. Serve tea, finger sandwiches, and biscuit cookies for a refined party experience.

summer baby shower themes
Source: Meri Meri

24. Pinks & Bows Baby Shower Theme

Girlhood has been everywhere lately, so what better way to welcome a new little girly girl than with all the feminine touches this theme offers? This baby shower idea speaks for itself—play into plenty of pinks and bows to accomplish this sweet and highly-feminine shower.

bow baby shower
Source: Etsy | its sandiy

25. On the Farm Baby Shower Theme

Farm animals and newborns seem to go hand-in-hand. Play into the adorable critters with this barn animal theme. With plenty of animal cutouts, tractors, and maybe a decorative hay bale or two, the parents-to-be will be ready to welcome their new ranch hand in no time.

farm baby shower
Source: Meri Meri

26. Desert Baby Shower Theme

There’s just something extra sweet about a desert baby shower theme. With colors like green, orange, and white, as well as fun cactus incorporations, this is sure to be the perfect summer baby shower theme whether you live near the saguaros or not!

27. Western Baby Shower Theme

“This Ain’t Texas…” just the perfect Western-inspired baby shower theme! With this theme, there’s never too much cow print. Include other details like a wagon wheel, rope, and hay bales to capture life on the ranch. Plus, if the mom-to-be is a Beyoncé fan, your playlist is already taken care of with Cowboy Carter!

28. Locally Grown Farmers Market Shower Theme

Perfect for a summer baby shower, this theme plays on a classic warm-weather activity: visiting a local farmers market! Fresh fruits, plenty of baskets, homemade sandwiches and baked goods, and plenty of flowers will make this shower theme one of a kind.

farmers market baby shower
Source: @sopharush
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