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For Your Brand New Buckaroo: 75+ Western Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

The western aesthetic has been nearly everywhere we look lately. From fashion trends to music to our TV screens and beyond, it seems like everyone is ready to saddle up for something straight from the Wild West. It’s no surprise, as the western aesthetic seems to be as thrilling as it is wholesome. No matter what’s drawing us to the culture, it felt only right to jump on the bandwagon and venture into the realm of baby names with the enthusiasm of a bucking bronco.

Whether it’s the Yellowstone effect for you, Beyoncé has a Texas-sized hold on you, or you were country back when country wasn’t cool, everyone can appreciate these western baby names. We drew inspiration straight from the Wild West, including western cities, notable country music singers, characters from our favorite on-screen westerns, and more. Saddle up for over 75 of our favorite western baby names for your newest buckaroo.

Our Favorite Western Baby Names

Cowgirl Baby Names


Cowgirls are no strangers to the great outdoors. That’s why this name that’s been known as both a given name and surname that means “meadow” is a great option.


This lovely title, meaning “bright,” brings to mind the wise matriarch of the ranching Dutton clan in the popular western television show Yellowstone spin-off, 1923.


As far as geographical baby names go, this may be one of the cutest. Nestled in the southern part of The Cowboy State, the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming has a gorgeous Native American title that means “people of a different language.”


Seen traditionally as a nickname, a little girl with this name inspired by country music legend, Dolly Parton, is sure to make you want to quit your 9 to 5 to spend all your time with her.


Another influential woman in the Yellowstone universe is Elsa Dutton, whose family embarked on the Oregon Trail in 1883. The quintessential onscreen cowgirl, her name holds the meaning of “God is my oath.”


Another pillar in American country music is Emmylou Harris. This adorable title, meaning “universal,” is also highlighted in the George Strait ballad, Check Yes or No.

western baby names for girls
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This lovely moniker referring to “trust” and “devotion” is brought to us by country singer Faith Hill. The This Kiss singer is an influential artist in the genre and has played an onscreen cowgirl alongside her husband, Tim McGraw, in 1883.


This fun pet name has been transformed into an adorable given title in recent years. It certainly makes us think of honeybees and is perfect for a sweet little girl.


Inspired by another country music singer who is making a name for herself is Louisiana native Lainey Wilson. The charming moniker means “bright” and “shining,” just as your little girl is sure to be.


Another influential name in the female country music realm ties to both LeAnn Rimes and Lee Ann Womack. Both were wildly popular on country music radio in the ’90s and early 2000s. Similarly to Lainey, a little girl with this title is sure to grow to be a “shining light.”


We couldn’t forget the most influential Native American adventurer when putting our list together. Companion to explorers Lewis and Clark was an important member of the Lemhi Shoshone tribe, Sacagawea. Encourage a courageous spirit in your little girl by giving her this unique but lovely title.


Country music wouldn’t be what it is today without the works of the bona fide “Louisiana Woman,” Loretta Lynn. This old-fashioned girl’s name holds the meaning of “bay laurel.”


Drawing inspiration from a real cowgirl is this name brought to our list by celebrated performer and rider, Lucille Mulhall. The name, which can easily be shortened to the adorable Lucy, holds the meaning of “light.”


Faith Hill’s cowgirl persona in 1883 has the lovely name of Margaret, which holds the meaning of “pearl.” This meaning is reminiscent of celebrated Canadian outlaw and cowgirl, Pearl Hart.


A meaning of “meadow of oak trees” would be enough to include this gender-neutral title on our list. But it’s doubly fitting as it is the surname of perhaps the most famous cowgirl, marksman, and star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show of all, Annie Oakley.


When we think of the Wild West, one of the main things that may come to mind is mountains. This moniker, meaning “jagged,” is inspired by the stunning Sierra Nevada mountain range.


Another inclusion from the Yellowstone universe comes from a major character in 1923, Teonna Rainwater. As a Native American with a courageous and rebellious spirit, we can’t think of a better fictional character to draw baby name inspiration from.

More Western Baby Names for Girls

  • Arizona
  • Bailey
  • Bradley
  • Cassidy
  • Dakota
  • Hattie
  • Jane
  • Jo
  • Jesse
  • Lauren
  • Lillian
  • Luana
  • Millie
  • Montana
  • Paisley
  • Patsy
  • Patty
  • Pearl
  • Reba
  • River
  • Tanya

Cowboy Baby Names


Cowboys are often known for being skilled marksmen. This name that brings to mind a bow and arrow comes from a Welsh word meaning “well-born.”


This name that dates back to the 18th century is brought to our list by country music legend, Johnny Cash. We know you’ll always “Walk the Line” for a sweet little boy with this edgy name.


Brought to us by action and western movie actor, Clint Eastwood, and American country singer, Clint Black, is this highly masculine moniker. A perfect fit in a list of Wild West baby names, it means “fenced settlement.”


Known as the Rodeo Capital of the World, it doesn’t get much more cowboy than Cody, Wyoming. And just like a hard-working cowpoke, the name means “helpful.” Plus, it’s shared with cowboy turned country music sensation, Cody Johnson.


A list of western baby names would be incomplete without this title. Not only does it refer to a young male horse, but it also holds the meaning of “colt-herder”—nearly making a cowboy name by definition. On top of that, country music fans can’t see this name without hearing the deep ramblings of “Sleeping on the Blacktop” singer Colter Wall.


Speaking of country singers, Loretta Lynn’s “Mississippi Man” needed to make the list as well. Conway Twitty has a Welsh, Irish, and Gaelic name that means “holy river.”

western baby names
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Both the western Colorado city and the title of American folk singer John Denver give us reason to include this name on our list. The geographical title holds the meaning of “green valley.”


This traditional surname is brought to our list thanks to the western city of Jackson, Wyoming. Meaning son of Jack, it’s truly one of those names that will never go out of style.


With no shortage of iconic western Johns like Dutton, Deere, and Wayne, it only felt right to include this title, meaning “God is gracious.”


Because you’ll never “stop lovin'” your little man, this name inspired by country singer George Jones may be a perfect fit. Also great for a kiddo with an influential John in his life, the name means “son of John.”


Don’t let your little boy grow up and say “I Should’ve Been a Cowboy.” Instead, give him this name inspired by the late country singer Toby Keith.


Practically synonymous with “cowboy” is “outlaw,” and this name that refers to “an independent man who avoids conformity” may be the perfect edgy title for your little trailblazer.


An all-but-forgotten old-school title, Merle is brought to our list by outlaw country music legend, Merle Haggard. Fans of nature-inspired baby names can appreciate that it holds the meaning of “blackbird.”


Perhaps the edgiest of edgy names is this ultra-cool traditional surname. Inspired by American singer Sturgill Simpson, it’s the perfect unique title for an aspiring pioneer.


You’ll know “It’s a Great Day to be Alive” when you welcome a little Travis into your life. Brought to our list by singer Travis Tritt, this is also a great Taylor Swift and football-inspired baby name, thanks to her beau Travis Kelce.


Kids and parents alike can appreciate dancing to country singer Walker Hayes’ popular TikTok jam, “Fancy Like.” Also, a character on Yellowstone played by another country singer, Ryan Bingham, is this name meaning “to walk.” The infamous Texas Ranger may also come to mind when hearing this rugged name.


From the pioneer of the Outlaw Movement of country music, Waylon Jennings, is this name ready for a revival, meaning “land by the road.”


A newer face in the western country music genre is Mexican-American Oklahoma native, Wyatt Flores. Raise a little troubadour by giving him this moniker meaning “brave at war.”

More Western Baby Names for Boys

  • Beau
  • Brooks
  • Buck
  • Colby
  • Cole
  • Dutton
  • George
  • Hayes
  • Holden
  • Ian
  • José
  • Koe
  • Levi
  • LeRoy
  • Lloyd
  • Nash
  • Oliver
  • Shiloh
  • Sterling
  • Trip
  • Wade
  • Weston
  • Zane