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50+ Football-Inspired Baby Names for Your Little MVP

baby, football, goalpost, field"
baby, football, goalpost, field
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate football. The return of football season each year is one of the many reasons to welcome back fall with arms open as wide as a receiver. And the Super Bowl is always a welcomed reprieve from the mid-winter blues. Not only is it fun to get in the competitive spirit by cheering on our favorite teams, but it’s also the perfect excuse to get together with our loved ones and eat all of the best game day treats

Growing up in Wisconsin, watching the Green Bay Packers was somewhat of a religion. Our very own head coach from 1950 to 1967, Vince Lombardi, is quoted as saying, “There are three things that are important to every man in this locker room. His God, his family, and the Green Bay Packers. In that order.” To say it’s a part of our lifestyle up here is an understatement. 

For a sport with as big of a following as NFL football, we felt there was no more perfect place to draw baby name inspiration from. I felt a personal duty to handle the task as I was named after a once-beloved Packers quarterback, Brett Favre. While I may be biased in saying so, I happen to think finding baby name inspiration from such a unique source is something everyone should consider—and many of these names are gender-neutral, so they could work for a baby boy or girl. Whether you love football or are looking for a Hail Mary in the baby name department, check out this list of 50+ football-inspired baby names. 

50+ Football-Inspired Baby Names


Origin: Latin, Greek | Meaning: Son of Adrai, rich 

Teams who received Adrian Peterson as their running back throughout the years consider themselves rich. He played for several teams but spent the longest amount of time in his career with the Minnesota Vikings. 


Origin: Spanish and Italian | Meaning: Priceless, flower 

The world of American football is no stranger to priceless Antonios. We’re including this name because of wide receiver Antonio Brown, running back Antonio Gibson, and cornerback Antonio Hamilton. 


Origin: English | Meaning: One who bakes

Though he’s not known for his results in the kitchen, it’s no secret that Baker Mayfield always brings the heat when playing quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


Origin: English | Meaning: Homestead by the stream

There are quite a few notable Beckhams in the sports world, including soccer legend David Beckham, and American football’s Odell Beckham of the Baltimore Ravens. It’s no surprise this name has been making its way up the charts in the last decade.


Origin: Celtic | Meaning: From Brittany

My mother would not approve if I didn’t include this name on our list of football-inspired baby names. Just as she was, we’re inspired here by the impressive football career of Green Bay Packers legendary quarterback Brett Favre. 


Origin: Irish | Meaning: Large-chested, broad-eyes

It wouldn’t be right to leave potentially the “greatest of all time” off of our list. If you want to draw inspiration from a quarterback who’s received seven Super Bowl rings, look no further than Tom Brady. 


Origin: Scottish | Meaning: Crooked nose

This name is fit for a football player, as several players hold the title. We’re referencing Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, Cameron Sutton of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cam Jurgens of the Philadelphia Eagles. 


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Follower of Christ 

Just when we thought there were a lot of talented Camerons out there, we’re even more impressed at the number of Christians who take a position throughout the field. Some of the most distinguished in the league are Christian Watson, McCaffery, Wilkins, and Kuntz. 


Origin: English | Meaning: Land of the Court

Denver Broncos fans will recognize this as the title of their promising wide receiver, Courtland Sutton. Not to mention “Sutton” would be an adorable first name for a baby boy, too!


Origin: English | Meaning: Barrel maker

Nicknamed “Cooper Clutch,” the current backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys is Cooper Rush. 


Origin: Irish | Meaning: Skilled

Whether you live in Texas and are a fan of the Cowboys or not, this is a great name option inspired by America’s Team. 


Origin: African/African American | Meaning: Beloved

This inclusion was inspired by a longstanding beloved member of the Green Bay Packers turned Raider, Davante Adams. 


Origin: Irish | Meaning: One of South Munster

There are several teams and players to be inspired by when it comes to this name. A few to consider are Desmond Ridder of the Atlanta Falcons, King of the Houston Texans, and former player Desmond Howard. 


Origin: Gaelic and Irish | Meaning: Fierce courage

With a short stint in the NFL, Devlin Hodges made a name for himself with the Pittsburg Steelers in 2019. We love that the charming name has the honorable meaning of “fierce courage,” exactly what you want in a teammate and a little one.


Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Jehovah is my God

This highly biblical and masculine name comes to our list thanks to Cleveland Browns wide receiver Elijah Moore.


Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: The Lord is my God

Hearts broke across the country earlier this year when Ezekiel Elliott was let go from the Dallas Cowboys—except those of fans of the New England Patriots who welcomed the talented running back. 


Origin: German | Meaning: Universal, truth, whole

It may as well be a universal truth that Emmitts make amazing running backs. Just ask any fans of the Dallas Cowboys who were graced with the presence of Emmitt Smith on their team for 13 seasons. 


Origin: Irish and Scottish | Meaning: Strength, energy

While you may quickly think of the liquor of the same name, we’re inspired by the strength and energy of Matt Hennessy of the Atlanta Falcons, and his brother, Thomas Hennessy, of the New York Jets. 


Origin: Old Saxon | Meaning: Mind, spirit, heart

The Green Bay Packers see Don Hutson as one of the most decorated players in NFL history. He played his 11-season career back in 1935. 


Origin: English | Meaning: Son of Jack

The Baltimore Ravens wouldn’t quite be the same without their star quarterback, Lamar Jackson. We also had to include this name on our list of football-inspired baby names in honor of the Jacksonville Jaguars. 


Origin: Greek | Meaning: Calm, tranquil

Any fans of the Philadelphia Eagles owe a thank you to Jalen Hurts for leading their team to the 2022 Super Bowl. Though their team didn’t win, there’s still time for the current quarterback to claim the championship title. 


Origin: British | Meaning: Son of James

The inspiration for this edgy baby name choice is both by the Irish whiskey and the Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams. 


Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Jehovah shall add

Joe Burrow was certainly an addition to the Cincinnati Bengals when he joined the team as their quarterback in 2020. Since then, he’s captured even more hearts than touchdowns thrown. 


Origin: Irish | Meaning: Slender

For a rare baby name option, consider this moniker inspired by wide receiver Keelan Cole, best known for his time with the Jacksonville Jaguars. 


Origin: British | Meaning: Ship’s victory

The Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, continuously make a name for themselves in the NFL. Neither is a stranger to victory, having great success in their respective teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. 


Origin: Old Celtic and Old Welsh | Meaning: Warrior Chief

Rivaling the San Francisco 49ers in the 23-2024 Super Bowl is none other than the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans of the Missouri home team can welcome their own little contender with this unique name meaning “warrior chief.”


Origin: Old Norse | Meaning: Church

Perhaps the current Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Kirk Cousins, is just what the team needs to finally make it to an NFL Super Bowl. 


Origin: English | Meaning: Ford by a cliff

We love this unique derivative of the classic Cliff or Clifford, inspired by Arizona Cardinals’ coach, Kliff Kingsbury. 


Origin: German | Meaning: The water, land famous

Inspired by Heisman Trophy and AP MVP award winner and current quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson.  


Origin: Latin | Meaning: From Laurentium

Generally regarded as the greatest defensive player of all time is Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants. He made a name for himself playing on the team from 1978-1981.


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Lion

The 2023-24 Detroit Lions’ season is one for the memory books. The team’s meteoric rise under the coaching of former Lions player Dan Campbell included the team’s first playoff game win in decades and just a few points shy of a trip to the Super Bowl. Parents of babies born this year might want to commemorate the Lions’ comeback with their own little Leo.


Origin: Italian, Spanish, Latin | Meaning: Wise, strong, victorious; Noble, humble; Man of Laurel

With a name like this, a kiddo is sure to be destined for greatness, just like Lorenzo Carter of the Atlanta Falcons. 


Origin: Greek | Meaning: Bringer of light

Indianapolis Colts fans likely see a light of hope each time they enter the Lucas Oil Stadium. 


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Mountain

We’ll never turn down a name that’s both football and nature-inspired. This particular title is brought to our football-inspired baby names list because of four-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer, Joe Montana.


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Soldier

A soldier on the field is exactly what the inspiration for this inclusion is. Myles Garrett is a current defensive end with the Cleveland Browns.


Origin: English | Meaning: Woad hill

Because both parts of his name are so appealing, we had to include the given name of the Baltimore Ravens’ Odell Beckham as well. And if you’re wondering about the meaning of “woad hill”—woad was a European plant formally used for making blue dye.


Origin: Irish | Meaning: Nobleman

We’d be remiss not to include this noble title on our list. Inspired by the current quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, the name has won two Super Bowl titles so far. 


Origin: English | Meaning: Fighting man’s estate

Peyton’s might very well be fighting men, as many of them have found their way to the football field. We’re talking the likes of players Peyton Manning and Walter Payton, and head coach Sean Payton.


Origin: English | Meaning: Priest’s cottage

He may be number four on the field, but Dak Prescott has won the number one spot in the hearts of many Dallas Cowboys fans. 


Origin: German | Meaning: Protecting hands

With a meaning of “protecting hands,” we can’t think of a name more fitting for a football-inspired baby names list. This inclusion is thanks to the Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Ruler’s advisor 

Whether he becomes an advisor or a ruler himself, this is a distinguished title for a little one destined for greatness. We’re inspired by Hall of Famer and beloved former Packers’ defensive end, Reggie White. 


Origin: Old German, English, and French | Meaning: Famous spearman

The meaning of this name couldn’t be more fitting for a quarterback as famous as Aaron Rodgers. We know if it he wasn’t throwing a football, he’d have no problem mastering a spear—just like his cameo in Game of Thrones Season 8.


Origin: French | Meaning: Little red

Bringing home a little one of this name may feel just as good as Seattle Seahawks fans did when Russell Wilson led them to Super Bowl victory in 2014. 


Origin: Greek | Meaning: Crown

Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver Stefon Diggs is surely worthy of a crown for being arguably one of the most elite receivers in the NFL. 


Origin: Old English | Meaning: Little star

Just like you will for your little one, we’re sure Sterling Shepard’s loved ones always knew he would grow to be a star. He is currently a wide receiver for the New York Giants.


Origin: French | Meaning: Toll Collector

Like it or not, it’s nearly impossible to open social media these days and not see another adorable photo of the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift romance. Not to mention, Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, are heading to Super Bowl LVIII this year. This baby name is a perfect option for a Swiftie or football lover alike.


Origin: British | Meaning: Fair town

It was only fair that we include Stefon Digg’s brother on our list of football-inspired baby names as well. We know him as the cornerback of the Dallas Cowboys. 


Origin: Irish | Meaning: Foot soldier

If there’s any football player known for being quick on his feet and fighting for his team, it is seasoned quarterback turned sports commentator Troy Aikman. 


Origin: Latin | Meaning: Conquering

No one is quite as well known for leading his team to conquer the field quite like Vince Lombardi, previous head coach of the Green Bay Packers—it’s no wonder the NFL Championship trophy is named in his honor. If you really want to show your cheesehead spirit, don’t be afraid to go all out and opt for his surname. 


Origin: German | Meaning: Commander of the army

It’s no surprise a man with a name of this meaning, Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears, went on to become one of the highest-regarded running backs of all time. 


Origin: English and Scottish | Meaning: Son of Walter

Cleveland Browns fans know this title as well as the surname of their current quarterback Deshaun Watson. We happen to think his given name is a great option to consider for a little one as well. 


Origin: British | Meaning: Son of William

Brought to this list of football-inspired baby names by none other than the greats Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos and Garrett Wilson of the New York Jets. 


Origin: English | Meaning: From Woodsome

Long-time Raiders fans may recognize two celebrated Woodsons who each made their way through the franchise. We’re looking at both Charles and Rod, who both had lively careers on other teams as well. 


Origin: Armenian | Meaning: Strong

If there’s one thing linebackers are known for, it’s their physical strength. Arizona Cardinals’ linebacker Zaven Collins fittingly holds this title. 

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