This Product Bundle From Babylist Is a New Parent’s Dream

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Source: Babylist

One of the hardest parts of creating a registry or shopping for your newborn is having no idea what this little person is going to like. Though you haven’t met yet, you’re supposed to stock up on all the necessities like bottles, swaddles, and pacifiers.

If you’re deep in the world of baby prep, you likely have your fair share of friends telling you the products they couldn’t survive without. While one mom swears by Swaddle A, another mom shouts the praises of Swaddle B. As much as you want to take the advice of your trusted mom network, you’re probably also being told that every baby has their own likes and dislikes. So while one baby loves their swaddles, it means absolutely nothing about what your baby is going to like.


The Advice I Give All My Mom-to-Be Friends

So what do you do to prepare? The best piece of advice I’ve been given (and thus have passed on to my mom-to-be friends) is to get a few different brands of the same product. You can try them all out and then buy more of whatever your baby likes. For example, instead of buying a 5-pack of Dr. Brown bottles, buy one Dr. Brown, one Comotomo, one Nuk, and so on.

If your baby decides they aren’t a fan of a specific bottle style, you have more to try and aren’t frantically driving to Target at midnight to raid the bottle aisle. And for new moms, Babylist has made this tip super easy to follow. Read on!


baby bottles for registry

Source: Babylist


Add These to Your Baby Registry, STAT!

Babylist has done the work for you and created boxes that feature a handful of popular items in one category so you (and your baby) can try each of them out before committing to a stockpile of bottles, swaddles, and pacifiers. Here’s what they offer:

If you’ve had an upset baby on your hands, you might want to try all those pacifiers. If you have a hungry baby who is refusing their bottle, the bottle box might help you out. And, of course, spoiler alert: Most newborns don’t sleep so great. A variety of swaddles to experiment with will hopefully lead to better sleep for all.


baby swaddles for registry

Source: Babylist


While there’s no guarantee that your baby will be a pacifier user or a swaddle sleeper, with these kits, at least you’ll know you’ve tried several options and are finding what your baby likes best. And if you’re worried about waste, once you find your baby’s favorite, reselling or giving away extras on mom-to-mom sites is usually easy.

For the parents working on their registry or doing a little new baby shopping, these boxes are such great items to add to your list. If you’re shopping for a new mom, these will be very welcomed gifts for a shower or for those first couple of weeks with baby.


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Bottle Box

Try out five different bottles from five different brands: nanobébé, Comotomo, NUK, Dr. Brown’s, and Herobility.


Swaddle Box

Four swaddles come in this box: ones from Happiest Baby, Aden + Anais, Halo, and Love to Dream.


Pacifier Box

Get six different pacifiers in one box to try on your fussy baby: Wubbanub, Herobility, nanobébé, Nuk, BIBS, and Dr. Brown’s.

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