12 of the Best Baby Shower Gifts That New Moms Will Love

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It would be an understatement to say that babies and new parents require a lot of things. If you’re attending a baby shower (or making a registry for your own), it can be overwhelming to scroll through a long list of products to find the perfect gift.

While adorable footie pajamas are tempting and diapers are incredibly practical (obviously a necessity!), baby showers are the perfect opportunity to give a memorable, unique, and also useful gift for parents-to-be. As a baby shower attendee, you want your gift to be put to good use and to make the life of new parents just a tiny bit easier. Nothing feels better than getting a text from a new parent raving about how amazing your gift is (plus, cute baby pictures usually accompany these texts!).

For first-time parents, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what you’ll need. Does a newborn need toys, and if so, which ones are the best? Will the baby like being swaddled and will that be with their arms in or out? While you can’t necessarily answer these questions before the parenting journey begins, certain products are crowd favorites for a reason.

Whether you’re attending a baby shower in person, are celebrating virtually, or are working on your own registry, here are 12 amazing products that new parents will love.


Panda Crate Toy Subscription Box

Figuring out how to play with a newborn is both important and confusing. It seems like newborns don't do anything, but there are actually specific ways you can play with your baby to encourage their development and learning. The KiwiCo Panda Crate toy subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving, with boxes arriving every two months, helping new parents navigate the early days of play. The various boxes take subscribers from 0 to 24 months of age. Moms (and babies!) will have something to look forward to whenever a new box arrives.

Use code EVERYMOM at checkout for 30% off your first month's subscription with KiwiCo!

Stina & Mae

Hello Baby Bundle

Stina & Mae's Hello Baby Bundle has the essentials all new parents need, including bibs, burp cloths, a snuggle blanket, and cloth wipes. Moms-to-be can toss this in their hospital bag and will be all set for baby's first pictures. If you know the baby's name in advance, you can add an embroidered name or monogram, too.


BabyBjörn Bouncer

It's not uncommon for new moms to want to hold and cuddle their new baby for hours at a time, but sometimes mom needs a safe place to put the baby down. The BabyBjörn Bouncer is the perfect spot. The bouncer's ergonomic design offers the proper head and back support for baby and its comfy cotton/jersey fabric is machine washable.

Solly Baby

Basil Baby Wrap

New moms have their hands full in more ways than one. It can seem impossible to get anything done while holding a newborn. The Solly Baby Wrap allows mom to cuddle baby close while keeping her hands free to get things done. The Solly Baby Wrap promotes bonding and even reduces infant crying. While the wrap is especially great for newborns, it can be used for LOs up to 25 pounds.

Buy Buy Baby

Mustela 5-Piece Newborn Arrival Gift Set

What's sweeter than baby bath time? This plant-based and hypoallergenic skin care set is ideal for delicate newborn skin and their first bath.

Buy Buy Baby

Elephant Bath Wrap Towel

An adorable hooded towel pairs perfectly with the above bath set.


Welcome to the Party Book

Can newborns read? Of course not. That doesn't mean parents shouldn't start reading to their babies early. This sweet book is a love letter from parents to new babies, perfect as a first read.

Taking Cara Babies

Newborn Sleep Course

One of the most stressful parts of newborn life is figuring out sleep. As a new parent, this is uncharted territory and professional help can do wonders. This quick course gives new parents the insider info on calming a fussy baby, wake windows, and tons of practical tips to navigate baby sleep.


The Ollie World Swaddle

And speaking of baby sleep, swaddles are a must. The Ollie Swaddle is a favorite among new moms and is a product recommended by Cara of Taking Cara Babies. Bundle this with the above sleep course for the ultimate sleep-themed gift.


Milk Snob Multi-Use Cover

Moms need a lot of gear, so products that have multiple uses are the registry MVPs. The Milk Snob has many uses including a car seat cover, stroller cover, high chair cover, shopping cart cover, and can be turned into a nursing cover.

Pottery Barn Kids

Artifact Uprising Baby Book

Help mom document baby's first year with this classic baby book. The book is filled with prompts to ensure parents remember the big and small moments.


Frida Mom Hospital Bag Essentials Complete Kit

Many shower gifts revolve around baby, but let's not forget about mom. Recovering from childbirth can be a challenging time and moms deserve every bit of comfort possible. This kit comes with five products that will help women through labor, delivery and postpartum.


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