20 Great Birthday Gifts for 5-Year-Old Kids

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best 5th birthday gifts

It seems like overnight my little, beautiful baby boy has turned into a big kid. He’s hitting the 5-year-old milestones like speaking really clearly, being aware of his gender, and telling some amazing stories. But what truly amazes me is his burst of  independence. He loves getting his own snacks from the fridge, filling up his cup with water, and is no longer shy about telling his father and I what he wants to eat or do each day. He is truly becoming his own little person and wants to explore and learn on his own.

Since we’re still following safety protocols for COVID, he’s not engaging with a ton of other kids right now. So I’m using his upcoming birthday as the perfect opportunity to shop for some new toys to support his development, independence, and curiosity (plus he’s no longer obsessed with many of the toys I carefully picked out for Christmas and his previous birthdays).

Despite my reluctance, I have to admit that he isn’t my baby boy anymore. He is starting to grow into his own person who needs more age-appropriate toys to not only entertain him, but also stimulate his mental growth.

If you too have an almost 5-year-old in your life, here is a list of some of the best 5th birthday gifts for any budget.


Under $30 Gifts for 5-Year-Olds

Manhattan Toy Company

Playdate Friends Doll Nico

Encourage imaginative play with a Playdate Friends Doll from our editors' go-to toy brand, Manhattan Toy Company. This doll, Nico, comes with a removable outfit and chicken companion that are all machine washer and dryer safe. Other Playdate Friends available, too. Use code 20EVERYMOM for 20% off your first order!


Blokus Junior

Board games are entertaining fun for the whole family, and Blokus helps kids practice spatial reasoning and problem solving.

Etsy | Panda Brothers Toys

Montessori Screw Driver Board

Montessori toys encourage independent play and this screw set can help improve hand-eye coordination.

Black-Owned Toy Store

Alphabet Affirmation Flashcards

This set is perfect for practicing self-love and reinforcing the alphabet.

Etsy | Eco Time Life

Bath Bombs with Surprise

Children will love how these bath bombs fizz and turn their bath water different colors. Plus, each one comes with a prize inside.



Flybars are a blast from the past that offer fun for kids and nostalgia for their parents.

Manhattan Toy Company

Space Dog

Even though my kids are growing, they still love stuffed animals. And this quirky pup from Manhattan Toy Company definitely says 'kid' not 'baby' and would be a fun addition for any 5-year-old's adventures! Features include a removable helmet and a textured body. Use code 20EVERYMOM for 20% off your first order!


3D Dinosaur Puzzle

Dinosaurs are a tried and true gift for kids, but this one's 3D appearance makes it extra special.


5th birthday gifts

Source: Kampus Production | Pexels


Under $50 Gifts for 5-Year-Olds


Kids Camera

This camera is perfect for the kid who's always asking to take pictures on your phone. Encourage their interest in photography with their own digital camera.


Learning Resources Gears

This toy is great for children to work on their fine motor skills and introduce engineering concepts.


LEGO Classic

LEGOS are a classic for a reason. This box of nearly 800 pieces encourages children to use their creativity.


Fort Kit

This fort kit offers endless imaginative possibilities while also boosting problem solving and cognitive skills.

Under $100 Gifts for 5-Year-Olds


Young Chemist Box

Gift a monthly KiwiCo crate subscription for hands-on learning. Designed by childhood development experts and educators, KiwiCo's STEAM activities make it easy for parents to offer their kids something new and engaging each month.

Use code EVERYMOM for 30% off your first month's subscription of any line!


Botley 2.0

Introduce coding concepts to kids with this next generation of the award-winning botley robot toy.


Plugo Letters

My boys love using their Plugo to practice their letters. This gift is perfect for learning and having fun.

Healthy Roots

Zoe Doll

The Zoe Doll is a beautiful representation of Black children, and helps teach Black children and parents how to style Black hair.

$100+ Splurge Gifts for 5-Year-Olds

5th birthday gifts scooter
Micro Kickboard


The perfect ride to grow with your kid, Micro Kickboard's Maxi Deluxe scooter is made for ages 5-12. It has an adjustable handle and smooth gliding ride. Plus, this version features components created from recycled ocean plastic.


Hot Wheels

For the car loving kids in your life, this Hot Wheel set is sure to be endless fun.

Little Tikes

Climb 'n Slide

Little trampolines make the days a lot more fun (and bedtime a lot easier for parents).


iPad mini

Tablets offer endless entertainment and educational options for children. A 5-year-old's birthday could be an occasion to gift them one of their very own (with limits, of course).


This post was in partnership with Manhattan Toy Company but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.