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11 Quick Podcasts to Catch Up on the News

best news podcasts"
best news podcasts
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

With social media, it’s impossible not to feel inundated with news. Between scrolling through posts on recipes, politics, pop culture, and spon-con… it can all feel incredibly overwhelming. But, social media is where a large percentage of adults get their news. According to a poll from Pew Research Center, three in 10 adults say they regularly get their news from social media. But for me, I’ve found the best way to stay informed is from a different kind of media, in the form of podcasts.

Yes, I’m a true millennial (find me over here repping my jean jacket and a side part), but a podcast has become my go-to for getting the news I need to stay informed in a more digestible and researched context. And with so many podcasts available out there focusing on the news, I’ve narrowed down a handful that will help you stay on top of the world news each morning. Keep reading to discover the 11 best news podcasts to satisfy your current events goals and interests.

When you need the news in 30 minutes or less

1. What a Day

Hosted by Tre’vell Anderson, Priyanka Aribindi, Josie Duffy Rice, and Juanita Tolliver, this podcast delivers a 20-minute daily episode that cuts through the chaos of daily news to focus on the news you need to know. That being said, it’s not all major news—the hosts will also bring up some lesser-known stories, keeping you informed on a range of topics.

2. Apple News Today

One of the best daily news podcasts, hosted by Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino, Apple News Today offers quick 10-minute episodes released each weekday. The hosts discuss the biggest news in an easily digestible format, aiming to inform listeners as they start their day.

3. The NewsWorthy

Hosted by Erica Mandy, this podcast features fast news updates. Episodes are released daily and are typically just 10 minutes long. But in that short time, you’ll get to hear about a variety of topics ranging from politics to technology and culture.  

When you want to learn more about one topic

4. The Daily 

Produced by The New York Times and hosted by Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise, this popular podcast takes a deep dive into specific topics for each of its episodes. This can range from recent news to investigative reporting on topics like artificial intelligence. 

5. Today, Explained

Vox’s daily news podcast, hosted by Sean Rameswaram and Noel King, focuses on explaining the biggest stories of the day by zeroing in on one specific topic. Each episode comes in at around 25 to 30 minutes, making it a great choice for catching up on the biggest stories first thing each morning.

best news podcasts
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When you want global news

6. The Globalist

This daily podcast from Monocle 24 provides a comprehensive look at global affairs, business, and culture. The show is anchored from London and Zürich, meaning you will be getting a view on global affairs from a perspective outside of the United States, providing a different perspective than you may get from many American podcasts.

7. Pod Save the World

A companion podcast to the well-known Pod Save America, Pod Save the World takes a deeper dive into global news. Hosted by Tommy Vietor and Benjamin Rhodes, both past staffers for President Obama, the weekly podcast focuses on foreign policy and international relations. The hosts often have in-depth discussions with experts and policymakers to best explain exactly what is happening in the world.

When you want to go past front page news

8. The Intelligence by The Economist

A daily podcast from The Economist that provides a brief analysis and commentary on the latest international and domestic news. Most episodes focus on two to three topics for 20 to 30 minutes, giving you a more in-depth analysis than straight headline reading.

When you want to learn more about the latest science news

9. New Scientist Weekly

If you’re curious about the latest science and technology news, this weekly podcast brings you everything you need to know. Recent episodes have covered topics such as groundbreaking medical breakthroughs and procedures, human population growth, and a deep dive into personalized medicine. Each episode wraps up in about 30 minutes, meaning it’s a great bit of knowledge to start your day with.

When you need a laugh along with the news

10. The Daily Zeitgeist

As you may have guessed from the title, The Daily Zeitgeist is a daily podcast that’s a comedic take on the day’s news. Hosted by Jack O’Brien and Miles Gray, the episodes cover politics, pop culture, and more.

11. Lovett or Leave It

A weekly podcast hosted by Jon Lovett, a former speechwriter for President Obama. Lovett is joined by a panel of comedians, actors, journalists, and more to discuss the week’s biggest news with a humorous twist.

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