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The Best Nursery Chairs That You Can Keep Well Beyond The Baby Stage


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best nursery chairs and gliders"
best nursery chairs and gliders
Source: Crate & Kids
Source: Crate & Kids

When it came to setting up a nursery for my daughter, my main focus was on the crib and the changing table. After all, it seemed like these were the two most practical parts of the room, the ones that would be getting the most use. Luckily, before my daughter actually arrived, my friends and family with kids let me know where I really needed to turn my attention: nursery gliders and rocking chairs. 

At the time, I was hesitant to go all in on anything more than the most basic rocking chair. After all, what was the point of making such a big investment in a piece of furniture that would only be used during the first few years of my daughter’s life? But thankfully, I listened to the advice from those that knew better because our nursery chair has been one of the most frequently used items in her bedroom.

It’s where I nursed her as a baby, where we held her when she was sick. It’s where we’ve rocked her to sleep and read her books before bed. What I once thought of as a simple chair has become a staple of my daughter’s early years.

While I naively assumed a nursery chair would be something that would be outgrown after the toddler years, I was grateful to learn that this furniture staple is now designed for use well beyond the baby stage. Here are some of the best stylish nursery gliders and rocking chairs that will last far beyond the younger years.

The Best Nursery Gliders

A glider is a seat attached to a base, meaning the base stays where it is, while the chair can be adjusted to move side to side and swivel. Often (but not always), this type of nursery chair also comes with a reclining feature, making it a top pick for those who may want to take a snooze themselves while the baby sleeps.

recliner and swivel glider chair
Amazon | DaVinci
Arlo Recliner and Swivel Glider

Not only does this chair recline, but it also comes with fabric that’s water-repellent and stain-resistant. Those are must-have qualities for not only the baby years but beyond.

4 colors available

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green swivel glider recliner
west elm kids | Babyletto
Nami Electronic Swivel Glider Recliner

If you want a little bit of technology with your chair, this glider has got you covered. Along with water-repellent and stain-resistant fabric, it has a power recline button and USB port on the inside of the arm. Simply use the button to recline to whatever degree you prefer.

3 colors available

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modern white glider
pottery barn kids
Paxton Swivel Glider and Recliner

This modern design comes as both a manual recliner or a power recliner, meaning you can customize it to your specific preference.

50+ fabrics available

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babyletto swivel glider
Wayfair | Babyletto
Sumba Swivel Glider

The unique design takes inspiration from a porch chair, with plant-based cane sides meant to evoke a more natural, boho look. While this one won’t recline, it comes with a full 360-degree swivel and glide motion for easy movement.

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leather glider chair
Amazon | COLAMY
Power Swivel Glider Recliner Chair

This power recliner comes with the unique addition of two charging ports, as well as an adjustable clamp that can hold your phone or tablet.  

3 colors available

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power swivel glider recliner
The Gliding Swivel

This comfy seat can glide and swivel. It comes with stain-resitant fabric along with a built-in USB port for easy phone charging.

2 colors available

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boucle nursery swivel glider
Crate & Kids
Snoozer Boucle Nursery Swivel Glider Chair

Designed in collaboration with designer Leanne Ford, this cream bouclé glider comes with a unique stacked design that adds personality and style to any room.

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grey glider recliner chair
Amazon | Evolur
Raleigh Glider Recliner Chair

This glider comes with multiple reclining positions, 360-degree swivel, and smooth gliding motions. It also comes with handy side pockets, perfect for storing any essentials you may need for a midnight feed.

8 colors available

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The Best Nursery Rocking Chairs

Instead of opting for a glider, you can also go for a rocking chair. You can’t go wrong with a classic. While a rocking chair has been a nursery staple for decades, nowadays, this type of chair is available in a variety of styles that will last well beyond the younger years.

Muuni rocking chair
Munni Oleander Rocking Chair

This simple design comes with super cozy fabric and removable covers for easy cleaning. Paired with the oak legs, this would look chic in a kids room or the living room.

3 colors available

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high backrest rocking chair
Amazon | Sweetcrispy
Nursery Rocking Chair

With a high backrest and thick cushion, this cozy rocking chair is perfect for helping soothe your baby to sleep (and may be the perfect spot for napping yourself, once your little one is older). 

3 colors & 2 sizes available

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sleepytime rocking chair
Wayfair | Nursery Works
Sleepytime Rocking Chair

This padded chair is available in a bouclé fabric as well, but we love the aesthetic of the vegan leather design. The chair is made with curved ash hardwood legs for a smooth rocking motion.

6 fabrics & 2 frame colors available

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convertible rocking chair
pottery barn kids
Phoenix Convertible Rocking Chair

Available in a variety of different fabrics and colors, this rocking chair has a modern, sleek design. You can also choose to pair it with the matching ottoman.

50+ fabrics available

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nursery rocking chair
Crate & Kids
Pollie Boucle Nursery Rocking Chair

Inspired by a European design, this stylish rocking chair is the perfect addition for any room, far beyond just the nursery. You can pair it with its matching storage ottoman for particularly space-efficient seating.

2 colors available

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green rocking chair
Teddy Nursery Rocking Chair

Available in a variety of colors, the teddy fabric of this chair makes it ultra-soft and cozy for both you and baby.

10+ colors available

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flower printed rocking chair
wayfair | Corrigan Studio
Vennie Rocking Chair

If you’d prefer a pop of color and a pattern with your rocking chair, this boho-inspired design may be your perfect pick.

10+ colors and patterns available

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cream rocking chair
pottery barn kids
Minna Small Spaces Rocking Chair

This cozy rocking chair is designed with small spaces in mind, making it ideal for a tighter space or nursery nook.

50+ fabrics available

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