The New Home Decor Trend We Predict Will Take Over in 2021 (And Where to Shop It!)

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Home decor trends are different from fashion and beauty trends in that they can last for years rather than just a season. Think about the ever-popular all-white kitchen of the late 2010s. The bright, white kitchen cabinet with a marble countertop look went strong for years, and you’ll find me hard-pressed to even say that it’s entirely out now (you can’t go wrong with white to brighten a dark space, like in rental apartments that don’t get the drench of sunlight homes in the country might). So that means when a big new thing pops into our Instagram feeds, we’re a little more than intrigued to see if it’ll extend the same mileage, and that’s exactly what’s happened with our newest trend spotlight: bouclé.

You might know of it from it’s slightly-more-popular sister, sherpa, but bouclé (pronounced boo-clay, which don’t worry, I also had to google) is slightly less fuzzy and more textured. It’s not your Wubby fleece; it’s your tweed jacket. It adds some extra texture and coziness to an otherwise basic cream item (although it does come in other shades too!), making it the perfect addition to your home decor regardless of your style. It looks gorgeous paired with mid-century modern wood tones, with brass and marble accents, and with minimalist and modern furniture styles. Plus, it’s an adorable add to a nursery or kid’s room, too!

Is it a trend to invest in? Something like a giant couch might be a bit of an investment, but you can expect to keep seeing bouclé pop up for a few more years, as it only began its resurgence a few years ago now. Luckily, the trend has popped up enough that there are affordable and splurge-y ways to get the trend, and we’ve rounded all of them up. Bouclé for everyone!


Affordable Ways to Snag the Trend


Threshold X Studio McGee

Boucle Throw Blanket with Plush Reverse

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Threshold X Studio McGee

Boucle Throw Pillow

3 colors available


Splurges You’ll Love for Years



This article was originally published on The Everygirl on February 16, 2021.


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