9 of the Coziest Slippers to Keep You Warm This Winter

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Growing up, my sisters and I were never allowed to lay a finger on the thermostat. Instead, my dad kept our old, drafty home at a stubborn and chilly 67 degrees. And if we’d complain, inevitably numb and shivering, his response would always be the same: put on a sweater. You could say that, over the years, I’ve perfected the art and science of dressing snuggly for a Midwestern winter—especially important now that I’m grown and have an old, drafty home of my own, complete with a thermostat to lord over.

What’s my secret to wintertime survival? Warm and cozy slippers. I am partial to natural fibers like wool and cotton. But my all-time favorite for warmth and sumptuous softness is alpaca wool—which is among the most eco-friendly and cruelty-free options around. Whatever your particular leanings may be, I am hopeful you’ll find your next pair of slippers below. Here are nine supremely cozy-looking options to carry you into spring.


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