8 Easy and Foolproof Solid Food Recipes Your Baby Will Love


If there’s one thing that’s true about motherhood, it’s that it’s always changing! Once you finally get the hang of one thing, your child is ready for the next step. Feeding your child is one of those ever-changing paths. No matter how your feeding journey began, at one time or another, your baby will be ready to start trying solid foods. Whether you decide to begin with traditional purees or try finger foods through baby-led weaning, we’ve rounded up some easy recipes to get you started.


If you want to start with traditional purees…


1. Apple & Pumpkin Baby Food


2. Banana, Blueberry & Avocado Puree

Source: Baby Foode


3. Roasted Root Vegetable Medley Baby Food

Source: Vitamix


4. Acorn Squash Ginger Baby Food Puree 

Source: 40 Aprons


If you want to start with baby-led weaning…


5. Broccoli & Cheese Tots

Source: Skinnytaste


6. Banana & Oat Baby Cookies


7. Indian Spiced Meatballs


8. Baby Cereal Protein Pancakes