Holiday Gifts We Love From Etsy

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Once upon a career, I owned a small Etsy shop selling homemade dollies. I remember feeling so excited every time I got an order and incredibly touched that my creations were making a difference in someone’s life. Every time I receive a product from an Etsy shop owner, it usually comes with a handwritten note and sincere gratitude. Plus, the handcrafted items are always so special and stay in my home for years. Win-win for everyone!

This year, I knew I’d do a lot of my holiday gift shopping on Etsy. There’s nothing like supporting a small business, especially during such a tough time for owners. But Etsy is a huge space, and takes time to sort through all the finds!

Luckily, we’ve curated our favorite Etsy gifts just for you. From toys and accessories for kids, all the way to gifts for friends, each piece gets our editor’s stamp of approval. But purchase soon, because shipping delays are bound to be troublesome this year. Scroll down to shop our favorite items! 


For Kids



For Mom Friends (or Yourself!)


Festive Christmas T-Shirt

more colors available!


"Ew, 2020" Ornament

more shapes available!

Black Butterfly Signs

Personalized Doormat

Peppy Mack

Christmas Trees Sweatshirt

more colors available!

Holmes Soy Candles

Spruce Soy Candle


Festive Hanukkah T-Shirt

multiple colors available!

Circle And Square Decor

Large Acrylic Calendar




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