25 Maternity Clothing Items We Love for Fall

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Maternity and fashion haven’t always belonged in the same sentence, but lucky for our generation, maternity-wear has come a long way since our own moms were expecting us. Gone are the days of over-sized everything aimed at hiding a bulging belly, and in are the days of showing off your baby bump in whatever makes you feel best.

Feeling your best can certainly be a challenge while pregnant, especially as you get closer to meeting your new babe. Personally, I found wearing clothes that helped me still feel cute and fashionable (and comfy, of course) while carrying around an extra 30 pounds in my belly made a huge difference in my mindset.

If you’re looking for some fall maternity fashion inspiration, check out 25 of our favorite maternity items for fall below.

Old Navy

6. Maternity Plush-Knit Jumpsuit

also available in maroon

Old Navy

7. Maternity Rib-Knit Nursing Tunic Sweater

also available in black

Emilia George

18. The Violette Dress

made with sustainable fabric—a splurge but great for a special occasion

Old Navy

22. Maternity Sweater-Knit Tunic Sweatshirt

also available in navy and black


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