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7 Cute and Easy Fourth of July Outfits for Moms

written & designed by JESSICA WELSH

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Something about the Fourth of July has always felt so special to me. It’s truly the pinnacle of summer: backyard barbecues, pool days, fireworks, and time well spent with loved ones. Aside from actually celebrating the holiday, there’s another fun aspect that I always start thinking about way too early for my own good, and that’s the Fourth of July outfits.

I love to get dressed up in a festive outfit for the occasion while also incorporating a little bit of red, white, and blue and true “Americana” vibes. As early summer ticks by, I always find myself keeping an eye out for items that would be Fourth of July-appropriate as I’m online shopping.

I’ve kept them at the back of my mind, and now I’m sharing them with all of you. I put together a few fun and festive outfits to wear for whatever you might be up to this Fourth of July weekend, whether that’s a backyard party, a fireworks show, or just a laidback hang with your family.

Keep scrolling for seven cute and easy Fourth of July outfits for moms:


1. Graphic T-shirt + denim shorts + sandals

t-shirt and denim shorts

Shop this look:

1. graphic T-shirt

2. sunglasses

3. denim shorts

4. small straw tote

5. sandals


2. Bikini + striped cover-up dress + flip flops

Shop this look:

1. bikini top | bikini bottoms

2. cover-up dress

3. mini straw tote

4. flip flops


3. White linen set + American flag sweater

Shop this look:

1. linen top

2. linen shorts

3. American flag sweater | budget-friendly sweater

4. striped bag

5. suede sandals


4. Striped midi dress + raffia platform sandals

Shop this look:

1. midi dress

2. pearl hoops

3. red crossbody

4. raffia platforms


5. Ruffled blouse + white overalls + red accessories

Shop this look:

1. ruffled blouse

2. red sunglasses

3. white overalls

4. crocheted bag

5. sandals


6. One-piece swimsuit + pull-on shorts

Shop this look:

1. swimsuit

2. sunglasses

3. tote bag

4. pull-on shorts

5. waterproof sandals


7. Striped button-down + white denim shorts

Shop this look:

1. striped button-down

2. star hoops

3. tote bag

4. white denim shorts

5. buckle sandals

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