What Our Editors Are Gifting Their Parents This Holiday Season


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Source: Christina Jones Photography for The Everymom
Source: Christina Jones Photography for The Everymom

As we check off our holiday gifting list this year, there are some very important people to cover, including gifts for our parents and in-laws (otherwise known around your house as Grammy, Nana, Mimi, Bubbe, Gramps, and a whole host of other creative grandparent nicknames).

These special people deserve extra special gifts, but they aren’t always the easiest to shop for. I find my father to always be particularly impossible (does he need another tie or wallet this year?). Our readers find mother-in-law gifts particularly challenging too, as evidenced by some of the MIL comments on our Instagram. Today, we’re sharing what The Everymom editors are buying for their parents, including practical, creative, and personalized items that every Gram and Gramps will certainly love.

15 Thoughtful Gifts for Parents

Simple Display Custom Photo Calendar

My mom is a teacher who lives and breathes off of two things: her grandkids and a good calendar. I’m combining her love for my babies and organization with a gorgeous custom calendar full of her fave family photos. –Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor

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Etsy | Sada Jewels
Pearl Teardrop Earrings

My mom loves pearls! These teardrop earrings will definitely be a staple item in her jewelry box, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. –Nyla Montanez, Social Media Editor

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Uncommon Goods
Personal Wine Glass Chiller

My mom absolutely loves to sit outside on her patio and read a book every day of the year that the weather allows. But the thing that makes her love it even more? A cold glass of white wine. Not only do I think she’ll get a little giggle out of this gadget, but I just know she’ll use it more than she may think next spring and summer. One of these paired with her favorite bottle of wine will make the perfect gift. –Jessica Welsh, Commerce Editor

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Williams Sonoma
Acacia Cutting & Carving Board Set

My parents are currently doing a full kitchen reno that’ll be finished right before Christmas and I know they could use a fresh (and super pretty!) set of cutting boards. Not only does this set from Williams-Sonoma make a practical gift, but it can double as new kitchen decor, too.  Julia Poulter, Senior Managing Editor

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Target | Apple
HomePod mini

My mom loves music and just bought herself a record player so she can play her old albums at home. But she moves to a rental in Florida in the winter, so I wanted to give her something small she could take with her and still enjoy the music she loves! –Kathy Sisson, Editor

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Amazon | Bestgift
Foot and Leg Massager with Heat

If your parents are anything like mine, they’re always on their feet and don’t know how to relax. This foot and leg massager not only helps relieve any pain, but promotes blood circulation and will hopefully encourage them to wind down. –Nyla Montanez, Social Media Editor

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Target | Dyson
V8 Origin Cordless Stick Vacuum

My mother-in-law subtly (not so subtly) hinted she’d love one of these Dyson vacuums. It’s the perfect group gift for multiple siblings to go in on together—and count it as a gift for both grandparents. Even though it’s a more practical than sentimental gift, it’s certainly something she wants and they will use. –Kathy Sisson, Editor

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Etsy | Sprinkled With Pink
Striped Monogram Pickleball/Tennis Bag

My mother-in-law is obsessed with pickleball, so I’m planning to add something extra special to her court outfits with this monogrammed pickleball bag. I always love supporting a small business, but arguably the best part about this bag is the price—it’s way more budget-friendly than other personalized options. I know she’ll love it! –Julia Poulter, Senior Managing Editor

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Paul McCartney
1964: Eyes of the Storm

One of the many things I inherited from my mom is my love of The Beatles. I’ve been listening to their music with her since I can remember, and it’s been a major influence on me and something we love to share. When I saw Paul McCartney’s book of his personal photos from the rise of Beatlemania, I knew this was the ideal holiday gift for my mom. (I may have to buy it for myself also!) –Roberta Correia, Editor-in-Chief

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Heart Gallery Custom Photo Art

If I were to describe my mom in one word, it would be sentimental. As in, the type to ‘share’ one of those circulated Facebook statuses explaining that all she wants from her kids for the holidays is time with them. While I plan to spend plenty of time with her over the holidays as well, I also want to gift her something she can cherish. I couldn’t think of anything better than a photo collage of our family memories together. Knowing her, this will be hung proudly in her home for years to come. –Brett Nicole Hayden, Editorial Assistant

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Storyworth Subscription

If there’s one thing my dad loves to do, it’s tell us stories of his childhood and our family history. Storyworth is the ideal way to get all of those family stories down on paper and keep something we can pass down for generations! –Roberta Correia, Editor-in-Chief

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Etsy | The Salty Willow
Personalized Grandparent Ornament

Sometimes it’s hard to find personalized ornaments that are cute and high-quality enough to use year after year. This ornament is right in line with my mother-in-law’s style. Plus, she loves personalized gifts that show off her growing “batch” of grandkids. —Kathy Sisson, Editor

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Etsy | Ink Creation Studio
Mom’s Garden Custom Blanket

One of my mom’s favorite things to do is cozy up on her latest reading adventure with a warm cup of coffee. For some extra warmth, I’ve wanted to gift her a special blanket devoted entirely to her—as the months cool down, somehow, the spare throws she keeps around the house wind up wrapped around everybody else (including the dogs!). This personalized floral blanket seems like the perfect option for her to celebrate her love of flowers and her children while she relaxes and does what she enjoys. –Katherine Ballesta-Rosen, Editorial Intern

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Uncommon Goods
My Family Cookbook

Each year around the holidays, my mom, sister, and I sift through family recipes to find the ones we want to make. We’re lucky enough to have several collections of recipes from relatives on all sides of the family tree who have passed, and it’s always so special to go through them, cook them, and reminisce together. That’s why I know my parents will love this personalized cookbook that allows us to house all of our special family recipes in one place. It even has space for the new ones we come up with together. I’m excited for this to be a treasured heirloom to be passed down through generations to come. —Brett Nicole Hayden, Editorial Assistant

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La Crema
Comfort & Joy Pinot Noir Duo Gift Set

My parents love to entertain friends and family at their house, so having wine delivered to their door that they can enjoy any time will make a great gift. —Julia Poulter, Senior Managing Editor

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