What Our Editors Are Gifting Their Parents This Holiday Season

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As we check off our holiday gifting list, there are some very important people to cover, including our parents (otherwise known around your house as maybe grammy, nana, mimi, bubbe, gramps, grampa, and I’m sure a whole host of other creative nicknames).

These special people deserve extra special gifts, but they aren’t always the easiest to shop for. In particular, I find my father to always be impossible to shop for (does he need another tie or wallet this year?). Today, we’re sharing what The Everymom editors are gifting to their parents, including practical, creative, and personalized items that every gram and gramps will certainly love.

Take a look at what our editors are buying their parents this holiday season below—and tell us in the comments: what are you gifting your family members?




1. Equilibria Relief Cream

This year, CBD was such an easy go-to gift idea for both my mom and my mother-in-law. Both have separately mentioned they wanted to try CBD for aches and pains, especially in their hands, knees, and backs.

Originally, I was just going to buy them both Equilibria’s Relief Cream, but then I was thinking more about recent conversations I had with each of them. My mother-in-law—a special-ed teacher who had to transition to remote learning this year—could certainly use a little of the on-demand calm from Equilibria’s Daily Drops as well. And my mom frequently talks about how she wakes up at 3 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep, so I think she’d benefit from using the drops to help her fall back to sleep too.



So, both moms are getting the gift of relief and calm to mark the end of this crazy year. And speaking of 2020, we’ll only be seeing my mother-in-law over Zoom for the holidays this year, and I know Equilibria products come perfectly boxed—so even if I’m not wrapping the present, I know it’ll still look like a very special gift delivered right to her door.


Relief Cream

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2. New Slippers

I always have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for my dad each holiday season, but this time around, I’ve found the perfect present: a new pair of slippers to replace his well-worn pair that my parents’ puppy just chewed and ruined. His prior go-to pair to wear around the house was from Target, so these L.L. Bean slippers will be a nice upgrade. Plus, they have amazing reviews and are perfectly priced for the quality—a total win-win for me!




3. Personalized Calendar

After decades of carefree hoarding, my parents committed to a more minimalist lifestyle this year and have asked for small, meaningful gifts that don’t take up a lot of space. I created this personalized wall calendar for them with photos of our whole family, which I know will bring them so much joy and be a useful addition. My stepfather, in particular, owns a gardening business and keeps track of a lot of appointments, so I know he’ll be excited to be able to schedule visits while looking at his granddaughter’s grinning face.




4. New Kitchen Gadget

This Christmas, we are gifting my mom a Hamilton Beach 10-cup food processor. After my father’s passing, my mom has found joy in cooking and baking. This will be a great addition to her kitchen, and one that I knew she wouldn’t purchase for herself.




5. Keepsake Ornament

My parents beloved dog (and my childhood dog) passed away last year after 15 wonderful years with her. To honor her memory and bring a smile to my parents, I had a custom-painted ornament done of her. The ornament is absolutely beautiful and captured her sweet dog face perfectly. My parents generally tell us they don’t want us to get them anything, and I know they don’t want to accumulate more stuff, so the sentimental gifts are always a win. I can’t wait for them to open this one. They will be so happily surprised.




6. Special Recipe Book

While all my recipe inspo and favorite recipes are stored on Pinterest, my moms are printed and stuffed into an old-school binder that is overflowing with printouts. Some of those recipes are used often, while others I’m pretty sure she’s never even made. I’m not sure how she finds what she needs in it and I think it’s time for an upgrade. I love the look of this personalized recipe organizer and plan to help my mom transfer her current pile of recipes to this new book.

Etsy | Please and Thanks Cards

Personalized Recipe Organizer




7. Garage Organization System

My dad literally has everything a retired man could ever want. So, of course, I struggle year after year buying him a gift. But this year I got him this garage organizer. I loved that he could put all of his tools, nuts, and bolts in one place while also not taking up much room in the garage. I like it so much that I might actually buy one for myself too! I’m excited for him to open this one up—he’s going to love it!




8. Indoor Gardening Kit

My parents had a joint mid-life crisis several years ago and, almost out of nowhere, purchased a 10-acre farm. Since then, these lifelong city dwellers have spent more than a decade teaching themselves how to grow and nurture everything from seed—everything, that is, except mushrooms! I’m excited to gift them this simple mushroom-growing kit so they can add one more delicious item to their harvests from here on out.




9. Handmade Greeting Cards

This year, my husband and I decided to do fewer adult gifts than usual, but it isn’t possible for me to drop it completely because we still want to tell our folks how important they’ve been to us these past 12 months and how much their support means. Since we were already planning to buy cards to send to everyone, we decided we were going to get beautiful cards made by Indigenous people this year. This artist is incredible and does a beautiful homage to Indigenous women in this collection. We thought a piece of art for the mantle or fridge would be a way to spread some joy this holiday season!


This post was in partnership with Equilibria but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.