The Holiday Gifts Our Editors Are Buying Their Kids This Year

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Every year, before the first snow hits, I start brainstorming gifts for my daughter and other kids on my list—it’s daunting to find something memorable yet useful!

Do you go for practical items for babies? After all, the baby does need a winter hat and most certainly won’t notice they didn’t get new toys. Books are always a sure bet for toddlers and little kids, but what else? I love educational items for older kids—but would they find them fun, too?

In an effort to help with gift planning (so you don’t have to!), The Everymom editors are here sharing what they’re excited to be gifting to their little ones this year, with ages ranging from babies up to 10 years old, and interests that span from car-obsessions to favorite TV characters.

For creative, practical, and unique gift ideas, check out our list below.


Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Melissa & Doug

Cafe Barista Coffee Shop

My son is quickly learning the importance of morning coffee and is always asking to help make us both a cup (frothed milk for him, of course). So, this coffee shop set is perfect for harnessing his inner barista. —Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor

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Melissa & Doug

Beauty Salon Play Set

My 3-year-old daughter is all about pretend play, so she is going to love this wooden vanity. She can get the full salon experience with this 18-piece set, which includes a hair dryer, straightener, and tons more hair styling products. —Amanda Shapin Michelson, Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships

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Copper Pearl

Elmo Three-Layer Quilt

My 1 year old is in a big Elmo phase and I couldn’t resist this super soft and cozy blanket. We love Copper Pearl products, so I know this will be a hit. —Amanda Shapin Michelson, Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships


Floral Quilted Coat

Our extended family loves showering our kids with toys every Christmas, so my lists are usually heavy on clothes and other necessities—but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be cute, right? And when it comes to adorable kids' fashion, this floral puffer just can’t be beat. —Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor


Lounger Chair

Now that our son is over 2 years old, it’s officially time to retire his rocking chair (cue the mom tears). However, we still read every night before bed, so comfy seating is a must in his room. This gorgeous lounger is a great replacement and a product that will grow with his room for years to come. —Steph Alleva Cornell, Branded Content Editor


Gifts for Little Kids and Big Kids

Pottery Barn Kids

Carolina Grow-with-You Activity Table

My kids are in a big trains, cars, and LEGOs phase and they love to keep their treasures built for long stints of time. This play table will give them the perfect raised surface to work on and keep some of their creations stowed safely and off the floor. —Alaina Kaz, CEO


Darla the Fawm Squishmallow

My 7 and 10 year old are big into the Squishmallow trend, so I’m getting them each a holiday-themed Squishmallow to be delivered on a special day by our Elf of the Shelf, so they can enjoy them all through the holiday season. —Kathy Sisson, Editor


Stomp Rocket Dueling Racers

Stomp Rockets are one of my boys' favorite ways to play outside, and this joint gift of dueling racers is going to be an incredible hit. With one for each, we can avoid the “mine” discussion and keep our outside play going in a new way. —Ally Pagar-Wolf, Chief of Sales & Marketing


Starry Night Air Fort

With winter quickly approaching, this glow-in-the-dark air fort is going to make for hours of fun for my boys with easy set-up, clean-up, and storage for me. I can’t wait to watch all of the games they create in this magical fort. —Ally Pagar-Wolf, Chief of Sales & Marketing

Etsy | Nay's Notes

Personalized Stationery

I’ve been trying to reinforce gratitude with both my kids, which is especially important during the holiday season. Writing thank you notes is one way to show their gratitude. I’m hoping this personalized stationery with their favorite animals will get them excited to send them out right away. This Etsy shop has adorable animal versions as well as classic designs. —Kathy Sisson, Editor


Need more ideas? Look no further! Our full holiday gift guide has loads of ideas for everyone on your list. Gift shopping has never been easier! 

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