The Holiday Gifts Our Editors Are Buying Their Kids This Year

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Every year, before the first snow hits, I start brainstorming gifts for my daughter and other kids on my list—it’s daunting to find something memorable yet useful!

Do you go for practical items for newborns? After all, the baby does need a winter hat and most certainly won’t notice they didn’t get new toys. Books are always a sure bet for toddlers and little kids, but what else? I love educational items for older kids—there are so many cool coding toys available this year!—but would they find them fun, too?

In an effort to help with gift planning (so you don’t have to!), The Everymom editors are here sharing what they’re excited to be gifting to their little ones this year, with ages ranging from newborn up to 8 years old, and interests that span from car-obsessions to future gymnasts.

For creative, practical, and unique gift ideas, check out our list below.

Child’s Age: 16 months

Quarto Publishing

Little People, Big Dreams Board Books Set

My daughter's love of books is so amazing to watch. She's only 16 months old but requests to read books after waking up in the morning, after her naps, and throughout the day. I'm planning to do whatever I can to keep this love going. One of my goals this year was to focus on books that feature diverse characters and ones that celebrate real life people she can look up to. The Little People, Big Dreams board books are perfect for her. They continue to release new books and I currently have my eye on the Inspiring Writers box set.


Play Kitchen

Recently, my daughter has gotten really into pretend play and it's so fun to watch. I know she'll get a lot of use out of a play kitchen and it's a toy she'll enjoy for years.

Children’s Ages: Newborn & 2

Pottery Barn

Personalized Harry Potter Baby Blanket

My husband and I are total Harry Potter fans and we are so excited to share our love for these magical stories with our sons. With so many hand-me-down toys going to my 3-month-old from his older brother, we focused on finding him a special keepsake as well as some more practical gifts this year. We know our little guy will enjoy snuggling up under his blanket all winter long and we can’t wait to read the books with him later on all snuggled up as a family.

Coco Village

Garage Park Toy

My 2-year-old’s car and truck obsession knows no bounds. He could stand at the end of our driveway for hours watching cars and trucks go by. When he plays with his individual cars he makes everything a road so I think he will love setting up scenes for all of his cars and trucks to go "VROOM VROOM."

Children’s Ages: 5 & 8


Antsy Pants Tumbling Mat

My 5-year-old daughter has literally started climbing the walls in our house. Without organized gymnastics or activities this year, I’m hoping to set up a little studio for her in our basement with this mat and potentially a gymnastics bar. It’s going to be a long winter and I want to give her an energy outlet that doesn’t leave hand and footprints on walls around the house.

World Wildlife Federation

Build Your Own Stuffed Animal Bucket

My 8-year-old has a giant heart and dreams of being a wildlife photographer, animal researcher, or zookeeper in charge of rescue and rehabilitation. She always has a favorite endangered animal of the moment. Right now, it’s the African Wild Dog, so one will definitely show up in this bucket of stuffed animals for her this year. Plus, this gift gives back to a great cause.

Child’s Age: 4


Smart Gurlz Coding Robot

I’m a huge advocate of introducing kids to problem-solving and storytelling early on, and these robots are a perfect combination of the two for my 4-year-old. There are different challenges or “missions” that allow kids the freedom to use their imagination and critical thinking skills. Bonus: these robots also provide a fun, interactive way to introduce girls to the estrogen-deprived tech industry!

Children’s Ages: Newborn, 5 & 7


Custom Name Teether

Being the third child, my 2-month-old daughter has A LOT of hand-me-downs coming her way. It’ll be nice to gift her a few things that are just her own, whether it be clothes, small toys, or a custom teether like this one.


Peppa Pig Boots

My 5-year-old middle guy loves Peppa Pig and like her, also loves jumping in muddy puddles. I got him the blue version of these last year and he pretty much lived in them until they got to be too small. Recently, he requested new ones and I’m happy to oblige.


Harry Potter Coding Kit

At this time last year, I could tell my oldest, age 7, was nearing the end of his magic years, and let’s face it, a pandemic did nothing to help. During quarantine, we started to dive into the Harry Potter series together and his love of magic and make-believe has come back full swing (thanks Harry!). This coding kit combines his love of magic with his other loves: logic and critical thinking. I’m sure it will be a hit.

Children’s Ages: 2 & 6

My Sweet Muffin

Moulin Roty Nighttime Shadow Puppets and Theater

Moulin Roty is a French toy company and everything they do is pure magic. I especially love nighttime toys that encourage my little ones, ages 2 and 6, to snuggle up in bed—so I’m excited to see how bedtime shadow puppet stories help ease them into sleep.

Children’s Ages: 20 months


Speedy Sportser Battery Powered Car

My 20-month-old son loves zooming around on his little truck but he’s had it since he was about 9 months old. He’s outgrown it a bit and so I’m excited to get him a big upgrade that will last a while. I hope he’ll be as excited as I already am!


This post was in partnership with Quarto Publishing but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.


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